3X12 New York City Serenade – Main Show – Mickey, Star Wars, Emma Walsh’s savior? Wrong Way Emma, Right Hand Monkey, Rumpel behind the curtain?


Views from the Deck –

Star Wars shoutout – the address 1138 was on the building to the left of the Ostria restaurant (with the wind blowing through the trees)


Also there was a shot of a reflection of a cab right side mirror. Is Zelena using mirrors, like Regina to spy on Emma? Like the WW used her Crystal Ball to spy on Dorothy?


There is another mirror image shot in Emma’s New York Apartment. Is this alluding to Zelena watching her, or is it that Emma is Emma Swan and Dorothy (or another character, perhaps?)


Level 23 was a shoutout to the D23 Disney Expo. Eddy confirmed in an interview in the – wait for it – D23 magazine article.

“I hope it’s not a big spoiler alert to say Henry is playing a video game on which he is thrilled to reach level 23. Coincidence? 
Eddy: Not at all. It is absolutely a shout-out to our faithful at D23.”

Note: There will probably be lots of spoilers on the link to the article, just sayin’


• Walsh was a lot like Tamara, in the sense that one of the goals was to interrupt the path to Destiny using love and/or romance. Tamara and Walsh were sent by an evil person (Peter Pan and Zelena). I hope Zelena didn’t send a sand-filled Walkie Talkie with Walsh. Walkie Talkies were introduced way back in Season 1, as well (Henry and Emma used them).
• Team Seven. Will one of them have a connection to Zelena or Oz?
• Bae and Belle. How will they rescue Rumpel (If we take the clue of the Promo poster that he is in Oz)? What if he is the Wizard of Oz?
• What did Phillip and Aurora do to have dealings with Zelena?
• Will Emma be Walsh’s savior?
• Eric Hansen on Twitter Tweeted out that he was calling Walsh as Aurora and Phillips’s son, we would assume cursed as a Flying Monkey by Zelena.
• Rumpel mentioned “slippers” before (if I remember right) in reference to portals. Whether they are ruby colored or not, they could help Emma (Dorothy?) get home.

Brad’s email –

Hi Jeff and Colleen, here are the things I learned in the episode New York City Serenade. 
#1. Emma hordes food in her fridge.
#2. Robin Hood smells like forest.
#3. Hook is not a lover of baloney.
#4. Even a monkey can run a 
         furniture shop
#5. Nobody eats Regina’s porridge.

I also have some observations and burning questions I’d like to share as well. 

Walsh has a scar right where Robin shot him in the Enchanted Forest as a flying monkey.



This one you already caught but I still thought it was awesome! Ruby in the group that appeared at the beginning.


The Wicked Witch has an Emerald necklace.


Aurora likes Mickey Mouse.


* Could Rumpelstiltskin possibly be
     in Oz? 
* What does the Wicked Witch want  
    revenge on Regina for?
* Could Walsh have actual feelings 
   for Emma that will surface later? 
* How did Hook escape the Enchanted 
  Forest before they were cursed 


Social Media Squawks –

ktodd1116 Tweeted that –

Mrs. Cuse was Henry’s Babysitter. A shoutout to Carlton Cuse from Lost and Bates Motel, too.

Ruby wore Red, too. She wasn’t bad – all the time.

We saw a knight that looked similar to Sir Lancelot in Henry’s video game, too.

Alldaytammy from Twitter and Manny posted on our blog that Walsh referred to Pat Walshe.

Omshantiomguy (Our friend Eric o) on Twitter had a great theory that Walsh was Aurora and Phillip’s son. Maybe Zelena stole him after they tried to hide the whereabouts of our Storybrooke friends. Eric also thinks that Walsh was the Flying Monkey that Robin shot and took the blood to Zelena, so Walsh could be Zelena’s right hand monkey? Well, at least he succeeded with getting a bit of blood from Regina. He didn’t marry Emma, though. Imagine the Bachelor Party.

Manny commented on http://onceuponatimepodcast.com/207 another mirrored line in New York City Serenade

Emma:”Just because you believe something doesn’t make it real.”
Henry:”That’s exactly what makes it real, and you should know.”
Emma:”Why’s that…?”
Henry: “Because,… you’re in this book.” (Pilot)

Many also mentioned the other episode we heard Emma say “Punch you in the face”

Emma:”Maybe I don’t need answers. Maybe I just need to punch you in the face.”
To Gold in (Broken)

Manny wondered if Jamie Chung might be the character that dies.

Chuck left a comment on the blog about something I missed – Ruby was in the Storybrooke gang that landed or as Grumpy said. “Popped in”.

Kendra wondered if Ruby may have been CGI. Possibly?

Amanda on Facebook page mentioned the parallels not only with the Pilot, but with the episode Tallahassee Leap of Faith and Trust “they are parallels they are also different, like when Emma chains Hook but this time she comes back for him”

Cindy on Facebook wondered why Henry didn’t think it was strange for Emma to run off with the Pirate guy. She wants to know the full story about how Hook found Emma in New York. Also she was happy to see that Neal and Belle haven’t given up on finding Rumpel.

Emails –

From Maii-

The other big episode it’s paralleled to is Tallahassee, Outlaw queen is paralleled to CS, The scene in the part is basically the same as the scene in the Giants liar, Colin’s SWANN even has the same tone., Hook moving Emma’s hair back

Robin/Belle – I adored their reunion it was so adorable and I totally want more of them.

Daddy Charming – I was so happy that it was David who opened the door bc I think Emma and David at the moment or well at the moment Going Home happened had a closer relationship than Emma/Snow.. You could see both of them terrified that the other didn’t remember them and the relief when they realized they both remembered and Emma actually hugged back! 

Not only that she used the words “Hook found me” in front of Charming

J – An extension of Charming and Snow always finding each other. Dad and daughter needed some bonding time. Dad has been very protective of Emma and unsure of Hook, but this proves that Hook can be trusted and does care about Emma.

As happy as I am for the charmings baby all I could think was the scene in the Pilot where talking about her foster parents sending her back, her entire attitude changed when she saw Snow it was like she closed up a bit again.

J – Sibling Rivalry, especially after the discussions in the Echo Cave. How much of a strain with the new baby put on Snow and Emma’s relationship.

Henry/Emma – I love their relationship it was so domestic and it was perfect, breakfast, video games, talking and best of all HE KNOWS WHAT NEAL DID. That’s going to come into play later bc when he gets his memories back he’s going to realize why his mother lied the first time around. I really do think it’s going to be Henry to spill the beans to the rest of the family about the jail thing.

Captain Swan podcast on iTunes


Voicemails –


Zelena Revenge?



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