3X14 The Tower – First Thoughts – Lots of Daddy Issues, Facing Fears, SW and Raiders shout outs, Scary movies, Hitchcock shots, WW Cowardly?



Date: March 23rd 2014

Episode Title: The Tower

Podcast Number: 211

Shownotes can be found at Onceuponatimepodcast.com/211

The dove flew out of the Charming/Regina castle at the beginning. Any significance?


Emma in her nursery


The Princess at her first ball


Daddy teaching daughter to dance.


Twilight Zone – Emma. OUATIW portal.


You Failed me. Don’t fail the next one.

A dream

Snow’s pregnant. First time? It must have been during the cursed/forgotten past year.

Regina – If we’re cursed, she’ll look like anyone of us. The curse always includes a loophole for the caster.

Hook still thinks Neal is a Flying Monkey. I’m still betting he and Belle are at Rumpel’s estate.

Physical evidence in Regina’s office left behind by Zelena. It reminds me of Fruit of the Poisonous Tree with Sydney and Emma.

Nancy Drew.

MM2 112

Regina has to lie about who she is so Henry doesn’t freak out.

Rumpel spinning. Clears the mind, soothes the soul. Why is he spinning straw into gold?

Somehow Zelena has the Dark One dagger. Did it reset after Rumpel stabbed Daddy? How did she find it? Is it the real one? Is Rumpel playing her?

All the voices in my head, will be quiet when I’m dead. Does he mean the Dark One part?

We still don’t know what happened after Rumpel killed Daddy. He did a Regina move, btw.

Zelena’s father? Hands would shake from drink or worse.

Shaving scene. Does Zelena have a thing for Rumpel?

Keep up appearances.

In a new land. A land of opportunity.

Belle in the Pawn shop.

Mrs. Gold – Belle.

Ella got her contract from there and I believe that’s where Bae’s shawl was in also.

Why did Zelena wait til she turned around to freeze her?

How did Zelena know that it was in there?

Halle Berry? Oh, Holly Berry. Again with the Toll Bridge.

Does Hook not like Snow?

Bros and Brews. Hook passed on the love of Rum.

Robin Hood keeps his family safe by staying in the Queen’s Castle. Smooth move.

Feeling of Dread. Fear. This cursed land seems like Neverland. Mind games.

Friar Tuck.

White Moss. Looks like

Night Root.

That part of the forest is haunted.

Mid Wife meeting – Hitchcock 101. God’s Eye View, Extreme Close ups, Awesome angles.














Zelena knew Johanna.

Crushed up thing she stole from Gold’s shop. Night Root?

Rapunzel lives in a Tower in a part of the forest that is supposed to be haunted.

She lost counts of the years. Princess. Parents are King and Queen of this realm. She came for the night root. Older brother?

Nightmare on Elm Street. Fear in sleep.

Charming tries to rescue her. The cloaked “witch” crawls up the Tower.

Snow expresses anxiety.

Get all the fears out in the open – Echo Cave part Deux.


Did Charming switch mugs?

Another poisoning story arc.

The cloaked witch returns.

Henry did get his ice cream. They probably went to Sara’s Old fashioned Ice Cream.

Regina hears how happy Emma was in New York. Emma should have left well enough alone? Regina nicely says Henry will have more family than you’ll know what to do with.

Hook likes to use his Hook.

Hook courting danger with Emma Swan.

Hook sticks to his tale as Emma’s Super Power goes off.

Saving you from a loveless marriage. If it can be broken. It means it still works. The wall rises again.

The farmhouse – OMG!

Is Rumpel the Witch?

Generally scary.


She’ll kill you.

Shrek face?


Look up, Charming!

Silence of the Lambs.



Bike with the basket.


The storm cellar.


How much does Granny charge for Babysitting.

The tree cave.


sw cave

I am her.

Anakin sword move. I meant Obi Wan.

Overcome your fear by facing it.

Temple of Doom rope bridge



Cut it away. Let it go.

Frightened of an uncertain future

Love is weakness

Fear is weakness

“I’m not afraid” Luke ESB

The yellow bug returns.

I’m afraid I won’t be a good father.

Green smoke. Zelena’s handiwork.


Whiter than a fresh sail.

Rapunzel – She almost drown. Her brother saved her, but couldn’t save himself. It was her brother’s throne.

I was never her father.

We’re going to do this together.

We have a nursery to build.

Symbols of Charming Courage. Cowardly Lion?




Dark magic.

Psycho – light exposing the creepy truth. Storm cellar/root cellar



Regina’s happy about Rumpel returning.

Promo of the Tales of the Mouse House Podcast



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8 thoughts on “3X14 The Tower – First Thoughts – Lots of Daddy Issues, Facing Fears, SW and Raiders shout outs, Scary movies, Hitchcock shots, WW Cowardly?

  1. Manny

    That 9 month caption also told us how far along Mary Margret/ Snow is in her pregnancy in present day Storybrooke, (9th month), as well as telling us that the events in The Tower took place in the 3rd month they were there in FTL/EF.

  2. Manny

    The shaving scene may have had other psychological, foreshadowing meanings, but it simply hit me as a way to get a sample of Rumple’s blood to open his safe in his shop.
    Apparently after the “Ashley incident”, Mr.Gold began to lock his safe with a blood curse, for added security. lol…, and Zelena needed his blood to get something magical, I’m assuming, out of that safe.
    Could you tell what that was that she took from his safe? It didn’t ring a bell with me.

  3. Manny

    A second look at what Zelena took from Gold’s safe now looks like “Night Root.” The root that grows under white moss at the haunted edge of Sherwood forest. According to Friar Tuck, if this root is digested, it would help one overcome any and all fears and has flecks of crystal in it’s flesh.
    Perhaps an ingredient needed in one of Zelena’s potions and doesn’t grow in Storybrooke’s realm.

  4. Manny

    Another observation from that scene….. THIS Robinhood says he doesn’t dabble in magic unless he has to. The other Robinhood couldn’t stop expressing how much he loved magic (in Rumple’s castle, as he stole a magic wand) and that his bow was enchanted. #justsayin 😉

  5. Manny

    The bike with the basket went right by me!…Great, great catch! 😉 That theme, I will take to my grave…

  6. Chuck

    I find the last photo in the show notes of Zelena making tea very interesting. Are we looking down at her distorted reflection in the tea, or looking up from the bottom of the tea cup at her. A neat camera angle. Either way, I believe the liquid is reflecting her true appearance. Which would could tie into her telling Rumple about keeping up appearances.

  7. Maii

    Stray observations & Best quotes

    I stuck to one topic in my email but I couldn’t help but point this out.

    Snow you know there’s a wicked witch out there who cursed you and this too good to be true woman, who you don’t remember shows up and you immediately trust her?

    Emma’s princess dress had Swan feathers on it (and it was so gorgeous)

    The doll of the knight was missing from her nursery but the pirate/naval officer is still there. Basically means even if Charming isn’t able to protect her or can’t be there for her, she still has Killian. (Those dolls were there In the pilot and were there again in the tower)

    The CS Theme played in the background of their heart to heart

    Plus it’s also a bit of reference to princess bride (other than the reference to wizard of oz)

    Emma: you’re glad I got my heart broken?

    Hook: If it can be broken, that means it still works..

    Buttercup: you mock my pain
    Westley: life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something

    I love the scene outside the storm shelter so much because they’ve just had this emotional moment, but Emma isn’t withdrawn too much. She’s smiling. He makes her smile, even if it’s at his expense. And he’s sighing in exasperation because she’s always teasing him but he loves it secretly because any sort of anything from her makes him love her even more. And it’s this incredibly light moment that shows why they work so well together. They may not be emotionally able to admit it to each other yet, but they love being together and working together and this just shows how well they fit together.

    Robin got payment in the form of gold tipped arrows

    Regina: I think one day you’ll have more family that you’ll know what to do with

    Hook: A bit demanding isn’t she… *gets look from Emma* I meant the midwife

    Emma: I’d like to see those flying monstrosities get past Granny’s crossbow
    Hook: And her lunch special


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