3X13 Witch Hunt – Main Show – Sisters or not? Daddy Rumpel? Walsh – Wizard? Rumpel Crazy or Crazy like a Fox? Another Castle entrance?


Podcast episode 210

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OUAT Episode Name: Witch Hunt

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Views from the Deck:

Could the Charming’s baby be Dorothy?

Could Zelena be Rumpel’s daughter and Regina’s sister? IS it a bit like

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Social Media Squawks:

Tammy on Twitter Tweeted “Great podcast ep. Food for thought..Zelena was ALREADY in Regina’s castle when she got the blood via the flyingmonkey.”

Brad left a comment on the blog:

I didn’t catch this in time for my email.
While Henry is playing his game in Granny’s he says, “Yes, de-rezzed him”.
Derez is a Tron reference and is short for Deresolution. It is used in the 1982 film.
Movie Quote:
“If you lose your disc, or fail to follow commands, you will be subject to immediate deresolution”
“Derezzed” is also an instrumental by Daft Punk that appears on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
I found this interesting.


On our Facebook page at facebook.com/ouatpodcast Cindy left a comment that the feeding the madness referred to Zelena, not Rumpel and he may not be as crazy as he’s acting.

Rumple was very specific to Cora when he told her he wanted her firstborn daughter, as she will be important to him. Assuming Zelena is telling the truth about being Cora’s firstborn, then it’s my opinion that although he may not have known the specifics, Rumpel knew he would need Zelena at some point. He trained her in magic, and she’s good at it. But he also trained her to come to him with her madness. He fed it then, and he feeds it now. She will do his bidding whether she realizes it or not. He will let her be in control only until he’s ready to take back control to attain his ultimate goal, which is to get back to Belle and Bae. His tactics. In the short term, let his opponent believe she is in control until he’s in a position to take command of the long term end game.

Is Rumpel crazy? I don’t think so, and here’s why. Feed the madness. It feeds off you. Rumple is referring to Zelena’s madness, not his. This is exactly what he did to Regina. He fed her madness. He fed her obsessive thoughts of vengefulness. He fed her insecurities, and she fed off him. She came back to him over and over and fed off Rumpel’s knowledge of magic. Regina was so obsessed with power and revenge that she made mistakes, and never realized that she was actually being led by him to do his bidding and enact the curse. Feed the madness, it feeds off you is sung to the same melody as ” you will see, you will come to me. There is more you need”. Regina came to gloat at Rumpel often which is the same thing Zelena is doing. They each wanted, at some point, to out magic the magic teacher.

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Email points:


Hello Jeff and Colleen, here are things I learned this week on the episode Witch Hunt. As well as more Observations & Burning Questions.

#1. Henry has a cinnamon kind of face.
#2. The city of  Phoenix takes banditry very seriously.
#3. A cradle cap is a crusty, yellow, greasy, scaly skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies.
#4. Damn it David! Whale’s a doctor not a vet.
#5. Regina has a stuffed animal spell.

Chimpanzee Minkey – http://youtu.be/WnlIWpZSPXU

#6. The Lollipop Guild exists.

Rabbit Trail – Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour: http://www.farrellsusa.com/

#7. Sometimes you have to take  it in a little bit at the hips.
#8. A flying monkeys tail could go up against Indy’s whip any day. 
#9.  Regina’s not well versed in con’s.
#10. When you have big news and need to get the word out, Leroy is your man!

Is this a poppy flower like the ones in the field where Dorothy fell asleep?


Zelena says “black pearl” to herself as she is looking at a necklace on Regina’s desk.  It’s interesting to note that the Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean was originally called Wicked Wench, just a coincidence?


New York Henry has a unhealthy addiction to playing video games.


David’s cheesy smile while trying to pretend they are just old friends of Emma’s.


Before and  after shot of the flying monkey that almost got Roland. I personally like the stuffed one way better.



Could Zelena be keeping Rumpelstiltskin in Kansas? Could this possibly be Dorothy’s house?


Mary Margaret’s book is called “The New American Baby And Child 
Bearing Guide”


When Mary Margaret asks Zelena “Who were you back in our land?”, she tells her “No one you’d remember”. This answer is both true and false at the same time.  
Zelena is still wearing the emerald necklace even when she’s not the Wicked Witch. Could it be the source of her power? Can she not change form without it? 


* What does Zelena want with  
    Snow’s baby?
* Since we saw that Little John was 
   turned into a monkey, did the same 
   thing happen to Walsh?
* Is Zelena really Regina’s sister? 
   The way she justified herself
    points directly to her using the 
    bottle with Regina’s  blood to open 
    the crypt.
* Does Rumpelstilskin still have his 
   Dark One power? If he does, the 
   cage could be hindering it, like it did   
   with his prison in the first season.
   Also,  If he is in Kansas instead of 
   Storybrooke, this could also make 
   him powerless. 
* What did Zelena want with Cora’s 


Part I:
The whole episode was the reverse of the pilot. What if the curse was reversed too? Meaning something is needed from someone you HATE the most?! (i.e. Regina)  I’m a very loyal Scandal viewer as well, so I know that fashion and hair can have way deeper subtext about a character and give more subtle hints about their arc than initially thought. 
Using what was shown in “The Doctor,” Regina was in peasant’s clothing and braids which were braided in exactly the same manner as Dorothy’s. Not to mention, Rumple’s recitation of the line “we’re off to see the wizard,” and his mention of the slippers.  I sent an email into the podcast after that episode first aired explaining what—at the time—was my Regina/Dorothy theory in infancy. And, in all honesty was focused more on Whale being “The Wizard of Oz” than the parallels between Regina and Dorothy that I also noted in the email.
i. Emma was brought back as a symbol of false hope that Zelena is ALLOWING the SB peeps to have. Why? It’s because Emma would absolutely have to bring Henry along and thus Regina would be tortured because he doesn’t remember her. (possibly the plan’s fatal flaw once his memories are back) with the exception of Zelena, Hook, Emma, possibly Neal and, maybe Rumple—everyone including Henry—is missing a year of memories. Think about it, why’d Emma get her memories back so quickly instead of Henry? My deduction?She’s not the savior this time, Henry is! if I am right there’ll be a shockwave similar to when Emma kissed Henry in the S1 finale at the hospital when he gets his memories back
Part II:

There were shots that were either reinterpretations or outright shot for shot recreations from the 1939 classic film. e.g. Rumple leading Regina down the long castle hallway to Whale that’s a shot for shot recreation of Dorothy and co. walking down the hallway right outside the wizard’s chambers. And in the episode “Hat Trick,” in which Regina was again heavily featured there was a pathway made of sunflowers is seen on the right of the screen almost immediately after Regina and Jefferson step through the looking glass into Wonderland. I thought in the beginning that all of this just was a coincidence or a cluster of nice little nods, like you. I mentioned this (The Sunflower Road) to Colleen on Twitter and she mentioned it on the live show for that episode way back when.
Now, I don’t think so…at all!
Part III:
I don’t think Zelena is lying about how she’s tied to Regina, I recall reading a version of the “Miller’s Daughter” fairytale where she didn’t give her first child up, she gave up her second child. She lied and said it was her first. She banished her first born to another kingdom to protect them. And no, I’m not taking things at face value here. I believe you’re right Manny she used her blood to launch a revamped curse with it comes a slightly changed set of rules and an internally worse for wear Storybrooke.
The level of hatred Zelena has for Regina is palpable and immense. And it’s also the kind of hatred is unadulterated pain that comes with jealously at the perceived chamed life of your “kept”sibling.
After all Once’s core themes are love, hope and family


Hello guys, how was your week??
Snowing/CS living room scene
Hook’s always offering Emma hope. The way I see it, he knows there’s not much between she and Neal, but that doesn’t stop him from assuring her of the better. This was an instant where Hook was giving Emma hope and comfort as usual. I didn’t really see any signs of jealousy because honestly, this man’s not stupid, he knows Emma, and he knows that she wouldn’t have welcomed his love with a “good” had she not had feelings for him. Also, if you’ve read my scene analyses prior, you know I’m a huge fan of the way body language. How exceptional and gentleman like is it of both men to stand while their women sat. It’s such a gorgeous and subtle form of protection. 
I think that Hook did have to look for the materials to make the potion and that was part of what he went through to get to NY 
But it wasn’t just Snow who used birds, it was also Charming, I mean I’ve always thought it was Rumple who sent the message but now I’m going between Rumple and Charming. Both of them know  that if there’s anyone who would risk everything and anything to get to Emma, it’s Hook.
 Emma did have a reaction to him, you can see it after she drank the potion and when they were drinking, it was very subtle but it was there she had just lost her perfect life so it’s understandable..


More Tallahassee parallels the whole episode was a Tallahassee parallel (plus both were written by Jane) 

The was the conversation about Marian that paralled the conversation about Milah

Something that jumped out at me during this was “After our boy was born I inadvertently put her in harm’s way during a job, it’s my fault. Like I said I own my mistakes.” What if Maleficent was the one that killed Marian or she was killed in the crossfire of the problem between the merry men and maleficient caused by Will stealing the looking glass. It would make sense that he blames 

The whole getting to know each other and Regina/Emma pushing them out of hurt’s way. 

I think she won’t see the Lion tattoo for a while, I think they are going to fall in love first then she’ll see the tattoo and the curse will happen which means they are back in Storybrooke with no memory that they loved each other. 

I’ve always said that Roland was going to be the one to bring them together and I do think we’re going to see that in the next couple eps

I love Emma and Regina being friends and I like the fact that they are not going back to the fighting each other but rather working together 

The scene with the townsfolk was genius as was the scene when they are at her office.

The BRO3

Charming/Hook/Hood working together is pure gold. It’s the shows leading men and the TLs of the leading ladies. They’ve got their particular strengths and together they are even stronger.  


Robin: Some manner of beast with wings
Emma: that sounds a lot like the monster that attacked me in New York
Hook: you mean the monster you were gonna marry?
Charming: you were gonna marry someone?
Hook: did you just miss the part where I said monster?

I seriously cannot get over how distraught Charming was at the fact that he didn’t know Emma was about to get married. The way he threw his hands down and completely ignored Hook was the most adorable father/daughter scene. But honestly, Hook implying that she was about to marry was simply his way of bringing light to the situation about flying monkeys. He turns these things into a joke in order for her to understand that it’s okay as opposed to getting sad over what hasn’t occurred.

You not joining us swan?

 I love how concerned Hook quickly became when he realized Emma wasn’t going to join them. I mean… He just got her back. He spent a year away from her, he’s the only one remembering the time he spent away from his Swan, wondering if she was happy, if she was safe, if she’s got everything she ever dreamed of. But then he had to bring her home, knowing there was a death threat, that she wouldn’t be safe anymore. And now the threat is becoming real. People are disappearing and getting abducted by flying monkeys…

Let’s be real here, Killian is a protector. And he believes Emma is his true love. What is he supposed to do, except try his best to protect her from any danger? For me, in this tiny moment, you can see that he doesn’t like the idea of being separated from her. He got used to them working together, as a team. He got used to see her by his side, so not having her there worries him. 

I believe that’s exactly what the writers want us to see. Because why else would they make him say that phrase if it wasn’t for us to realize, once more, that he care for her?

It’s not the first time they’re not together in a scene and yet, if I remember correctly, it’s the first time they make him ask about her whereabouts. If that isn’t telling, then I don’t know what is.

Hook Found Me

She says it so casually and yet nobody has ever done that before for her. She’s happy he did and she’s here because of him. I have the impression that she’s happy and proud to it. She’s happy that she has this one person in her life who actually found her and she’s grateful for it. And she keeps telling people about it. 

Charming’s House
Emma: The wicked witch of the west? Seriously She’s real too?
Hook: Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming 

It’s so incredibly amazing that a year ago Hook got punched for walking into their house now he comes in side by side with his mate/future father in law almost like he’s completely 100% part of the family. Also, the commentary about Emma being Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter was pure gold. Because ultimately, Hook doesn’t care who she is and that’s why it’s said – just as though he jokingly calls her savior. For him, she’s defined by her heart not any title or where she comes from. Additionally, it’s him once again bringing a joke into the picture to lighten the moments because they’ve learned of another threat. It’s also a way for him to remind her that he’s there, he’s making his presence known in the most Hook-esque way. 

People often joke about them being an old married couple, but they’re literally that. We’re constantly given these moments that the plot could function without, but they’re there to remind us that these two have each other. In this crazy screwed up world which always comes a shock to Emma, she’s got someone who’ll try to distract her from it all. They can taunt one another or silently offer their support with their presence. That’s why their relationship is so beautiful, it’s raw and effortless. This is them and quite frankly, the way Hook gets under Emma’s skin is refreshing to her because she knows his intentions. She knows he’s just trying to lighten the mood and even if he’s being ridiculous, deep down it amuses her – the fact that he still tries is refreshing to her. He loves the fact that she’s grounded to her modern day roots and he brings these little moments up to playfully let her know he gets her. He’s being snarky because he wants to show her he sees it like she does as well. It’s a serious matter, but they can have fun with the reality of things. 


A little single white female isn’t it?

I’m not completely sure if she’s related to Regina or Snow but I think it could be either. The fact remains that she’s going after both of them.  And yet we’ve got no clue to what her main goal is, which I find kind of refreshing to say the least.

Stray observations

Did you notice how Neal got hurt by the flying monkey in the flashback? 

I kinda want to scream at Snow, she’s a new person don’t trust her! Especially since you’ve got no idea who cursed you!

Best lines

Snow: They are being turned into flying monkeys?
Hook: Yes they took on the simian form with the added bonus of wings

Emma: The wicked witch of the west? Seriously She’s real too?
Hook: Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming 

Regina: Who knew a thief had honor?
Robin: Who knew an evil queen had a soft spot for children

Charming: Regina, what exactly are we up against besides green skin and a pointy hat? What did you do to her? 
Regina: This time? Nothing. Never met her
Charming: This isn’t a personal vendetta? Shocking

As a final note you guys were talking about wonderland and honestly? I know the show started out slow it’s soo good.. And there’s like no spoilers for it so the big shocks/reveals are actually shocking and the characters are well written if someone stopped watching early on you have to get back on it bc it’s just that good. 

That’s all for now! Love, Maii

Dan from Boston

Greetings from Emma’s first home (Boston MA!!).  Welcome back!  Missed you guys!  To quote an English bard “It was a long, cold winter. . . .. and so they had to eat Sir Robin’s minstrels, and there was MUCH rejoicing!!  HOORAY!!”  😉  (And that’s not the last Python quote you’ll here from me!  Here are my comments:

(1)  I like how Celina quoted a line from a Rollings Stones song, (“Please, allow me to introduce myself. . . . “).  She’s green w/envy over what Regina has, right?  The “have’s vs have not’s”?

(2) (1st Star Wars reference)  Regina moving the boulder, please cue “Yoda’s theme” music here!

(3)  (2nd and 3rd S.W. reference)  Little John  (a) Chewbacca’s crossbow, but (b) has the accuracy of a Stormtrooper! (missed the turkey. . . .)

BTW, Jeff, speaking of the “merry man”, “What’s the current airspeed of a Little John laiden flying monkey?”  :p  And did I hear Jiminey Cricket weighing in on the “monkey CSI” jokes!?!  

(4)  Had an odd revelation when there was the Regina/Celina “sisters” reveal, . .. .the two of them breaking out and performing the “Sisters” number from the movie “White Christmas”!!

(5)  Celina/Witch, going to the storm cellar, like just before the twister hit in Wizard of Oz.

(6)  Here’s the BIG one!  The Gold/Rumple reveal!!  In a cage. . . . AGAIN!!  I first thought, good to see him, but why the “dark one” again?  Thought he gave up that role, hoped he would go from “dark side to light side” or Gandalf/Gray to Gandalf/White. . . . . not to Gollum or Salecious Crumb (Star Wars ROTJ character, laughs all the time!)!?!

(7)  “Feed the madness and it feeds on you. . . . ”   –  Reminds me of a Star Wars character that was brought back in Seasons 4 and 5 of “The Clone Wars”, that of Darth Maul  (he’s half the man that he was in “The Phantom Menace” LOL).   If you haven’t seen his re-incarnation, I’ll be sure and attach a link to you tube videos, and you’ll see what I’m getting at.  Brilliantly voiced by Sam Witwer (“Smallville” and “Being Human”).

Finally, Ponderings. . . . . “who’s Wicked’s Daddy”??  Are the writers giving us hints, or just making us chase down “rabbit holes”?  Your thoughts, Jeff?  Colleen?


Dan H., Boston MA

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