3X17 The Jolly Roger – First Thoughts – Star Wars, Raiders, Lost, POTC and more BBs – 218

Date: April 13, 2014

Episode Title: The Jolly Roger

Podcast Number: 218


Congrats to the most Charming Fairy Tale couple ever, Josh and Ginny got married on Saturday, April 12th in Los Angeles


OUATIW Wrap Up panel


Hook, a knight?

He sounded like Darth Vader

Magical fires being lit. In the dark, you assume there is at least one person behind each “torch”

Smee’s back. Smee is finally more Smee-like

Small army acting like a big army. Charade.

Smee mentioned the rat changing that Gold did to him. The curse breaking un-ratted him.

“You don’t need a ship to be a Pirate” Hook

We are getting a peek into the missing year of Hook.

“To Captain Hook” the last time we see him toasted was in Neverland.

What a gift Smee and his mates gave him, just because. I wonder what he got for his Birthday???

Noble Hook. Let the girl go.

“Pay for what?”

At least Ariel didn’t stab him in the neck with a dinglehopper.

Call Marco. Is there an Ikea in Storybrooke? What else do they sell there with Swedish instructions?

Regina is so part of the family now, she just walks in. No knock, no “Is everybody decent?” just walks in. Cool.

So, Blood Magic was not fool proof.

Regina protects Charming’s baby – in Mary Margaret’s apartment. This is not your Season One Regina.

Spells with Baby parts. Ew.

Emma has and uses magic, but can’t control it.

Yoda told Luke “Yoda: Control, control, you must learn control!”

Regina is Emma’s Yoda and Mr. Miyagi. This is a way of life. You have to fully commit to it.

No more Baby Tips for Henry.

The Charmings are fun!! Right?? Generation Gap.

“My Ship” – Hook. Where is it?

Smee loves Frozen Yogurt.

Smooth Hook.

Magic is part of you, Swan. Emma only uses Magic to complete a task, but Regina told her she needed to full commit to a way of life.

As much as you wish you could go back to your old life, you can’t. For Emma, its easy to go back, for Hook it’s not.

We can be as fun as a Pirate Captain.

Ariel’s back in her Ariel bikini, and a big coat probably loaned to her from Leroy. Thanks Leroy. :eye roll:

Ariel’s been looking for Eric, but didn’t tell anyone she left.

Ariel thinks Hook kidnapped Prince Eric. Dagger with BB on it that somehow Ariel “collected” from Blackbeard or someone else with the initials BB;
BB King?
Brooke Burke?
Bob Barker?
Benjamin Bratt?
Bridgette Bardot?
Bobby Brown?
Bilbo Baggins?
Bill Bixby?
Barbara Billingsley?
Bonnie Bedelia?
or Blackbeard.

Bilge Rats – Hook has ridden Pirates of the Caribbean! No offense, Mr. Smee. “I keep dreaming of cheese” Hopefully Swiss

Call to Adventure “Get back the Jolly Roger”

Blackbeard is the most cutthroat pirate ever to hoist a sail, next to you.

The Jolly Roger is more than a ship. It’s a her. A pirate’s life is forever.

Pirate’s code – Any valuable information a pirate captain ascertains shall be compensated in equal favor.

When do we leave? The group grows.

The secret to winning – Loaded dice, or cheating.

Ariel doesn’t remember.

Don’t touch anything. I said, don’t touch.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones: Stay behind me, Short Round. Step where I step, and don’t touch anything.
[curious, Short Round touches a lamp. A door falls open, with two dessicated mummies falling out. Short Round yells and backpedals] Short Round: I step where you step! I touch nothing!

The UnCharmings

Elvish. Half elvish. Rumple was a bully. If you didn’t learn, you drowned.

Teaching you to swim. Temple of Doom bridge.

Mr. Gold’s shop might have something of Prince Eric’s.

False Hope

Mercy isn’t a pirate Captain skill.

Being good is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m a pirate and always will be.


Hook’s Spyglass spied Sea Creature clasp. Ursula.

Push those instincts.

Tree Cave. The trial. Reach into your gut. Save the bridge. Save yourself.

Emma did it. When all I wanted for you to retie the rope.

Wasted potential. Sometimes a student completes a task differently than the teacher.

Locator spell like Gold poured on Jefferson’s Hat.

Blackbeard vs. Hook

Peter Pan shadow sword fighting

A rescue mission for some wench.

Painful or quite painful

Deserted Island – Neverland?

Prove that Hook is no longer a Pirate

A choice; Surrender the Jolly Roger to me and I tell you where he is, or refuse and he dies along with me

Prince Eric drowned?

Charming teaching Henry to drive. Wow.

Blackbeard and the rest of the pirates has heard he was soft.

“At least I know that our story’s over.” Ariel

“You have a true heart. I’ll always be grateful that you tried to help me” Ariel

“Any man willing to swear an oath to me, shall be given quarter (Mercy)”. No quarter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_quarter

Selfish and Heartless. I feel sorry for you. You’ll never be happy. This is what drove him to go to New York?

Whatever it takes, I will find him.

Ariel and Hook swearing an oath/confession scene. Best scene ever!

I am so sorry, Ariel. The kind (of a person) who’s empty. I would give anything to take it back. To make things right. I still do (believe in love). I swear on Emma Swan.

Zelena is a shapeshifter. My spies are always circling through every realm.

Hangman island. Referring to the game that John Doe and Mary Margaret played? Outside the curse. Is Zelena lying?

To corrupt your love. She could see the guilt on Hook’s face. I knew it haunted you. I knew I could use it. She cursed his kiss to take her Magic and makes her special.

Hook believes in Emma. Hook knows that Zelena isn’t as powerful to just kill her outright. She can hurt those around Emma.

Hook will stop her. The hook can’t hurt a human, but an enchanted hook…

Zelena doesn’t do anything herself, she gets others to do what she can’t.

Really? That fish is in Storybrooke?

Regina tracks mermaid’s swimming speed.

Emma’s very powerful. Mirror portaling.

Reckless carefree fun side.


I’m tired of living in the past. Boom Chicka Wow Wow

The Bread Shop and Killian’s lonely walk in Storybrooke.

Hobby Survey



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3 thoughts on “3X17 The Jolly Roger – First Thoughts – Star Wars, Raiders, Lost, POTC and more BBs – 218

  1. Chuck

    Poor Snow. She wants to be out fighting bad guys, not cooped-up watching a crib “not” get put together; boring!

    Mr. Smee dreaming of cheese. Hilarious.

    Stay off the sidewalks in StoryBrooke. What’s next? Is David going to let Henry shot his police hand gun? David should know he can’t compete with a guy that dresses as a pirate.

    So does Hook scam all his meals with a pair of loaded dice?

    Hook back in the Enchanted Forest keeps yearning and referencing “her”. Don’t need to get hit over the head with a piece of wood to understand what that is all about.

    Best Scene – Really enjoy how its been established that Regina is now part of the family. No one blinked an eye when she just walked into the apartment without knocking. Also, when Snow announced dinner at Granny’s, they didn’t have to ask Regina, as it’s now expected she is invited. It was great to see her sitting with the Charmings, Emma, and Henry.

    Going forward –
    When Hook was looking through his spyglass in Mr. Gold’s shop, he scanned a black and white photo of a lady with an early 1900’s hair style. Nothing on this show seems to happen by chance, so why show the photo? Does this woman have a connection to maybe Zelena?

    So is Emma more powerful than Zelena?

  2. Jenna E

    Hi Jeff (and a big hi to Colleen as well! I have just assumed that you monitor the posts)!

    So, I am working my way through the podcasts from the beginning and I hope to catch up soon. I am a currently still in season 2 in my listening but I have been downloading a few podcasts daily (since we don’t have unlimited Internet).

    I have however run into an issue with this first thoughts podcast for The Jolly Roger.
    The very small file that downloads upon clicking cannot be opened due to a media error. Also, there is no audio when you try to play this podcast (the indicator bar simply goes from left to right in about a second).

    Thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your podcasts. For this, I simply cannot thank you enough.

    I am planning a long email to both you and Colleen detailing the ways you two have helped me. I simply thought that I should post here in the event that there is an issue with podcast #218.

    Thank you so very much for all that the two of you do. Your generosity of spirit and your kindness never cease to amaze me.

    Big love to all!


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