OUAT WonderCon 2014 Panel Review – 219



Podcast Episode 219

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OUAT WonderCon Panel


Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Rebecca Mader and Josh Dallas

Moderator was Jim Halterman

Jim asked, “What will we see next?”

Adam “A non-stop freight train of answers…The Wicked Witch has some pretty devious plans that she’s unfurling…”

Eddy “It’s gonna get wicked, that much I can tell you.”

Rebecca “Very wicked”

Eddy “Next week’s episode is one of my favorite Snow/Charming episode and we will find out all about all the Baby.”

Josh “…and we find out who cast the curse.”

Jim congratulated Josh as the Newlywed

Eddy mentioned that we were all on Josh’s bachelor party

Jim asked about Ginny. Josh said that Ginny’s doing great and wished she could be there.

Jim asked Rebecca about being cast as the Wicked Witch. She says it’s nerve-racking to play such an iconic role and such an iconic b-word, and she puts some British hot sauce on her own spin of
the Wicked Witch and not copy the other iterations of it.

She was also warned that she would get lots of hate mail, and she did get some, but she also has gotten lots of love from the fans which has been wonderful and surprising at the same time.

Jim asked if the days she had to wear the green makeup are good days or bad days. She told us that she would forget about the makeup and when she would go to the loo to have a wee-wee and turn around and Ahhh! It’s bonkers.

Jim asked about Charming’s journey moving forward. He said he’s trying to get to his Happy ending and hopefully he’ll get to it one day. He had to face his ultimate fear – the fear of being a father. When he owned up to that, that freed him up to go forward, but Zelena’s around and she wants his Baby. Like in Neverland, we’ll all have to pull together to defeat this foe, if possible.

Rebecca laughed and said “Good luck.”

Jim asked about Henry getting his memories back. Adam mentioned that Henry’s memory issues will be decided one way or another before the end of the Season.

Josh mentioned Jared will never drive his car ever again.

Guy #1 in the line asked about Wonderland.

Rumbelle fans – Adam and Eddy hope they see each other again. Adam loves the light and optimism with Belle.

Killing off Neal. A&E loved Michael Raymond James writing for and seeing the character he created. Neal will remain in our hearts and in flashbacks. We will see the echoes and ramifications of Neal’s death.

Josh mentioned that Neal’s death lives in all of the character’s hearts and fuels them to defeat Zelena.

What other character would Josh and Rebecca like to play, other than what they play now? Josh would love to play Rumpel. Rebecca would love to play Rumpel or the Evil Queen. She loves the villains.

End of panel

Spoiler –
Listen after the end of episode music fades out

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