3X18 Bleeding Through – First Thoughts – 221


Date: April 20th, 2014

Episode Title: Bleeding Through

Written by: Jane Espenson & Daniel T. Thomsen

Podcast Number: 221

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Apple basket (covered up. Death? Secret?). The handle looked like a broomstick.

Zelena appears already inside. Wearing a green leather dress. Like Rumpel did a lot.

“A gift” One Witch giving apples to the Evil Queen who also gave apples away. Emma at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast.

What is Zelena drinking?

Red apples are so sickly sweet. Green apples. Sharper. Bitter.

Sisterly advice.

You really don’t appreciate what you have, do you.

If you want your Superpower to be Envy. Z – Envy is just another word for ambition. That’s not true.

Z – I strive for things, I work – you cast a curse that was just a fancy form of running away. With every advantage, you turn your back on every opportunity in happiness. You don’t task risks, you don’t live your life. It’s such a waste. That’s what Regina said to Emma.

I can see why our Mother was so disappointed in you. Disappointed in me? She gave you away.

Do you feel it, sis? He’s taking your heart. (Feel, like was mentioned in the storm cellar. Feel Dark Magic)

Rumpel and Robin. Roland in danger. My arrow never misses its mark, but Rumpel changed the target. I don’t want to, I really don’t.

Stopping arrows – Blue Fairy when Regina was going to be executed.

The Dark One got Regina’s heart.

New Regina. Not anger at the moment or the people who didn’t follow orders, but thought ahead and planned that way.

Regina vs Belle.

I need your help.

Belle calls Regina out.

Bookworm’s got teeth.

In the past.

Regina rallies Belle to help her rescue Rumpel.

Regina, “I’m sorry Belle. I really, really am.”

The candle. Not that, Liberace.

The double-sided candle. It’s power’s gone, now. It’s just a relic. This isn’t about how my Mother died, it’s about how she lived. Did the candle capture her soul?

Cora, like Milah.

You work in a Tavern, but you move like a lady.

Act like what you plan to be. Fake it til you make it.

Prince Johnathon, a trickster. Many storybook characters hide who they really are – Aladdin.

Colonel Corn in the hen house.

Why did he asked her to marry him?

Meet me at the crossroads. 2 weeks.

Cora keeps him company for a ring of straw.

Emma warns Hook about the apple’s in Regina’s house.

Hook and the non-kiss thing has really bummed him out.

Leopold is a name that people will make fun of. Eva as a boy?

Special tea. Don’t drink it!! It’s a deadly poison to summoning the dark vortex.

We have to talk to my Mother.

Zelena has a box with the hilt of Courage, the Heart and an empty box for Brains?

Walsh is jealous.

Zelena will pluck Rumpel’s brain?

Rumpel’s not Zelena’s doll to dress.

Screaming in agony or much more pleasant. Choose well, doll.

To talk to the dead, you need the murder weapon and the murderer. Focus on Cora.

Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror.

Houdini’s séance joke. Hook bumping the table. What happened?

Cora waiting for her Prince at the crossroads.

Johnathon. A place we may have seen before that looks like the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and in DCA. What significance does that place hold?

My friend said it was a trick.

The gardener. You lied to me. You took my heart, my virtue, my good name. You practically forced it into my hand when you thought I was a Prince.

A harlot is a harlot.

I’m with child. There is a Prince and how will he feel when I tell him. Give me enough to support this child.

He took everything I had.

Prince Leopold.

Emma – My magic gets more powerful everyday, by the time this all goes down, I’ll be ready. She’s been practicing.

I’m not ready for a heart to heart. I’m not sure that’s physically possible right now.

Door disappearing? Where did they go?

L – You’re wonderful, and cold.

He can’t build a fire.

I’m going to be king, and I want to do right by that gift. Cora and Regina had good modeling.

Arranged marriage. Leopold and Eva.

What’s the use of having power, if you can’t choose who to wed?

Snow “I want to apologize, Regina. For Cora, for…” “Murdering her?” “Right, yeah” She thinks about it everyday.

Regina “So do I, and when I do think about it. I remember that she did kill your Mother, so I’ll admit that it’s complicated” “Thank you” “I’m realizing that my Mother walled off a lot of her life from me. She wasn’t the warmest Mother…”

Poltergeist. The ghost from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Cora spins in the afterlife.

Emma’s magic. Boom! Granny’s to go. Fanchise.

Bad form Swan. Tampering with a man’s hook.

Hook’s drinking again.

Zelena’s plan discovered by Belle.

Zelena had some dress sort of on.

Why a heart, courage, a brain? The Baby?

My secret will reunite Rumpel will his son?

Find him when.

She will change the past.

It’s against the fundamental laws of magic. Magic doesn’t fail. People fail.

Laws only exist until their broken by someone – superior.

You’ve deciphered the laws of time travel.

When that baby’s born, I’m going back to claim the life that I deserved, and there’s no reason you can’t come with me.

Has Rumpel bought in to her plan?


Ghostbuster stream. Don’t cross the streams.

It turned into gold, after all. The brain the size of a pixie. You will bow down to pull the weeds at my feet. Bow down – Cora and Rumpel.

Zelena’s father blackmailed Cora to keep the secret.

Princess Eva heard the secret and won’t keep it, I’ll bet.

Regina trying to hold back Cora. Where is Emma?

Cora, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

If she wants to kill you, she’s got to go through me.

Ghost slug.

Snow knows now.

The secret is out.

Cora “I’m so sorry for the terrible trouble that this lie has brought upon you”

There is no Baby.


The Miller’s Daughter is a worthless liar.

Check her pockets.


A more worthy wife will give you the child that you deserve. One that will be pure. Pure as snow.

Hold on, I won’t let you go. Pulling out a ghost is like pulling out a shadow.

Like the movie Ghost.

Belle always finds the secret in books and research.

She was forced to give up Zelena. Secret telling.

I thought our family were the good guys. Life is too messy for it to ever be that simple.

Zelena’s going back to kill Princess Eva. The ramifications of changing the past.

Our Baby is the key.

We have what we need – time.

Zelena being born. Life is cruel and full of trials. Emma vs Zelena.

Rumpel and Zelena. James Bond make out to get the knife.

He ruined his chance to fix the past with his son.

Dr. Whale cleared Snow and the baby.

Regina and Snow. “I’m sorry you had to learn she had such darkness in her past”

We would have found something to fight about. We’ve wasted our last day being haunted by our past. Snow gives Regina hope. I know you and you feels things deeply.

Regina and Robin.


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