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Episode Number 220

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Poor Snow. She wants to be out fighting bad guys, not cooped-up watching a crib “not” get put together; boring!
Mr. Smee dreaming of cheese. Hilarious.
Stay off the sidewalks in StoryBrooke. What’s next? Is David going to let Henry shot his police hand gun? David should know he can’t compete with a guy that dresses as a pirate.
So does Hook scam all his meals with a pair of loaded dice?
Hook back in the Enchanted Forest keeps yearning and referencing “her”. Don’t need to get hit over the head with a piece of wood to understand what that is all about.
Best Scene – Really enjoy how its been established that Regina is now part of the family. No one blinked an eye when she just walked into the apartment without knocking. Also, when Snow announced dinner at Granny’s, they didn’t have to ask Regina, as it’s now expected she is invited. It was great to see her sitting with the Charmings, Emma, and Henry.
Going forward –
When Hook was looking through his spyglass in Mr. Gold’s shop, he scanned a black and white photo of a lady with an early 1900’s hair style. Nothing on this show seems to happen by chance, so why show the photo? Does this woman have a connection to maybe Zelena?
So is Emma more powerful than Zelena?

Email points:

Daniel in regards to “It’s not easy being Green”

Hey Jeff and Colleen!
Before I get into the comments, let me just say that my kids think I do a GREAT Kermit voice!  😉  If another OUAT episode is titled “Songs about Rainbows”, I’ll try to leave voice feedback w/a rendition!
Now, (1) Purple blanket and green ribbon, same colors as The Joker!  (AGAIN!), 

as well as (2) Yes Jeff, I saw the Dutch angles too!  All we needed were the fight scene captions “POW!!”  “BAM!!”  “BIFF!!”  “WHAM!!!”  

(3) Zelena’s foster father paraphrasing the Dark Knight Joker with, “Put on a good face,” or “Let’s put a SMILE on that face!”
(4) Zelena’s foster mother kind of reminds me of Martha Kent (esp. from “Smallville”), seeing the child as a gift.
(5) Yup, the funeral, Rumple felt every shovel full of dirt hitting the coffin, aka, Yoda feeling every Jedi that was killed in Revenge of the Sith.
(6) Finally,  Zelena, coming in at Grannie’s like in Munchkin Land, out of nowhere!!  All she needed to do was fly off on her broomstick and write “SURRENDER REGINA!!!”  in the sky!!


Have you guys noticed that everyone who has been involved with or encountered Zelena this season has green eyes? It is creepy and I have been noticing it more and more. Hook used to be one of the last hold outs, but after his encounter with Zelena his eyes were green. Is it just me or am I just seeing too much green and making this up?
In the show the writers have designed Zelena’s character to put it nicely as a plain jane. This is not to say that I don’t like the actress. I have seen other pictures of her and she is gorgeous. Zelena’s makeup is not dramatic like the other characters and I wonder why. It may be me, but it doesn’t even seem pretty which is why I wondered about Rumple’s letter to Cora. He said that Zelena was stunning. Zelena’s character is not shown to be stunning and it seems like it is on purpose. Is it possible that Zelena may be enchanting people? Maybe that is why her adopted father was scared of her? Did he see something in her eyes? Come to think about she always stares people directly in the eyes when she talks to them and does not break contact.
It is sad that Hook is finally getting what he wants from Emma, but has to back off. Do you think he will take Smead up on his offer to leave Storybrooke in an attempt to save Emma and Storybrooke?
I find it strange that Henry can’t hear everyone whispering around him? He must have caught something.
David and Mary Margaret are the typical grandparents. It is so cute that they want to be fun.
Zelena must have known that Bae her older brother died. Shouldn’t she feel something? Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but maybe she thinks this new curse will bring him back. Also why didn’t she help? If she knows everything going on in the town surely knew that Bae was dying. If she wanted a family so bad why would she not help Bae?
I wonder what Zelena would be like if she had met Bae or Regina before Rumple. If she met Bae she wouldn’t be as needy because he would have showered her with love. If she met Regina they probably would have been really good friends. If she had tried to meet her family she wouldn’t be what she calls wicked today.
I think Zelena wants to go back in time to meet Cora. I think that Cora took her heart out so that she could give up Zelena. Any mother would struggle to give up her child. As Cora said love is weakness. Her love for Rumple and Zelena made her weak so she got rid of them. I also think that she tried to save Zelena from Rumple.
Zelena doesn’t look like Rumple to me. She looks more like the King in the palace that told Cora not to run off with the imp. Henry’s father
Big Love x1000



Hello Jeff and Colleen, here are the Things I Learned this week in the episode, Jolly Roger.

#1. The best part of being a rat is the

#2. Decoding enemy battle plans is
      nothing compared to building a
      baby crib.

#3. You better have fresh coffee when
      going on a stakeout with Regina.

#4. Smee’s torso is not built for out
      running flying monkeys.

#5. Emma doesn’t yearn.

#6. Regina’s spell book does not
       include Spanish cuisines.

#7. Rumple doesn’t suffer fools.

#8. Sheriffs don’t worry about

#9. Hook’s spyglass has been
      cleaned since Neverland.

#10. Zelena needs to learn the
        boundaries of intimate space
        while talking with people.

Here are some Observations and Burning Questions.


Blackbeard tells Hook, “If you want your ship back, then take it.” This is similar to the conversation Hook had with Rumple in The Crocodile, “If you truly want your wife back, all you have to do is take her”. I guess what goes around comes around.

Blackbeard reminded me more of Captain Hook from the Disney movie.

When I first saw that Ariel was back, I thought they may start including her in more episodes which would have been excellent! But when we see that it’s really just Zelina, it was clear that this was her wrap up storyline. Why else would Regina push Emma to use the mirror magically?  All we had to go on was Zelena’s word, so we had to physically see that she was telling the truth in order for there to be no doubt. It looks like she may no longer be “part of our world”.

The claw that Emma picked up made me think of “The other fairytale show of that which we do not speak”. In the episode Bears Will Be Bears, a ceremonial claw called a Jagerbar was used.

Regina looked very concerned when she thought Emma fell to her death on the bridge. This is a different woman than the one who was willing to sacrifice Emma and Snow in the well portal in season two.

The episode title card had David’s truck driving through, which is odd because it only played a minor part in the story. I figured it would have had something to do with Ariel, Blackbeard or the Jolly Roger.

Zelena as Ariel made a point to say “After Pan failed”, which is funny because during the first half of the season, all we heard was how Pan never fails. How crazy would it be if both of them teamed up!

Hook said, “few people have held a dagger to my throat and lived to tell the tale”. The most notable one that comes to mind, is Emma, when she first met him in The Crocodile.

Burgers and beer is only $4.99 at Granny’s.

While I was watching The Empire Strikes Back the other night, I heard the Emperor tell Vader, “His compassion for you will be his undoing”. You probably caught this a long time ago but this was the first time I connected it with Once Upon A Time.


If Zelena is successful in her second chance. We may get a “what if Regina never cast the curse” for a season 4. What things would be different? Would the world be better or worse without Regina?

In Skin Deep, when Belle kissed Rumpel, his Dark One curse started to break. If Belle kisses him again, would it free him from Zelena’s power?

Who wrote the book and where is it?
Will it be the key to bringing back Henry’s memories? Did anybody check Mary Margaret’s closet yet?

Was the picture in gold shop possibly his mother?

That’s it for this week.

– Brad



Hi guys! Love your show. My husband and kids and I are huge oncers.  Think you make a great couple.
I had a thought regarding the whole Hook having to kiss Emma. If the wicked witch wanted to really force Hook to kiss her she could put Emma in a sleeping curse. That would be a lose/lose situation for him because only a true loves kiss would wake her but as a side effect Emma  would lose her powers that would suck!
Anyway I can’t believe season 3 almost over!!

Take care,



I like this episode love the scenes between Regina teaching Emma magic love that Regina was mad that Emma is wasting her talents love seeing Ariel back but I knew Zelena was Ariel in the shop because when she was telling Belle I know your working on trying to get Rumple away from Zelena and when her and Hook following the cloak and went into the water because why wouldn’t she go in the water and see where the cloak went she just assume Prince Eric was dead love the fight scene with Hook and Blackbeard we need more sword fighting in this show love the scene with Grandpa Charming teaching Henry to drive even though

(Instead of driving) I wish Charming taught Henry about sword fighting and Henry has a deja vu moment saying wow I know how to sword fight they could’ve have the Blue fairy conjure up a fake battlefield in the woods or park have Snow teach Henry how to shoot arrows I know Snow pregnant but I’m pretty sure she can still shoot arrows

Love Regina Emma and Snow saying No to Henry when he ask to drive to Granny Love seeing Regina being part of the family and being comfortable walking in the Charmings apartment having dinner with them at the end you can tell she getting use to being with them hope we see more of that Even though I’m not a CaptainSwan shipper I don’t get the hype I felt sorry for Hook I love Hook just don’t like Emma and Hook even though I like Henry in this episode I’m ready for him to get his memory back already.
My question is since Zelena curse Hook lips and if he kiss Emma her magic would go away but if Emma kiss him would it have the same effect now we know Zelena can’t killed Emma and I believe Rumple or Regina can’t either does this means Emma is more powerful then all of them does this also mean Charmings baby is just as powerful as Emma and that why Zelena want the baby and also assume she wants Prince Phillip and Aurora baby too because the writers had said that Charmings baby and Aurora baby supposed to collide So Zelena can’t hurt Emma but can hurt the people she loves if that the case why didn’t she had Walsh kidnapped or hurt Henry why they was in New York I think she can’t hurt Henry either and her threats are just empty threats look forward to listening



Hi Jeff and Colleen,
In your Jolly Roger podcast you said you were surprised that Regina just walked into the Charmings’ apartment without knocking. My impression was that she had already been in the room and was just outside the door casting the protection spell. Her magic potion box is on the table when she walks in and she’s holding two vials that she puts back in the box.



This episode just killed me it was so wonderful and perfect and it hurts and we got practical confirmation of Captain Swan TL. I love the Regina and the Charmings (Charming can beat a dragon, monsters, evil queens, etc but he is bested by ikea) but I will dedicate this to Killian Jones..
In the past year: 
Killian as a Knight -> It’s something that Robin Hood would do, and the voice was very deep and it was perfect. Plus hint back to the dolls.. Killian can now fill both the knight and the lieutenant 
Ariel in the flashback was perfect. She saw right through his bs. 
 “A fake reputation is all a man has” He didn’t want her screwing up the only thing he still has. 
Snow -> when she took that potion to forget Charming, she was terrible to everyone around her and was prepared to kill Regina
Charming -> When he thought Snow didn’t love him he was reckless to the point of suicidal
Killian -> Went back to that ruthless pirate who cares for no one but himself, he did it because he literally thought he had nothing left. He thinks all that has got left is the Jolly Roger. But he’s still deeply in love with Emma he can’t even have sex with a hooker.

Honestly? He doesn’t know Ariel or Eric he owes them nothing. 
It’s a blurred line if Hook is talking about his ship or Emma a lot in these flashbacks. It’s important to know that most sailors refer to their vessels as ‘she’ and ‘her’ but I think he’s clearly projecting just a little too hard here. 
Killian Jones tried to go back to being Captain Hook but he couldn’t. It IS NOT because he is a pirate. It IS NOT because he is without the Jolly Roger, his ship, home and heart.IT IS simply because he has become a hero. He is no longer that double crossing pirate that Emma encountered in the Enchanted Forest. Killian is a hero. He reunites families and believes in happy endings. This was a character trait he ALWAYS possessed but was only brought in him when Emma inspired him to be good. When Emma pulled out Killian Jones who was buried under Captain Hook. When he allowed his heart to fall in love with Emma Swan.
Killian Jones will never be the persona of Captain Hook again.

J- Those we love can spur us on to be better than we are.

Blackbeard: He looked like Cartoon Hook, so technically Killian Jones was fighting the pirate version of himself.
Honestly I think we will see him again, the ship was docked, he looked a little too happy to be pushed/jump, and we didn’t see his body

J – Will we see Blackbeard again? Maii reminds us.

“No body no dead” 
The Captain Charming and Captain Cobra were perfect. Hook teaching Henry to cheat and using Fries as chips, priceless. 
Zelena mentions spies: I would bet my rations on one of them being Smee, they spent a lot of time mentioning how much of a rat he is, even after being turned back into a human.  

J – Makes sense, because he is disillusioned with Hook.

Killian Jones was trying to right his wrongs and trying to be a stand up guy. He was trying to be a man of honor and help Ariel after he had screwed her over and he was used for it. He screwed over everything without meaning to.  
“I do still believe in love”
after 300+ years, losing Liam, Milah, Bae, the Jolly Roger, and Emma (not to mention, for the short term, now her/his family and son and home in Storybrooke) Killian Jones still believes in love
And this is why he’s such an inspirational character even after all the hardness of his life he still believes he still has hope.

J – In the jaded day we live, how many times can a person start over and try to be better? Is there a point when its too late?

Captain Swan:
We learn that Killian Jones is a swooning fangirl. I mean pretending to faint/be unconscious during the fight with Cora? We see what you are doing. 
Emma has maintained for a while that all she needs to be happy is Henry. She’s only now beginning to see how wrong she is about that.
In the wake of losing Emma, Hook thought all he needed to be happy was the Jolly Roger. When Ariel leaves, hurt and betrayed, he realizes he was wrong.
In Straight on til Morning, they paralleled Hook making the wrong choice in Neverland (handing Bae over to the Lost Boys) with him making the right one in Storybrooke (coming back with the bean).
The same thing happens in The Jolly Roger, where Hook tries to make amends for a terrible mistake that he regrets.

J – Regrets like the tree. Regrets hold you back.

Only this time, he gets tricked by the villain, who uses his feelings for Emma and his guilt and shame against him.
To break this cycle…they need to confront their feelings. Both of them. Emma has to finally own up to what she feels for Killian and accept that he’s just as much a part of her happy ending as Henry is. Killian needs to trust in what he feels for her and fully commit himself to the heroic path. It’s a hard road for two people as broken as they are, but it’ll be worth it in the end.
The moment in the mirror is so gorgeous and so important, Emma has to focus on a true love couple being reunited together, and what she sees – and the image that makes her eyes to flutter – is her and Killian together, she sees them together and this is how she finds a way to spark her magic. 
Magic is emotion, and here, it’s hope, it’s love, that had Emma doing this.
She used the hope and love of a true love couple to find another one. Her reflection with Killian at her side is what made her make magic
*I swear on Emma Swan*
If anyone ever questions hook’s sincerity after this breathtaking performance by Colin O’Donoghue then I seriously have absolutely no words, look at this man’s genuine remorse, his entire heart is reflected on his face. 
There’s no light in his eyes, he feels more terrible than anyone can ever make him feel, his soul is screaming for release through his eyes and he’s holding everything in and there’s no one to comfort him no one to tell him it’s okay. No one to tell him his mistakes have been forgiven and he’ll always hate himself for this because he’s not a terrible man, he’s an honorable one. and all he ever wanted was to hold emma swan and never let her go. 
He wanted her to feel the kind of love she deserved and he lost her quicker than he won her heart and missing her destroyed him. Now all he can think about is how he’ll ever be worthy again when he has no idea that she’ll forgive him and she already has because she understands his intentions and she knows his heart she’ll see that the mistake is something he deeply regrets, she’ll heal him by making him feel just as loved as he’s always made her feel. 
Plus this makes it so the ball is in her court, she’s going to have to be the one to go after him bc so far it’s been him after her and now he can’t because he loves her and he cares about her family and he doesn’t want them hurt. So he’s gonna be pushing her away and she’s going to have to push back. 

Zelena and TLK 
Zelena doesn’t understand TLK or maybe she doesn’t trust that Emma loves Killian back bc honestly? Any curse can be broken by TLK.. We already had a failed TLK with CS now comes the real thing. 
Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing and she knew that Killian was going to push Emma away in order to protect her. The same kiss that could take away her curse and bring back EVERYONE’S memories of the Lost Year. There’s something in that last yr that she doesn’t want anyone to know and she is taking every precaution to make sure this doesn’t happen. 
I mean she had to know something about Emma, she sent Walsh after all didn’t she? Not only that but we were explicitly told that the Firstborn is more important magic-wise etc and who’s the first born? Emma
CS is the only couple that has all their memories intact they are the only ones that can do this. Zelena had to get them out of the way. 

Hook looking at Granny’s
That scene at the end though? do you know why he looks so broken?
because he did it. he finally broke through he walls and found a place into her life- into her heart. without any trickery he has emma swan’s trust and her love. he has a place in her life that she accepts and expects and wants. she wants him in her home and with her family and with her son
but now he can’t. now he is doomed to hurt her. if he kisses her, as he so desperately wants to, he will take what he believes to be the part of that makes her the savior. he thinks he will cause her harm and ruin and make her vulnerable. he thinks he could lead to her death. just. like. milah
and so now he sabotages the only happiness he has. now he is pushing away the people he loves and cares about and wants to be around because he refuses to allow another person he cares about to die

J – We’ve seen Emma build walls to keep love/hurt out and how waiting/pride/living to protect and not deal with the wounds of the past can cause you to miss great things in life by not taking a leap of faith. Life is all about risk, not about hiding from risks. Red flags are a good barometer, but not all life is a red flag.


Love, Maii 


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