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My theory is that Emma and Hook get stuck in past enchanted forest where they mess up the time line and have to put everything right



Show questions (feel free not to respond to these if you don’t have time):
-Why do you think Gold gave a fake dagger back to Belle? Couldn’t he have just kept the real dagger when Belle gave it to him and be done with it? Does this mean Gold had some other motive in giving Belle, what she thought was, the dagger? Just a ‘move’ to enhance the proposal??? Seems odd.

-Why did you assume that the book Glinda had was not Henry’s book? I haven’t watched the episode back, but I don’t believe she stated it was a book of “Oz’s” history…it was a book of all past, present and future….but maybe I missed something. If not, this would give us an insight as to the origins of Henry’s book.

-Last week they dissolved flying monkeys with fireballs, this week they show mercy for their “friends”???? Maybe that explains where Rapunzel and Black Beard went.

-The Prophecy…assuming Zelena has been defeated…which I have no clue if she is or isn’t…either Zelena was not Oz’s “ultimate evil” the prophecy was referring to, or if she was, and if she’s actually been defeated, does that mean at some point in the past Rumple was also sent to Oz via a tornado? I don’t remember the specific wording the prophecy, so I suppose they may get around it somehow. And…could the tornado the prophecy was referring to actually be a portal? Their shapes are similar.

-Side note to the above…I think it would be in poor time management to kill off the main villian of the season, on the episode before the season finale.

-Your theory that Dorothy was the actual “evil” the prophecy was referring to, making Zelena the savior, is an extremely interesting thought. I wonder how they would bring Dorothy back and explain what “evil” she was going to bring. As of now, we can put Dorothy in the throw away category with Black Beard and Rapunzel.



I’m a bad listener I got so caught up in the spoilers for the finale I forgot to write my email sorry about that.. In that note can it be Sunday we need it to be Sunday.. Okay Kansas!

I loved Kansas everything was golden.. As you can prob guess the CS part of this will be the longest so it will be at the end..

If anyone wants to make sense of why A&E established the oz arc the way they did just read this

The return of the glorious bromance known as captain charming:

You don’t know how much I loved this scene, it was wonderful and amazing.. Not only did he tell her to take hook with her and sort of apologized to him but he was watching from the window of his room which I thought was hilarious.

Regina and white magic:

I was originally opposed to this saw it as too easy and I was like but she has no heart? But the way it happened was reasonable enough and they brought up my worry points.. So I was ok with it..

The scene was fantastic and we all knew it had to be Regina that defeated Zelena just like Rumple had to defeat Pan, it’s personal.

Henry is looking for apartments for Emma by the water? Nice hints there

In defense of Emma Swan

A lot of people are frustrated with Emma and that’s alright were supposed to be. We need to understand where she is coming from. This is a woman who has been broken many times and she right now she’s terrified of opening herself up again. Let me tell you something about a person with walls, we lash out at those who want to pass through them.

Killian Jones sees right through her walls and that scares the bejesus out of her. He can see through her lies and half truths. Emma wants to stay she is just scared to. Deep down she knows she can’t go back to NY. Emma swan has always been looking for a home and the closest she has gotten to it has been NY so of course she wants to go back to that feeling but she knows she never can.

Emma if, for the first part of the episode, is quite cold and rude in her words because she’s pissed at what happened, It’s quite impressing how he still gets through her walls and reach her heart. He tells her exactly what she doesn’t want to hear – she DOES see a future and it DOES scare her. When she tells him, a future with you, she is mocking, but it’s EXACTLY what’s scaring her, much like Emma in the Echo Cave telling him it was just a kiss. It’s the source of her fears, her issues, her walls aren’t gone, and now that Zelena magic is gone, I bet you Walsh is back and Emma will have to face a few things in her life : her issues when it comes to love

Captain Swan

It was not true loves kiss but at the same time it wasn’t really CPR, plus there was a definite magic bump and a ring..

It wasn’t TLK bc Emma isn’t believing in herself at the moment, she needed a Killian alive she needed to save him but she wasn’t thinking of using her magic bc at that moment she wasn’t believing in herself..

The other alternative is that the curse isn’t gone just yet.. The curse was on Emma’s magic, Killian’s lips were just the poisoned apple that Zelena use to cast it.

More on that theory here:


Emma loses her magic so she can accept not only the importance of it but acknowledge her feelings for Killian.
She went from not wanting anything to do with magic with using it in 3 season. She went from wall off love to embracing it. All of season 3 was give Emma the balance she needed in life. She is now all magic or all regular person. Emma is both and now she knows.

Emma knows because she chooses love over magic. Just like how Charming chose Snow over the crown. Think about it Regina chose revenge and power over showing love as a mother. Rumple chose power over showing love as father to Bae. Love is the most important thing in life. Not the power one possesses, whether it be the crown or magic. Charming has said love must be fought for and that is what she dies. Giving Killian CPR and knowing what happens when the lips touch is her fighting the urge to keep her power so that she can have a life with love.

That is everything true love is about. She is her father’s daughter. What is the point of power if you don’t have love.

They all saved the day, Emma still wants to leave, and Killian’s broken expression is just wow, no word, it breaks me. It is MEANT to be something and it’s a huge thing they decided to leave us with – Killian still at the door of the family, of Emma’s life. He’s still waiting for her to let him in.

I really loved the episode regarding Emma and Killian, it’s calling for something bigger, the resolution of Emma’s arc, and her finding a home, and her magic will be back – when she embraces it all her feelings for Killian and her life – which again, we saw she refused to do in this episode.

As always the podcast is amazing! Love listening to it.. (I’m sorry if this sent twice)
Xoxo Maii

Hello Jeff and Colleen, here are the things I learned in the Episode, Kansas.

#1. Regina was struggling with
fireball dysfunction disorder.

#2. it is possible to spin your brains

#3. Couches and bales of hay are
very convenient when your
opponent is magically throwing
you across a room.

#4. Little John was not part of the
flying monkey massacre at the

#5. Colleen’s fake dagger theory
awhile back finally came to


Henry says that Emma can’t sleep in her car, which is exactly what she was doing in season 1 before Mary Margaret asked her to stay with her.

image (13)

Before Emma goes to try and defeat Zelena, Henry tells her “defeating bad guys is what you do.” He has always seen her as a Savior or Superhero. He will be very disappointed in her if she decides to give up everything just to live a normal life. Any Superhero that has ever tried to hang up their cape and cowl has done so with consequences. It’s not long before they realize they were never meant to live a normal life. Heroes know they have a responsibility with the powers they’ve been given and to just sit back and do nothing goes against everything they claim to stand for. In other words, Emma will either come back on her on or will pay the price trying to hide from it.

This should have been one of
Regina’s best episodes and it was up until the end. Henry’s line, “Once upon a time, you were a villain, mom. But you changed, you’re a hero now.” broke my heart. Regina using light magic was phenomenal! Not killing Zelena and calling herself a hero was even more astounding! That’s why the ending had me so puzzled. When she puts the pendant in her vault, she smiles and laughs while the Evil Queen music is playing. Can the writer’s not make up their minds? They show this amazing arc to redemption but then undermine it with this. What were they trying to say with this? That Regina is changing but…..you never know? I just didn’t get it. I told myself that it was a smile because she was the hero for once but if that was the case, there’s much better ways to do it. Light magic comes from good, which she obviously has, so why tease us otherwise? Hopefully it’s nothing but I know this probably confused a lot of other people as well.

Now that we’ve seen Dorothy come to Oz in a green cyclone, maybe it wasn’t Zelena that produced the one that brought her to Oz.

The scene with Rumpel and Belle was so genuine but it was undercut by the reveal. Belle said she would give him the dagger if he promised not to kill Zelena. He knew he could not keep this promise so instead he proposed and told her he trusted her with his heart. He then used this moment to give her a fake dagger so he would be free to exact vengeance for Bae. I believe Rumple really does love Belle and may even want to marry her but after seeing what he said to Zelena, a beautiful and much overdue Rumbelle scene lost it’s innocence and became dirty and detestble. I fully expected Rumpelstiltskin to avenge his son by killing Zelena but what I did not expect was for him to lie and use Belle the way he did like she was nothing. He betrayed her trust after she has stood by him all this time. Maybe we will find out that coming back from the dead has left him with more of the Dark One and less Rumpel. I thought his character was changing but at this point, I no longer believe Rumpel deserves Belle. You reap what you sow, and what he has sown is lies and distrust. If this is how he treats his true love, what hope does he have? This was a truly disheartening scene.

In the barn, when “the beautiful one” tried to attack them, Robin told David, “Remember these creatures are our friends” to which David responds with, “Don’t worry I’ll use a gentle touch”. Are we watching a different show than last week??? Up until A Curious Thing, I could buy this line but not after they shot,
burned and stabbed all the ones at the dock. This is inconsistent and makes no sense at all! Are the writers actually conversing with each other? This conversation made me laugh at the absurdity of it.


This will be based on the preview for
next week so if there are some people that didn’t watch it, I wanted to forewarn them this could be a potential spoiler……………………
We saw at the end of the episode that Zelena’s time portal was opened. After watching the preview for next week, I believe that Emma and Hook will be sucked through the time portal, sending them to the past. At this point it may take on a Back To The Future 2 type vibe. We see Rumpelstilskin in his Gold persona talking with Emma, who’s wearing a hood, and asking her, “what have you done?” Also we see Snow and Charming meeting for the first time again and the Evil Queen back to her old self. At one point it appears that Hook is actually punching himself followed by Emma being escorted out of a castle by Regina’s guards. If all this is true, Hook and Emma must make sure Charming and Snow stay together. Any little thing they do could change the past and Rumple may not be too happy about this. If this is where they are going, I like it! What if they can possibly jump to different time periods of each characters storyline? Wow, anything could happen! Emma could actually see what everything used to be like living in the Enchanted Forest while trying to make sure her existence is not compromised.


Who is the real sorceress of Oz?

– Brad

More Brad

Hey Jeff, I had a few things to add to my email and was hoping it wasn’t too late.

There has been speculation that Dorothy’s slipper were gold and Zelena’s were silver. I compared the two and Dorothy’s do appear to be more gold but it could also just be the lighting. Although it would be a great twist if the slippers were gold and they took Dorothy somewhere other than Kansas. Here is a screen shot for the listeners to decide for themselves.

I noticed that the opening music this week was played higher than usual. In the show Fringe, the color of the opening credits signified where the story would be told (past, present, future, alternate earth, etc). Others have suggested as well that this could be an indication of what the episode will be about. I’ve included both openings for you to compare.

** Play Openings from the soundboard

– Brad

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