3X21 Snow Drifts – Ren Faire Emma, Betamax, Running Away, Ruby and the Rolly Joger – First Thoughts – 227


First Thoughts

Prerec Intro:

Intro: Ahoy Mateys!

Episode Name: Snow Drifts

Written by: David H. Goodman & Robert Hull

Episode Number: 227

Show notes can be found at:


Mickey Mouse

Group Home, Boston 18 years ago

Emma years later after August left her

Hey There

Tradition Announce their name at a Coronation

In front of the Clock Tower like the Lion King

“To the return of your heart”

Dinner in front of the fire.

Walked through hell – fire room shout out

Destined to be with. Tatoo.

Too scared.


Sealing the dagger in the magical cupboard.

Belle and how to Hide the fake dagger.

Moe French gave Rumbelle his blessing. Forgiveness. Everyone knows you’re a changed man.

Alcohol Baby Shower!

Monkey Baby

Team 7




Cap Man behind Henry.

Black Knights – Attack on the Troll Bridge

Kathryn – Princess Abigail. King Midas’ daughter.

Hook and gold. Why would you leave that opportunity? Marrying the daughter of a King who could turn anything into gold.

Ran away, living on a farm. Dorothy mention?

Henry’s Book might help her remember where she belongs.

Stubborn like her M…

Zelena’s time portal. It’s open.

Rumpel’s magic that makes your security tapes not work right


Her Great Escape

A trip to the past could have catastrophic repercussions

Home built on fake memories. Make your home here.

I see fairy tales, not me. What would Jefferson say?

So you just keep running.

I’m gonna keep running til I feel that I’m home.

Hook’s hook was useful!

Emma and Hook through the portal. One of these days, I’m gonna stop chasing this woman.

Back to the Evil Queen’s pursuit of Snow White. Smack dab in the belly of a whale. Pinocchio.

Back to the Future. Marty McFly.

A wizard. Rumpelstiltskin.

The Black Knight.

Wooden Pinocchio. Before the Blue Fairy change.

Don’t change past events. Things must happen the way they always did.

Can Emma come to all Ren Faires I go to?

Snow’s chopping double.

Was that the Huntsman deer?

Snow’s standing and falling from a tree double.

Emma watching history, instead of reading about it.

It’s so gold.


Turning a blind eye will cost double. It reminds me of the cantina scene with Obi Wan, Han, Chewie and Luke.

Force choke and force push.

Emma – Are you some kind of witch? Hmm, the Oz prophecy?

You’ve changed things. What have you done? Back to the Future, fo sho.

Belle. Emma acts just like everyone the way they treated

Aha! When you change things that effect the future it erases what was on the pages of the future.

Ripple effect.

The future is a blank page.

There is a ball tonight. The Enchantment Under the Sea ball, perhaps?

We don’t even know where she is. The crystal ball.

Go undo it.

I know a ship’s captain that can help us – me.

The future Hook sees the past Hook.

The future Hook is jealous of the past Hook.

Leave the vermin alone, Smee. You’ll understand someday.

2 ships passing in the night. Closely, I hope. Emma is playing the Hook card.

Hook and the Nightcap trick.

Future Hook telling Snow what to do to keep the future happening.

I’ve carried rum barrels heavier than you.

Behold the Rolly Joger.

Smee is smarter than two Hooks.

Uh oh. The future slugged the past.

Rumpelstiltskin never leaves anything to chance.

Powerful wand (from the Fairy Godmother, I would imagine). Recreate any magic that has been wielded. Could it be used again?

The old Princess for a Day makeover.

The old face cloaking spell.

Who were those people?

Prince Charles and Princess Leia.

Blend in.

Hook can waltz.

Did the chandelier look like Beauty and the Beast?

Snow scaled the wall, like Team 7 and Batman did.

My hero.

Where is that ring? Insert Frodo joke here.

The Evil Queen arrives at the ball, with friends.

Where’s Charming?

My ticket to freedom. Stop thief! You’re a girl – woman.

Snow White, the bandit.

The Snow White bandit double.

Wherever you are, I will find you.

Emma’s got to get the ring to Snow.

Take her away!

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