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Episode Name: Snow Drifts

Episode Number: 229

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Happy #OUASeasonFinale day ( and Mother’s day of course)! Just want to his is my fav podcast ever…It’s been a fantastic season 3 and u both are a really part of that! Besides practicing my English, it’s very interesting to listen to new points of view and theories about my fav show ! im definately a fan ! Hope u have a blast watching the season finale ! xoxo from Brazil cant wait for the last 2 podcasts of the season !


Just finished watching the finale…wow, I am still in shock! The last 2 minutes….OMGosh. :-0

Blog (http://onceuponatimepodcast.com):


If you do find out where one can get the dragonfly print please let us know as my wife want it as well. She loves it.

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I’m a newer fan of your podcast but i have quickly grown to love it, especially Colleen’s comments about Hook (I agree with her, his hair probably does feel soft as rabbit fur.)



Hellooo.. I’m prob still crying over how perfect this entire finale was, some of the best tv I’ve seen in a long while.. I had the most high pitched voice for like 30-40 minutes after it ended, it was hilarious bc I couldn’t do words.. Anyways on to Snow Drifts!

Honestly I’m always in awe of the casting department how do they find these people? I do remember beta max hehehe ( I’m younger but my parents had some beta max tapes)

CS at Granny’s- Park –

The fact that Killian offers to go after Emma speaks incredibly loud for the duo — he offers to do so because he feels he’s someone she may listen to, additionally, as far as I can remember, Henry’s very rarely trusted someone with the book and if that doesn’t tell you about how much he too has grown to care for Killian then I don’t know what will.

Killian’s the kind of person who doesn’t need sugarcoating and because he and Emma are so kindred, he knows that she’s that way as well. He knows she needs to hear the cold hard truth, and what he manages to do in the midst of telling her she’s making a mistake, is uplifts her in the process. He makes sure she’s reminded of the greatness she’s capable of. No matter how many people have helped out, he’s always seen her as the best. She tells him she doesn’t feel like she belongs, because she doesn’t feel like she belongs in the fairytale stories and he reassures her as he always does.

“One of these days I’m going to stop chasing this woman” and that was perfect because we know he didn’t want to go near the barn and yet he goes bc he would never leave her alone. And then she falls and he doesn’t hesitate for a second to go after her bc he can’t imagine leaving her alone.

The Marty McFly conversation was hilarious, and the interactions with Rumple were priceless.. I think Killian calling him mate was what fully convinced Rumple bc the past hook would never refer to him in that way. The clothing conversation was wonderful and it made Emma smile.

Her face when she realized she was seeing her parents meeting was priceless, then she screwed things up but Killian states “because of us” authenticating the fact that they’re a team and no matter the situation, he’s in it with her, never blaming her, but understanding the fact that mistakes are meant to be made.

Emma and Past Hook

I deeply love this scene it’s prob my second favorite scene in Snow Drifts, it’s hilarious.

I would really like to point out that given the position of his eyes. And even if it may have seemed otherwise. He was looking at her face and not other *ehem* assets. He literally was looking up at her. Just how when he met her in 2×05. His mouth is literally hanging open

You know what this means, right? That in ALL scenarios, no matter how they meet, Emma Swan and Killian Jones are True Love. I mean, this was Captain Hook still buried in his vengeance for Milah, the woman he loved. But he took one look at Emma and was completely taken with her.

He told Emma in Echo Cave that he essentially fell in love with her when they met, it took the kiss to make him realize just how far gone he was. Killian is saying here pretty much the same thing. If he’d have woken up from that punch/hangover and remembered the blonde lass he’d kissed the night before…he’d have gone after her. He’d have tried to find her, just like Charming did with Snow.

“You and I both know I’m his type.”

But that’s the funny thing about this…Emma’s not his type. Not until he meets her.
Go look at Past!Hook’s “companions” at that table. Both brunettes. Milah was a brunette. Nary a blonde to be found. It seems to me based on this admittedly limited evidence that Hook had a thing for the dark haired lasses. Which, hey, cool. Good on ya, buddy.

But then this ballsy blonde girl stomps her way into his life (both times, LOL) and BOOM, as our dear Captain would say. If you look carefully at that shot of past!Hook when bar wench! Emma bends over that table…his eyes are up. On her eyes. On her face. Emma’s other “assets” don’t even register at first (although I am certain he got a good look once he was alone with her, dude’s not dead). The look on past! Hook’s face is the definition of awestruck. He has no idea who this woman is but he really, really wants to. The next time we see them, his harem is gone and they’re alone, drinking and flirting shamelessly.

Then he takes her back to his ship and…we all know what happened. Killian said that if he’d remembered her, he’d have gone after her. Basically, that even in that brief encounter she had the power to completely change his life. Just as she did when they meet again in his future, when she pulls him out from under a pile of corpses and ties him to a tree.

One woman, two encounters. Both of which leave the previously single minded pirate wondering just what the hell happened…and who the bloody hell is this woman?

Yes he’s jealous and it’s hilarious but Killian is actually in a way protecting Emma from his past self. He doesn’t think that Hook is deserving of Emma, which speaks to how much he has changed and grown as a character.

The Ball

They both looked so gorgeous, Killian’s coat was like a mix of a prince and Mr darcy from the 2005 pride and prejudice

Princess Leia – Perfect, because A/E have referred to Emma as Leia and Hook as Han.. Plus you can see Emma going through the princesses in her head.

For someone like Emma who’s never felt like a real Princess, Killian made sure that her first experience was nothing short of magical by ceaselessly aiming to make her feel as though she’s the most immaculate Princess in all the realms. Visually, the scene was one of the most gorgeous ones in Once Upon A Time history.

Emma probably never went to prom so Killian probably took her to her first dance and that has a lot of meaning for Emma, plus the huge smiles on their faces while dancing are very telling. Plus he gave her confidence in telling her she’s a natural and for a woman who in the beginning of the episode didn’t think she fit in this world, this means a lot.

Stray Observations:

Midas didn’t make the same mistake as Stefan did in not inviting the evil witch to a ball

Emma’s face when seeing her parents’ interactions was priceless

Emma finally got to see what we CSers call the Red Vest of Sexiness

Even drunk of his a– Hook can carry Emma I don’t think many of us can do anything like that while drunk.

Killian Jones probably learned to dance during his days in the navy and he was flawless at it, and then fighting the black knights? I love it!

No matter if you change the circumstances, the events happen in the same way as proven by Snow and Charming.

Xoxo Maii


Hello Jeff & Colleen….And Lady!

To me, “Snow Drifts” and the subsequent “No Place Like Home” did not disappoint and here is why:
We had call-backs to memorable scenes from season 1; returning characters we haven’t seen in a while; great moments of drama, comedy, & romance; the episode was very Captain/Swan centric……AND the piece de resistance….. we got two Hooks!! How could it not get any better than that? I was a very satisfied “fangirl”.

Some random thoughts:

• Since it is official that the show Intellegence is cancelled, I think it is pretty safe to assume that Meghan Ory will be back as Ruby next season, hopefully with more screen-time. (Here is your spot to cheer, Jeff!)
But could we PLEASE send a shout-out to Adam and Eddie to get Josh Holloway on the show? I know I’ve mentioned this before but we’ve had other LOST alum make an appearance, so let it be Josh’s turn next season!

• I’m rather surprised that some people are expecting Zelena to return in some form. I could be wrong, but I think she is definitely dead. Regina did say that, without her pendant, she was powerless so she could not have defended herself against Rumple when he stabbed her with his dagger. Regina also claimed that her death dissolved the tether holding Zelena’s magic in the pendant and that was what caused her magic held in it to be set free which then completed the portal spell she had begun.

• I know how much both Hook (and Jeff!) enjoyed Emma’s Ren. Faire attire, but I was laughing as I watched her tugging and tugging at that corset responsible for creating the vision of Emma’s cleavage that both Hooks so enjoyed.

• When Regina related to Robin the story of Tink revealing to her that she was destined to be with the man with the lion tatoo, it got me to thinking. We now have a major roadblock to Regina’s and Robin’s romance in the form of his wife, Marian. Well, next season, the Knave from Wonderland, played by Michael Socha, will be joining ONCE as a permanent cast member. And before he was known as the Knave of Hearts, he was known as Will Scarlet a major character in the tale of Robin Hood and his merry men. Could he possibly have a lion tattoo as well? After all, in the original tale, they were all joined in fight to put Richard, the Lionhart, back on the Engish throne so I’m curious to know if there could be others with that same lion tattoo? I’m just saying we never did see his face in that tavern have just assumed, like Regina, it was Robin. Plus, I think it would be very entertaining to see Regina and Will barbed comments. (Sorry, Colleen, I know you liked the Red Queen, but I don’t think she is coming on the show with him.)

• So enjoyed the ball scene where Emma finally got to feel like a princess and Hook got to be a waltzing, sword-wielding hero. I totally expected Emma to say she was Princess Diana. So when she said Princess Leia, I laughed out loud and, at the same time, thought Jeff must be loving the Star Wars reference.

• Loved the writers’ nod to Back to the Future complete with having the book’s pages disappear, just as Marty McFly’s photo of his brother and sister started to disappear when he interfered with the past. At one point Emma had pointed to the book saying: “I’m not a part of any of this”. She couldn’t relate to the book at all, except as a collection of fairy tale stories. So having Emma appear in the book, as Princess Leia, when the images came back on the pages was a great way to symbolize that she did truly belong.

• Jennifer Morrison did an amazing acting job in this finale. She was especially touching when she was begging Rumple to take the forgetting potion and let Neal die a hero. And also when she related to Hook that she knew she was always running away because no place had ever felt like home to her. But she was equally wonderful in the comic moments with Hook, as in the tavern and on the Jolly Roger. So kudos and a standing ovation to Ms. Morrison!

• Leaving the best for last…..I LOVED the fact that we got major Captain/Swann time in both episodes. And, of course, the ultimate treat of two Hooks! Those scenes with Hook, present and past, in the tavern and on the ship were a hoot! Having Hook jealous of himself was so amusing, especially when Emma went to adjust her décolletage and Hook was so aghast that he yelled: “What are you doing?!” He was so upset at the thought of his past-self romancing Emma. Of course, I love this new sweet, romantic side of our Hook. His admission that he gave up this beloved ship, the Jolly Rodger, for her was definitely swoon-worthy, and we FINALLY got the kiss we were waiting for. But I do hope the writers don’t lose the flirty, naughty side of his personality, because it’s part of his charm and makes his character so enjoyable to watch…..Besides being so “devilishly handsome!”

Looking forward to your main show and hearing what the other podcast listeners have to say.
Take care,


Hi Jeff and Colleen,

Sorry (last minute)

Well, I have to give this episode an A+, as I really enjoyed every aspect of the episode.

Enjoyed the “hidden” Mickey at the beginning of the episode.
We had Betamax, Prince Charles & Princess Leia, Ruby is back! Katrina is back! Emma disrupting her parent’s first meeting (like Marty did in Back to the Future).

It appears that Regina’s redemption arc is almost complete and she is enjoying her own happy ending with Robin. She has defeated evil, has her heart and her true love, and has told Robin about him being her true love. I’m curious as to how his former wife’s death (Maid Marion) was his fault. All seems perfect for Regina.

Check out Emma’s face when she first lays eyes on Rumple – I’m sure she had no idea that Rumple would be gold. And check out Hook’s face when he see’s Emma in a corset.

Enjoyed your first thoughts on this episode.

Big Love,




Hello Jeff and Colleen, I know I had some disappointments last week but Great Scott! I loved, loved, loved this episode! So let’s kick it off first with the things I learned this week in the episode Snow Drifts.

#1. A pot luck at Granny’s, trumps
a royal coronation ceremony any

#2. Maybe the town hall meetings
should have focused on security
upgrades for the Sherif station
instead of Regina’s evil
playground in the woods.

#3. A good woman, is one that can
curb homicidal tendencies.

#4. Real estate is much more
reasonable in the Enchanted

#5. Marty McFly is not a wizard.

#6. The sensible pantsuits may have
actually calmed Regina down in

#7. You can always blame the rum.

#8. Emma makes a great wench……..
just saying.

#9. Regina’s way of opening doors
could come in very handy when
dealing with public restrooms.

#10. Hook gives a new meaning to
the term “beating yourself up”.


I might not know that much about Liberace but I know plenty about Betamax. We had both a Betamax and VHS player growing up. We used to have wait for movies like Jaws, Willy Wonka, Superman and Wizard of Oz to come on tv so we could have them on tape. No Netflix or TiVo back then. We had to pause it in between commercials to cut them out. It was such a hard life!

Bambi made another appearance in this episode.

If characters that have been missing for awhile could be explained instead of just having them in the scene like they’ve always been there, it would seem more realistic. It could be a vacation, coma, flying monkey, anything! I found it so ridiculous that Abigail has been missing since The Return and then just shows up at Granny’s, hanging out like she hasn’t been absent for almost a whole season. It’s one of the things that takes me out of the scene every time.

Snow Drifts seemed to be brought to us by Apple because they bought a good amount of screen time. I’m surprised the iPhone 5 wasn’t listed in the opening credits.

Killian goes through the trouble of hiding in the shadow but does nothing to hide his hook when talking with Snow in the bottom of his ship.

The forget me knot and genie bands from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland can be seen in Rumpelstiltskin’s palace.

Hook found his eyeglass in Gold’s shop a couple weeks ago. Could August’s typewriter be on top of his cabinet as well?


I am puzzled by the furry object hanging up in the background of Rumpel’s castle when Emma and Hook visit with him. What could be?

– Brad


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