Ask Regina’s Garden Gnome – 108

“Mr. Gnome…..

The number 108 is prevalent through out the Eastern philosophies and Indian religions. The Buddhist believe that there are 108 defilements and 108 earthly temptations that a human being MUST overcome to achieve Nirvana, or personal liberation. The Mayor Regina Mills’ address is 108 Mifflin St……..
My question is…. Have you witnessed any of these defilements or temptations that our poor Sheriff Graham, obviously, did not survive??….lol?” Manny

Gnome- Dude, that was a long question. Actually, yes I have. You know that old Yoko Ono album (you know the one I mean)? Regina loves it. I mean she LOVES it. She plays it alot (Especially this one), and I’m not sure the defilement scale of something like that, but it must be off the charts. Poor Sheriff Graham used to wear earplugs to block out the sound of it. Regina would get so mad at him and scream, “Can you hear me, Graham??” I’m fairly sure that it wasn’t love that brought Emma and Graham together, it was the lack of Yoko Ono’s album at Emma’s house. Ok, that and those pants and boots Emma wore. Just sayin’

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