Changes are coming…

Wow, what a week. Lots of good, some not so good, but it will end up good, I promise.

After 2, 2 hour podcasts in the last week and a small amount of feedback on the large amount of content we were releasing, I will be working on ways to incorporate all the awesome feedback we receive into podcast episodes, but also not produce 2 hour shows.

Note: These will be bumpy changes, I want to say that up front. I may try one type of solution on the site, then change it, so things may disappear or be in a different place, etc. I want you to know that I will be working as hard as I can, within the small amount of free time I have to get everything up and running as fast as I can.

I wish I could hire a web designer who is a WordPress guru to do it all when I’m at work, etc, but my passion for OUAT and all the awesome listeners (with the great feedback) have come at a time when I don’t have extra money to do that. I have set up the BBPress plugin as a way to incorporate a Forum for listeners to add thoughts about a show, so people can discuss the episode anytime they want. We love emails, but this forum will give folks another avenue to incorporate thoughts, theories, etc outside of emails to the podcast. Again, we love the email feedback, but I felt like we needed to offer another way for listeners to not only share what they thought, but discuss it with other listeners as well.

I’m not happy with the way the BBPress forum looks right now on the site, and if someone anyone has a great idea how to set up so it flows better, let me know. Thanks.

With that in mind, my goal is to pare all podcast episodes back down to an hour-ish (meaning a few minutes or so over).

We will also be consolidating emails, paraphrasing emails and doing our best to get the information from the emails in a shorter show.

The same thing with the voicemails. I have some ideas how to handle it if we get an influx of them, but we will see how it goes.

To be perfectly honest, having too much feedback is something that every podcaster wishes they had. We are humbled that people take the time to respond and send us feedback, and we want to do the best we can to; share the info, discuss the information, but also shorten the shows to a more manageable time. It may bug some folks, and thrill others, but I wanted to let you know what was coming, that we care, and we will do our best.

3 thoughts on “Changes are coming…

  1. David

    There’s no reason why you have to play a person’s complete voice mail message. When you receive a lot of them in a particular week, just edit the voice mail message down to its main point, and quickly summarize the rest.

    Maybe you could build an archive of all the voice mail messages, and anyone could hear all messages in their entirety. Just a thought. This way you would recognizing every contributor, whether you played all or part (or none) of the message on your podcast.


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