OUAT – We have been visited by an Ogre (A nice one).

Ladies and Gentlemen, We had another amazing thing happen today. You see, I post screencaps with questions to cause people to click on the link, like “Was the Giant from Jack in the Beanstalk spotted in Storybrooke?” It works, sometimes, but then today I look and see an email that a comment was added to my post, “Yes, the “Ogre” from ep. 2 is throughout ep. 8 as the city hall’s maintenance man, so far simply known as Burly Man.” I wondered why this person spoke with such surity, and I kept reading, “And next to me in the mayor’s office is Miss Ginger (Blind Witch) with the thick glasses.” What? Me, this person said, I looked at who left the comment – “Ernst
aka The Ogre”

Yes, we have been visited by a kindly Ogre/Burly Man played by C. “Ernst” Harth.

He left very helpful comments on three posts:




Ernst, thank you so very much for visiting our site and leaving your valuable comments. You taking the time to visit and interact with us means more than you will ever know. We can’t wait to see more of you in the show, and I want you to know you always are welcome here in our OUAT Fan community. Welcome, friend.

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