Charming Armor, OUAT Hearts 101, Granny is a Giver, Ruby Idol, Dorky Thoughts w/ Dave – Cricket Game Live Show Hour 2

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Charming Armor, OUAT Hearts 101, Granny is a Giver, Ruby Idol, Dream Catchers, Dorky Thoughts w/ Dave – Live Show Hour 2

(Part one of show notes are in post for Hour 1)

Once Upon a Time Heart 101 Class:

We have seen 3 non-enchanted hearts that probably were “cut out” (From “The Thing You Love Most” Evil Queen: I have to cut out the heart of the thing I love most.)

1. Prized Steed
2. Henry Sr. (Question: If the hair collected to aid in the initial Dark Curse enactment, it seems that Henry Sr didn’t have what I would consider “the darkest heart”. I wonder if it hindered the 2nd Dark Curse enactment)
3. Heart of a stag
4. A human heart that was not Kathryn’s heart.

Enchanted hearts we have seen;
The Huntsman’s heart – which was crushed
Mulah’s heart – which was crushed
Aurora’s heart – which was replaced
A heart for Dr. Frankenstein’s brother’s heart (who’s heart was it?)
One heart that Cora used to control a whole group of un-hearted people to do her bidding

What is the difference between a non-enchanted heart and an enchanted heart;

Enchanted hearts;
Are able to control the bodies they were retrieved from,
They are able to open their particular drawer (or is it an empty drawer?),
They can be placed back in the body it was removed from (or can they be placed into anyone who currently has no (enchanted) heart)

Non-enchanted hearts;
Cannot open enchanted heart drawers,
Can however be used to conjure curses,
Can be kept in Regina’s silver and black box or Mary Margaret’s jewelry box

• Why didn’t Regina noticed the difference of the stag heart before the non-opening drawer incident? Was it like Emma not seeing August’s wooden leg. Maybe Regina’s Magical site merely sees a heart, and not whether it’s magical or not, or maybe The Huntsman bumped into Rumpelstiltskin (or another magical person) to make it appear like an enchanted heart.

People that have the magical power to remove an enchanted heart (or have been given an enchanted item to remove an enchanted heart);

Hook – by his enchanted hook

Only one person (that we know of so far) that has an enchanted heart that cannot be removed – Emma. What about Henry?

Jeff’s Random Question #2:

1. From this scene in the pilot, can we assume that Regina or Gold has Granny’s heart and that had anything to do with what she said here?

“Granny: You’re out all night, and now you’re going out again.

Ruby: I should have moved to Boston.

Granny: I’m sorry that my heart attack interfered with your plans to sleep your way down the eastern seaboard.”

I hope no one gets sick

Sneezy was spotted next to Grumpy at the War Council table (and verified by Gabe Kouth himself. Thanks Gabe, you rock sir.), but not Doc.

The Other Mask


Masks on Archie’s wall. Archie’s job is to find the people behind their masks, but does it also refer to Cora’s “mask” as Regina?

Mirror Mirror on the Interrogation Room Wall


David, Mary Margaret and Snow are shown reflected on the viewing room window next to the interrogation room. I think it refers to the dual lives they live (Fairy Tale/Real World), but with Emma does it refer to her “bad” live when people had to give her a chance after she got out of prison (or a time after she got out of prison that she was badder?). People can sometimes change and be better, but as this visually shows and David stated, “We are both,” even though the bad or the good of our life is more under control than the other.

Charming Armor


Looked very similar to Lancelot’s armor. On closer examination, there is an intricate carving on it.


The chairs in the War Council room have an intricate carving on them that I never noticed before.


Ruby Idol


I dug Ruby’s punkish/New Wave outfit. Billy Idol would be proud. “Mony, Mony,” Please Tweet Jeff Roney, Meghan. 🙂

Belle is Charming Gold


Belle is playing a card from the Charming romantic date playbook by bringing a picnic looking lunch for Mr. Gold.

Granny is a Giver


I spied some charity candy machines next to the jukebox in the back antiroom near the restrooms. It’s cool that Granny wants to raise money for charity. Go Granny! Also, it was 2 for 1 Mead night. No wonder everyone (but Henry) had a beer!

Was Rumpel confused?


Old Rumpel knows just when to appear, like Obi Wan or Jacob from Lost. When Snow walked out by herself, he was sitting on Snow White’s throne. Since he loves power, I would think he would sit on the Prince’s throne. Then again, he is much better at manipulating women – except Belle.

Dream Catchers


Why is the one they used with Pongo so small. We compared the this one (that appeared to be taken from the Talisman cupboard) to the other Dream Catcher from Broken and Tallahassee.

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Also, was the family that left it behind (in the episode “Talahassee”) a Fairy Tale family?


Did they leave it on purpose (bad luck?) or will they try to find the person who took in (Neal) to get it back one day?

Jeff Random Question #3:

Did Queen Regina know that the Blue Fairy (doing Snow White’s command) saved her life?


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