Swans, Who is Pongo in FTL? Name that Tune, New Pants for Henry, Fairy Dust w/ Squid Ink Chaser? Hitchcock – Scare or Suspense? Hour 1

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Swans, Who is Pongo in FTL? Name that Tune, New Pants for Henry, Fairy Dust w/ Squid Ink Chaser? Hitchcock – Scare or Suspense? Live Show Hour 1


Once Upon a Time at the Paley Fest event

PaleyFest: The William Paley Television Festival, The Paley Center for Media’s annual two-week celebration of great television, has scheduled its 30th anniversary event for March 1-15, 2013, returning to the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.

    The Cricket Game Analysis

2 Swans a Swimming


The Swan swimming near the docks could be a visual metaphor of the Savior guarding the town, like a banner, gargoyle or statue. In a way, it could show that this is Swan the Savior’s territory. Slightly similar to the Frozen in Time Clock Tower. It was the first clue that something was different about Storybrooke.News Flash: Our good friend, Sarah from the Vancouver area fills us in about Swans around the docks of the Vancouver area – Sarah “Yes, as a matter of fact there are quite a few around the greater Vancouver area! We see them swimming close to shore when the weathers nice”

It fits in with the magical motif of the show also. Things being where normally they wouldn’t be.

No One to Meet Us? Not really


Tackle Shop Owner came out to meet Hook and Cora. Even though Hook sailed in under the cover of night, he was not totally unnoticed.

The unlucky Meeter


I wonder who the Tackle Shop owner was “back in our land”? Prince Erik maybe? Maybe he will bump into the Little Mermaid or one of the mermaids associated with the Peter Pan story to inform the Storybrooke peeps about Cora and Hook arriving there.

What other meeting parties have we seen?

Emma. Who met her upon her arrival? Archie and Pongo.

What other arrival occurred and was there a meeting party?
August. No, not in a traditional sense.

    Jeff’s random question #1

I wonder who Pongo was in FTL? Gus/human

What’s up with the Evil Queen’s troops? Jeff has questions.

Who are the Evil Queen’s troops? Zombie-ish people? The guard who spoke to the EQ didn’t flinch at her statement of “I don’t care how many men you lose”. No female warriors? Even the Ogre wars demanded female troops.

Bashful, not really

Bashful isn’t bashful with a beer or punch at a party. Keep smilin’, Bashful.

One signmaker in town, I guess


The Welcome Back Mary Margaret looks very similar to the previous sign in “The Return”, but not the exact same sign.

Were they too busy? Busy doing what?

Geppetto, Mother Superior or Mr. Gold weren’t at Emma’s party. Why?

Buy new pants for Henry.

Henry is growing up so fast. Really fast.

Name that Tune

What is the musak in the background of Granny’s?

Walla, Walla

There is a lot of background walla (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walla) at an early point in the Granny’s celebration.

As spicy as Lasagna

I love the Regina spicy retort to the lasagna comment from Grumpy. Even though someone changes, there are still parts of their personality that stays. Stay a little spicy, Regina. πŸ™‚

She’s trippin’

I wonder if Snow White was tripped on the stone in the road, or if she tripped by mistake.

Evil Queen talkin’ Rumple smack

EQ “Leaving the battle so soon?” A slight dig comparing her to Rumpelstiltskin.

What’s in the dust, hmm?

Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Freeze


Pongo with Cora’s Memory freezing Freeze


Was the Blue Fairy’s dust mixed with the squid ink?

Where have we heard that before?

Regina’s “Sorry I’m late,” echoed the same line the Evil Queen gave at Snow White’s wedding.

I’m tellin’ your Moms, Henry

I think Henry was drinking beer at the celebration. Root beer.

She who lives in a glass house, learned a lot

If anyone knows what it’s like for someone needing a chance to be good, it’s Emma. Doing time and getting out to start a new life give you compassion for those that need a second chance.

The soundtrack of your life

The queen’s theme was quietly played as Regina left the patio of Granny’s.

Don’t look up

Hook and Cora appear to be on top of the Public Library watching Regina walk away. I would hope they were magically hidden from view, because standing next to a clock that now everyone would use to tell time might not be the best place to sneakily snoop on the townspeople.

…and in the red corner

Was Ruby gonna have a knock down with Regina on the pier? She needs to get a spell that causes her to not be susceptible to magical “Force pushes”.

If you use it, you’d better hurry

There seems to be limits to good magic. Are there limits to bad magic? It appears not. The Dark Curse and the Sleeping Curse had to be broken, and it didn’t fade, unless portions were completed (Emma staying, Emma putting on Deputy star, Archie standing up for himself, etc).

Grumpy: How about giving me five minutes alone with her and my axe? …She’s still restrained, right?

Blue Fairy: Yes. But the magic that we used to capture her, will only keep her powerless for a short while.

Give peeps a chance

Jiminy was quick to dispense with Justice with the Evil Queen.

Play Dave’s VM

Heart subject brought up by Dave in Michigan

(Show notes continued on hour 2 post)

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