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Enter the Dragon Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 268

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Confirmed guests;

Sean Maguire (Robin Hood),
Rebecca Mader (Zelena/Wicked Witch),
Eion Bailey (August Booth/Pinnochio,
Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy),
Faustino Di Bauda (Sleepy),
Michael Coleman (Happy),
Gil McKinney (Prince Eric),
Beverley Elliot (Granny) and
David Anders (Dr. Whale).

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Email points:

From Aleana

Loving the bad Regina, even if she’s just pretending 🙂 August is Back!! Please!!!! Don’t de-aging him keep him as August
Maleficent; “Are you a bad girl.”
Regina: “The worse.”

Cruella’s game of don’t be a hero was fun… Maleficent defending her was really nice, “She’s just rusty.”

Their friendship really has developed a lot, Emma worrying about Regina.
Haha, Maleficent having a bad hair day.

“Pain always makes your stronger.” Poor Maleficent.
“Because if someone as powerful as you can’t get there revenge, that means I’ll never get mine too”, the struggle for happiness is truly hard, poor Regina 🙁

Poor Mal, “I lost the fire along time ago.” Lol, loving how Regina doesn’t want to be seen with the Charming Softball Team, “I can’t be seen with you.”

Emma and Regina: “I’m going to stick by you.”

Seeing Belle and Will on a date breaks my heart, what about Ana 🙁
I love how Regina helped Maleficent to help reignite her fire within, I guess thats why she’s gave Regina the benefit of the doubt.

Everyone wants Pinocchio, do they have Amber Alerts in Storybrooke lol. So cool how the villains are taking a page out of the “Heroes Playbook” and so the even the playing field they have to do the same. The struggle to attain happiness is heartbreaking.

Nice to see Aurora back, Regina: “That was inspired”, “You reminded me of who I am, thank you.” Aww Maleficent 🙂

Damn, plot twist, Belle gave Rumple the dagger as Hook. “I don’t know if I can ever be over him.”

Regina is in on the plan now, “You didn’t think I would stay banished for long.”
“Sometimes the teacher needs to learn from the teacher, sometimes you need to fall very far, too see the light.”

Rumple: “Have you gone soft.”
Regina: “Never!”

Hey I have a theory what if the villains did succeed and tip the balance and the villians won and the heroes didn’t in the season finale and we think Emma the one who might become a villain but since Charmings went to great length for that not to happen the villains kidnapped baby Neal and magically aged him to twenty-one years old and instead of Emma being the greatest villain baby Neal is and next season is them saving baby Neal and tipping balance back what you think of these guys to play baby Neal


From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff!

Missed you this week-glad you’re doing 2 podcasts-double the fun! Hope your feeling better.

Here are my thoughts for the week. Wow…a lot happened this episode, and I loved it. The “mean girls” of evil so funny. Though, if doing shots and partying too much is a sign of being evil, then call me a Queen of Darkness! I thought Emma’s concern for Regina was a great sign of their growing friendship. The fact that Regina lied to her was bad. But as irony would have it, at the same time it showed that Regina was keeping Snow’s secret-I think Lana did a great job of showing that she really didn’t want to lie, but had to. The heroes are not very good at covert operations, Regina is going to get busted for sure if the Scooby gang isn’t more careful. Oh, Belle, belle, belle!!! Isn’t she the smart Disney Princess? I suppose book smart and street smart are not the same. But she knew in her gut that something was wrong and didn’t trust herself. Bad bad Rumple! Not a great way to get her to trust you again. I feel like if all the hero’s would just sit down in a room and spill all their secrets to each other-they’d be a lot better off. Do you think Rumple was Hook when they all met at Granny’s and knows Regina is a mole? Maleficent the 80’s drug addict-so awesome. So, cross Stephan off the list of baby daddy’s now that he’s been “taken care of.” I still think the Sorcerer is the father, I hear a lot of people saying its Rumple-but I get no sense that they had a “intimate relationship”, well not yet anyway, this IS Once Upon a time after all. Poor poor Marco. I’m happy to have August back cuz I thought it was kind of creepy he was Pinocchio again, but how much can this man take? Regina said she would never let them hurt a child-but he’s now not a child-be careful August!

Things that made me go hmmmm…where did the train come from? Was it magical as part of the initiation? How did Belle not figure this one out? Why would Hook be sooo concerned about the dagger all of a sudden and she even said she sensed Rumple was around?? That’s it? One 1 minute scene of Aurora? I hope we get more when we find out who the Father is in a backstory. Maybe there won’t be anymore because they are taking the story in a different direction?

Lastly, I do agree that Rumple’s end game may not be what we all think. If is happy ending is Belle, then he could turn out to be a hero after all. He only needed the evil duo to get into Storybrooke. If he does know Regina is playing both sides and not giving her up might show he’s playing both sides as well. I feel like we all give Rumple a pass when his evilness is for a greater purpose (like finding Bae), so maybe this is the same thing-the means will justify the end? My hope for the season: That the “Charmings” get the chance to help Maleficent find her “lost” baby so all can be forgiven and she’ll get her happy ending and be redeemed.

BIG LOVE ONCERS!! Patience everyone-only the 3rd episode and a lot to cover. Talk to all you “Poor Unfortunate Souls” next week! Trace


From Brad

Welcome back….dearies!
I hope you both are looking and felling better than Maleficent did. Now, shall we begin. Here are the things I leaned this week on the episode, Enter The Dragon.

#1. If you’re not drinking, burning
and destroying things, you’re
not having a good time.

#2. These spell books are like
trading cards.

#3. Maleficent was one smooth

#4. Regina’s code name in this
episode could have been
Bonnie Brasco.

#5. Ursala is not the only one who
drinks like a fish.

#6. Turning into a dragon can be a
bit showy but ripping
someone’s heart out and
crushing it in front of them is
perfectly acceptable.

#7. A piece of wood from the
forever burning tree would be a
wood cutters dream.

#8. At least Cruella’s
enchantments can drive better
than her.

#9. Gold took the Jungle Book
song, “I wanna be like you”, to
a whole new creepy level.

#10. Even those skilled in Dark
magic realize the raw power
that is duct tape.


If Cruella can persuade dogs, bugs and vehicles, can she do the same to people?


One word, AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Brad


From Reagan


This is Raegan from Utah. We met early this month near the flag pole in DCA. You came in with Tommy Alison of the DisGeek and Cruise Dudes Podcast.

I downloaded every episode of your Podcast and am looking forward to listening in. This is what I did with DisGeek too. I came in about 15 or so episodes.

It was great to meet you with Tommy in the Parks. I think the Podcast community is a pretty interesting and cool group of people. I am happy as a fan. I don’t know what I would have to say about anything on a weekly or monthly basis.



I started your podcast but it seems to be mid season and started with the miller’s daughter. Is there a different podcast of yours that started with episode one season one?


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