Poor Unfortunate Soul Review – First Thoughts – 269


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Poor Unfortunate Soul Review

First Thoughts

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poor unfortunate soul recap first thoughts

Episode Number: 269

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Killian on another trip for Pan while he plots to destroy the Dark One.

Mermaid songs. Siren songs. We’ve already seen a Siren and Mermaids.

Rocks did Ursula make them appear – with her song?

Ursula could sing – very Ariel like. She wanted her voice to make people happy, like her Mother wanted. King Triton wanted her to use her voice to lure ships toward them to destroy the person that killed her Mother.

Who killed Ursula’s Mother? Hook?

Regina removed the knife, before it harmed August, then used the threat of fire.

August – The Dragon was looking for the Author for years, then August took his research.

Gold and the Queens still don’t trust Regina completely.

Gold to search August’s trailer.

Regina pulled a play from the movie “Ghost” playbook and inhabited Snow to relay her message. She told them that Gold is in town and planning something “bad”.

In Gold’s shop. Belle now learns that she was tricked again by Gold. Emma helps Killian not act in haste.

August knew about Robin Hood, because “Just cause the boy doesn’t remember being me, doesn’t mean I didn’t remember being the boy”.

Killian calling Ursula with the Conch shell. So, it not only calls Squids, but Ursula, too. Killian to return Urs’s happy ending for info about Gold.

Young Ursula had a beautiful singing voice. Hook bought her a drink for allowing his ship to escape. She broke into King Triton’s vault and stole the bracelet to allow her to walk on land.

King Triton used to be happy, before his wife

Turned my voice into a weapon. “Love is a weapon…”

Her voice can soothe even the most haunted soul. Her voice took away the pain Hook was carrying for Milah’s death by Rumpelstiltskin.

Saving for passage to GlaworHaven (Like MistHaven?). Hook will take her.

Piece of Iridium. Something on the Jolly Roger will give her her singing voice back.

Urs was banished to this world.

King Triton can enchant items. He told Killian about the Squid Ink to paralyze, in return for Killian to steal Urs’s singing voice. Triton also wanted Killian to show her how awful human’s can be.

Will helps Killian.

Robin – is that really Robin? Or Gold? Damn nightmare.

Regina, don’t take Mal’s sleeping potion.

Gold didn’t even search August’s trailer. He got a spell from the fairies’ power (How did he do that?) to undo the magic the fairies did, like making August a real boy from wood.

Snow is worrying that Emma is turning to the dark side.

Built in lie detector potion with a nose growing booster.

August removed the page about the door, so he was hiding it from those who read it.

Sorcerer’s Mansion search.

Kind of like Sea Monkeys, but make ships in bottles grow to full size.

Killian was honest with Ursula.

Villains can’t have Happy Endings.

Killian vs. Ursula


She always slaps him.

I thought Ariel was in

Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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