How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

Gold’s White Heart

We have seen many different hearts with many different colors, but it is always red.


The heart that the Apprentice put back into Gold’s body was white.

Pure white.

This is a type of heart we’ve never seen before.

How will Gold’s White Heart affect him in OUAT Season 5?

As the shade of red was swallowed up by the Darkness, so was his ability to love.

“In a manner of speaking, yes. I will lose any ability to love, and that goodness you once saw inside of me… well, that’ll be gone forever…” Mr. Gold – Sympathy for the De Vil

Will the White Heart be the “do over” or “second chance” that Rumpel needs to make things right?


This time it wasn’t a curse to turn back time, it was that cruel justice of a life of bad choices that took the last bit of goodness in which he could grasp love. It is gone.

It reminds me a bit of when Gold asked Charming for dating advice. A man with unlimited power, but not having the wherewithal to build a relationship based on honesty.

In Season 5, Gold seems to be sailing into uncharted waters – what will it mean for him to love without the pull of Darkness to impede him?



Will Belle teach him to love? To care? To be the man she knew he could always be?

Will Gold be emotionless? A shell of a man, empty – waiting to be filled up with either good or bad choices.

Will Gold be rewarded by good choices to become more alive and complete to live a new life?

I’m reminded by the theme in early OUAT Seasons that the inhabitants of Storybrooke were “alive” but asleep. Going through the motions of daily life, but unable to be in true love or change or help others, until Emma showed up.

Unfortunately, Emma can no longer help Gold. Can Regina?

Is it only Merlin that can restore true life to Mr. Gold? I think it may be Emma and Merlin working together. Unfortunately, Emma has to be set free from the bonds of Darkness first.


One of my hopes is that Gold’s new heart is devoid of allowing him to do anymore evil (Alot like Snow and Charming performed the spell for Emma, by the way). This is a nice thought, but that would not work in a dramatic TV show. Drama is based in struggle of good vs evil.

Thanks to Brad Pogras in the creation of this blog post.

That’s what I think, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

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