Impossible shots from Storybrooke windows. Rumpel Who? Gold/Rumpel & Whale/Victor – Frenemies? Barbara and Lana rude to fans? Colleen gets riled up. In the Name of the Brother Live Show – Hour 2

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(Part one of show notes are in post for Hour 1)

In certain ways, Victor and Rumpel are experimenters on two sides of the fence. The theme of Science vs. Magic.

Gold has become the snake oil salesman (compared to traditional science and medicine) of Storybrooke and beyond.

Hide Hook from Gold.

No Cell phone sign shown as Gold enters. Emma should read the signs.

The commotion (and the spotlight it could bring Dr. Whale) brought him out of his hiding place.

Rumpelstiltskin seemed to appear out of nowhere to watch Victor’s “breaking” (just like Cora was watching Regina? Is Victor another student (in a sense) of Rumpel’s?).

I think Rumpel can travel through time. I’ve always though that (and still do).

Belle was in the same bed where Henry was in “Broken,” setting us up visually for Gold’s kiss to work, but it didn’t. Why didn’t the kiss work?

It’s interesting that Cora knew so much about barrier spells, that she had no idea how to bring back memories. Also, if Rumpel created the Dark Curse, which included a barrier spell (to cause bad things to happen) , and if he knew enough to put in a drop of the true love potion in the Dark Curse, wouldn’t he had know about the memory erasing portion and do something about it?

Was there another curse before, or enacted because the Dark Curse was broken? How did the memory eraser barrier curse become enacted? It seems very much like Cora had a hand in it.

How does Ruby know how many passcode combinations there are? Beautiful, can turn into a wolf, and is a tech security geek. Nice

Emma has her hacker thingy on her star keyring.

Area codes;
215 and
267 –

The 215/267 area codes serve all or part of five counties in Pennsylvania.[1] • Berks County (extreme eastern portion)
• Bucks County (all but northeastern portion, which is served by 610/484)
• Lehigh County (extreme southern portion)
• Montgomery County (northern and eastern area, rest of county served by 610/484)
• Philadelphia County (all)

Pasted from

412 –
Area code 412 is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania telephone area code which serves most of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (including Pittsburgh), along with small portions of Washington and Westmoreland counties

Pasted from

484 – Pennsylvania
570 –

All Pennsylvania phone numbers in different counties. Who is he calling, and why are they moving from county to county?

So, which person was calling Greg that was set to the Star Wars theme ringtone?

Whale says to Gold about healing Greg Mendel “It’ll take you seconds, and cost you nothing,” but magic always come with a price.

Rumpel says to Viktor “Money, yours. There is a cost. Knowledge. You teach me to wield whatever it is you wield. That is the deal.” Whale said, “it’s a deal”. No shaking a hand, no signing. Just, “it’s a deal”.

Cora tells Gold, “I have no reason to cheat you,” Gold replies, “Anymore”. How did she cheat him before?

Cora calls Rumpel Master. Rumple calls Regina his apprentice.

Cora loves power, and its no wonder she fell for Rumpel.

Cora is manipulating the master manipulator, “I want you to find the one person in this universe who might still love you.” Might

Whale has a cracked watch. The family watch was cracked after Gerhardt was shot.

What are the canisters around the grave as Victor is digging up the body?

The soldier in the graveyard said “We have orders” (to shoot). Who sent him?

Poor Doc. Grumpy doesn’t think he could do the surgery.

Mr. Gold redid his shop.

Clocks. There are lots of clocks in Henry’s room, Mr. Gold’s shop, Neal’s apartment.

I wonder what Regina’s vault apartment was meant for previously. Just a changing room, or a memory room? Why was the silver and black box in her mayoral office, and the mirror from her castle in her heart room apartment? What caused certain things to be in certain rooms?

Gerhardt is in a vat of water, like Darryl Hannah was in Splash.

Rumpel holds a magnifying glass when he talks to Victor when he explains Jefferson. A magnifying glass is sort of a looking glass. They also used a magnifying glass in the ‘O’ of Once in the title credits.

What is with the brick “window” in the heart vault apartment?

“The two idiots” Still funny

Whale looks at the watch and the water. The watch (family), the water experiments.

Victor can control Gerheart.

Ruby said Regina gave us a chance to start over. Very Lost-ish.

Whale says he wasn’t such a bad guy.

Ruby tells Whale there might be something you can “fix”. Jack fixing things is a theme in Lost.

When Regina and Cora were on their way to “the two idiots” house, there is a continuity error on Cora’s side of the car. Watch the background as they are talking.

“Thank you. Monster to Monster” Whale to Ruby.

Gold used “please” on Belle.

Even if Rumpel/Gold had made all the right choices, when Belle lost her memory, it would have had the same outcome.

Adam and Eddie find a way to highlight the danger of texting and driving, even in Storybrooke.

Why didn’t Emma know that Greg was lying?

Gold knocks, then open’s Mary Margaret’s door. Very rude, but not for the guy that “owns” the whole town, I guess.

Who is the ‘her’ that keeps calling Greg? Who keeps calling Greg?





We forgot two emails:

Thanks to Nat for sending this cool link of the Snow White timeline:

and Marilyn:

Hi Jeff and Colleen,

I really enjoyed this episode, not only for the story itself but for the wonderful production values. The scenes with a very colorful Rumple in his red cloak in that black and white world were beautifully done as were the scenes in the graveyard.

And speaking of black and white, that is one thing you cannot say about how the characters are written in this show. The writers do such a great job of keeping you a bit off-balance as to how you may perceive the characters. You assume you know enough make certain judgements about a character, such as Dr. Whale/Frankenstein, but then they peel back another layer of that character with more back story to reveal that the “evil” doctor was really just a son trying to gain his father’s love and approval which lead to tragedy. So it appears that Victor was not so bad after al, just misguidedl. That’s great writing in my book.

I think Henry’s comment that Frankenstein is NOT a fairy tale, NOT in his book, and so “who knows who else is in this town” was a shout-out from Edward and Adam to the fans to expect the unexpected as far as who shows up in Storybrooke from now on.

As for new characters, it seems that the mysterious stranger, “Greg Mendel”, is apparently named after a real person (just like they used to do in LOST). I heard it mentioned so I looked and found that there was an Augustinian friar named Gregor Mendel who was the father of the science of genetics.

And speaking of genetics, it does seem that Rumple and Cora have a definite history that goes way beyond “master” and pupil when we witness them seal their deal with a kiss. That is sure to fuel the fires of speculation that Rumple is really Regina’s father. Which makes it interesting to note that Cora’s magic smoke is blue, Rumple’s smoke is red, and Regina’s is purple. As I heard someone point out red and blue do make purple…….!

I loved Hook’s slyly risque exchange with Emma in the hospital. Between that and the kohl eyeliner he seems nearer to Jack Sparrow to me than a Hook. Kitsis and Horowitz mentioned in their podcast that a scene with Hook being introduced to hospital jello for the first time was cut for time constraints. Would have loved to have seen that.

Lastly, I felt so bad for Rumple when he tried “true love’s kiss” on Belle to no avail and when she smashed the chipped cup. He just looked devastated. But then he goes and threatens to kill everyone if something happens to Belle! Rumple, you really need to practice your “people” skills!


P.S. Jeff, I imagine you really enjoyed the stranger’s Star Wars ringtone. Think it was a sly wink from Disney now that they own the franchise?

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One thought on “Impossible shots from Storybrooke windows. Rumpel Who? Gold/Rumpel & Whale/Victor – Frenemies? Barbara and Lana rude to fans? Colleen gets riled up. In the Name of the Brother Live Show – Hour 2

  1. Aleana

    Hi just finished listening to your podcast I’m little late. Hope you get to read my theories. I was just thinking and came up with two theories the first is about Greg it might be stupid what if Greg is a grown up Peter Pan and the her is Tinker Bell I’m saying this what if when Regina enact the curse Peter Pan and Tinker Bell was in our world with Wendy and when they try to go back to their land and they couldn’t because the curse block their way and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell grew up in our world and as they grew they forgot who they were and Greg decide to visit different places and when he got to Maine he felt a connection but didn’t know why maybe because he sense magic just like when the Blue Fairy and Cora could since magic came to Storybrooke. My other theory is about Neal I do think he going to turn out to be Rumple son but the writers might don’t go that route what if Neal is Peter the rabbit and not Peter Pan. I hope I get to hear what you think of my theories. Thank you


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