Who is the Her calling? What about Peas? Why Womanizing Whale Discovered? Silver Crosses and Ruby. In the Name of the Brother Live Show – Hour 1

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Rumpelstiltskin is seen in red with a magnifying glass. Allusion to a Looking Glass? Another nod to Oz?


Email from Genevieve:

Hi Jeff & Colleen,
I was thinking… perhaps the reason that Frankenstein isn’t in the book, but is in Storybrooke, is because he’s also The Wizard of Oz.  I know this theory has been touched on before, but I thought there were some glaringly obvious nods to this again during this week’s episode. 
First, Victor’s father bestowed a certificate to Victor, and a watch to Gerheart. Also, Gerheart was wearing a medal on his uniform that was very, very similar to the one that the Lion got from the Wizard. Of course, the certificate and watch reminded me of the diploma and the heart shaped watch that the Wizard gave to the Scarecrow and the Tinman.  Also, how when Rumple showed up he was in full color, and Victor’s “world” was in black and white.
I felt like they were screaming “Wizard of Oz,” but maybe that’s just because I was open to it.
Thanks for the podcast!

Wizard of Oz
Black and White “world” and
Full Color “world”

Wizard of Oz awards

Diploma to the Scarecrow
Medal to the Cowardly Lion
Heart Shaped Clock to the Tin Man

Greg Mendel –

Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, discovered the basic principles of heredity through experiments in his garden. The observations he made while growing peas in his monastery’s garden became the foundation of modern genetics and the study of heredity.

Where did the Paramedics come from?

Doctor Whale hiding, drinking when the call him. He’s not at Granny’s drinking, for once.

The shot through the slot in the door looks like a cell.

Gerhadrt (the youngest son) received a Silver Cross

In Canada, there is a Memorial Cross, also known as a Silver Cross

The Memorial Cross (French: Croix du Souvenir), often known as the Silver Cross, is a Canadian medal awarded to the mother, widow, widower, or next of kin of any member of the Canadian Forces who loses his or her life in active service, including peacekeeping, and other such international operations.

Another reference to a Silver Cross

The Silver Cross, with a blue ribbon and emblems or brooches corresponding to them, is awarded for gallantry in circumstances of considerable risk.

Is this also a veiled shout out (Silver) to Ruby, The Werewolf?

“Well, that’s your cross to bear” Victor said to Gerheart in response to the Silver Cross

Victor and Gerhardt’s father, Alphonse Frankenstein is a highly decorated war hero. No wonder he paid for the commission for Victor to somehow get him into the service.

Alphonse’s wife gave that to him Alphonse “When they were married. It was her father’s. She wanted to keep it in the family,” like James’ mother and the magical green ring?

• How did Alphonse’s Father in Law get the watch? Is it magical in some way?


Gerheart was very humble, contrasting Victor’s yearning for the spotlight for “the family name”.

Victor said “I remember” comment about his Mother wanting to keep the watch “in the family”. The theme of the importance of the family.

Alphonse always smiles at Gerheart, but not at Victor.

Victor (the oldest son) received a commission to be the Camp Physician.

• How did Alphonse get the idea to buy a commission for Victor?
• I think that Rumplestiltskin has interactions causing the watch to get into Alphonse’s Father-in-Law’s hands with the idea that it was important to keep the watch in the family.
• With the death (and not complete) regeneration of Gerheart, there is currently no hope of carrying on the Frankenstein name. This is probably why Dr. Whale was a womanizer.



According to Alphonse, being a Camp Physician “is an honor”. Reminiscent of theme of bringing honor to the family (Mulan).

Alphonse’s allows Victor to conduct his experiments in their Summer home (That is some Summer home). The word “summer” reminds me of the line from Snow White: “You know, when I was a little girl, the summer palace was my favourite place. The mountains surrounding it felt like a cradle. They always made me feel safe. I look forward to returning to it now.”

“Life. Everlasting life, here on earth,” Victor said. Rumpelstiltskin has already achieved that.









(Show notes continued on Hour 2)

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