Jennifer Morrison signs a Vespa for “Amber Watch Foundation”

The beautiful Jennifer Morrison along with other celebrities such series as “House,” “The Office,” “Back to You”, was attendance last night’s event held by the foundation, where the stars were invited to sign a Vespa in support AWF.

The Amber Watch Foundation is an association whose goal is to help parents and legal guardians to keep children safe through various initiatives. The most important is inspection of the products on the market (those approved receive the stamp of the association), education in schools (and parents explain to children how to behave in a dangerous situation), with a network of reporting by the citizens of possible pedophiles and finally with a TV channel available on the web. All of these services are free.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Morrison signs a Vespa for “Amber Watch Foundation”

  1. Liz Stein

    You go Jennifer ! You are the best ! I like how you always stand up for yourself and never let Regina get in your way !


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