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“Mother” Once Upon a Time

Main Show

Episode Number: 282

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Email points:

From Marilyn

Hi Jeff & Colleen,

I have some random thoughts on the Lily episode and a couple of the previous episodes.

Is it just me or did ONCE “jump the shark” by having Zelena magically avoiding death by turning into a green Lost-like smoke monster and going into the portal to the past? I could have sworn that it had been stated that once Zelena was stripped of her emerald necklace she lost her magic and thereby should not have been able to escape death at the hands of Rumple.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the supposedly pregnant Zelena keeping Robin and Regina apart is an unexpected and entertaining plot twist.

In regards to Cruella, out of curiosity I looked up the differences between a psychopath and a sociopath. It turns out that both types of personality have a pervasive pattern of disregard for the safety and rights of others. Symptoms start before age 15, so by the time a person is an adult, they are well on their way to becoming a psychopath or sociopath. Psychology researchers generally believe that psychopaths tend to be born, that it is a genetic disposition, while sociopaths tend to be made by their environment.

That being said, I would think I would put Cruella in the psychopath category. I wonder if Edward and Adam might have borrowed this idea for Cruella’s background from a famous 50’s film called “The Bad Seed” in which a young innocent looking blond girl in pigtails goes around murdering people.

I really liked the scene in the Lily episode where Regina talked Emma out of shooting Lily. It is great to see the character switch where Regina is now acting as the voice of reason whereas Emma is acting impulsively on her emotions now. I love Regina’s growth as a character with her resolve to try to stay on the good path.

My one big disappointment so far, besides Hook not getting nearly enough screen time, is that we have not had more of Will Scarlet. Since there are not that many episodes left in this season, I sure hope that the ONCE writers correct this mistake sometime in the beginning of the next season because his character was the only reason that I stuck out watching Wonderland until it was cancelled.

Take care,


From Helen

Loved the episode.

At first and second glances, it looks as if Zalena, in the basement, is wearing a dark cuff on her left wrist that reminds me of the cuff Greg and Tamara put on Regina to stifle her magic. Could this be the same cuff keeping Zelena under control? She only had one on. It’s a dark, leather-looking cuff. What do you think?

Big love,



From Helen

Hello Roneys,

I had to follow up to my previous email regarding the magic cuffs. After watching “Mother” a third time with the captions, I saw that Regina did say that she put the cuff on Zalena to keep her magic under control. I guess I totally missed that line because I was so giddy about being in the basement again. Regina is becoming quite the little magic items hoarder, a la Mr. Gold, pulling out the scroll and the cuff for such times as these.

When I get a chance, I do a rewatch with the captions, otherwise I totally would have missed the gem of a line from Regina about ” Dr. Whale giving the finest care this side of the fictional Alps.”

Big Love,



From Wilda

Jeff, Colleen –

Hello! I wanted to reach out to you, and let you know that I recently found your podcast while looking up all things “Once Upon a Time” on the web. I’ve enjoyed listening to your shows, and the insight they provide.

I was prompted to write to you after listening to the main show for the “Heart of Gold” episode, (it was either that one, or the “Lily” show) where you vehemently talk about viewers who are no longer watching the show, for whatever reasons. Jeff was quite passionate, and I wanted to offer him a pleasant alternative. How about the person who DID NOT watch the show at the beginning, out of sheer ignorance, and yet, is now hooked?! (Pun intended.) During the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday, my cousins were visiting, and the youngest of them could not believe that I wasn’t watching “Once Upon a Time!” She insisted that I would love it, and that I should give it a try. Long story short, I spent the first 3 months of 2015 binging on the first three seasons of OUaT. I missed the first half of Season 4, and began watching the second half live. (I’ll catch up entirely during the summer hiatus.) And of course, my cousin was absolutely right! I admire all that the show offers us, and appreciate all of its unique fandoms. It is unlike anything on television today, and dare I say, ground-breaking.

So I hope this “johnny-come-lately” story has restored your faith, if only a little bit. Rest assured, that no matter how we got here, we admire and support this show very much. Again, it truly is one-of-a kind, and so are its fans!

Enjoy RegalCon this weekend! I can’t make it, but would have enjoyed listening to your presentation, and possibly saying hello in person, but maybe next time! With regards to the Season 4 finale, I am very curious to see what happens. Some of the news and video clips that have been leaked are VERY INTERESTING! (I look forward to writing more in the future about the show itself, but this was just a quick note about how I got to “Storybrooke.”)

Thank you again, for all that you do! It is much appreciated! Of course, big love to you both!

Wishing you all the best,



Hello Jeff and Colleen, I hope you’re having a great time at Regal Con. If you happen to see the Evil Queen, make sure to include her on the podcast while your hearts are still beating. You know how she gets when she hasn’t been invited. Now onto the things I learned this week, on the episode, Mother.

#1. The rules of the show are like
swiss cheese, there’s a hole
in every piece.

#2. Telling a strong woman she is
short sighted and weak is to
court death.

#3. Green in the new black.

#4. Zelena’s ultrasound will be
the first one that will require
bouncers at the door.

#5. Saying you borrowed a rabbit
sounds much more appealing
than telling how you
threatened to skin it alive.

#6. A dark heart can ruin a
perfectly good day.

#7. There is no time for a reunion
with your spouse when you’re
busy manufacturing your
daughters true love.

#8. If you ever get a tattoo of your
mother, double check to
make sure it’s not magical.

#9. Once a month, every woman
has the potential for her inner
dragon to come out.

#10. The definition of insanity is
running headlong towards
an out of control dragon that
wants to kill you.


If Grumpy was made into a villain, would he be even Grumpier? Also, where has he been?

If the Charming’s can share a heart, can Rumbelle do the same if Gold’s heart ever goes completely dark? What would happen if Belle gave him her entire heart as a sacrifice, would it replace his Dark One heart and change him for the better?

Will Isaac include himself in the new book and will he rewrite a new story for him and Cruella?



From Marilyn

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
So nice to have seen you again at Regal Con.

I also enjoyed running into Mark (“White Dog”). We had a great discussion about his wonderful fan art, photoshop and printing. I told him that I remembered seeing him at your Disneyland meet-up and the great poster he had created for that.

Including last year’s Wondercon, this was only my second experience at a “con” so this stuff is new to me. I do have to say, Jeff, that you and Bill Meeks really saved the day at the morning Heros vs Villains discussion panel. The girl that was supposed to be the panel moderator was very unprepared and not very articulate. If you and Bill had not been there to step in with your comments that panel would have been a disaster. Also, the moderator of the main panels with the ONCE actors was a bit strange and rambling. I thought it was a bit weird to have him go into a long winded story about depression and suicide. I don’t know if he was stalling for time or what.

I did have a bit of a fun moment with one of the actors though. I had gone out onto the patio area to sit down a with a soda when I happened to look up and there was David Anders. He was out there with having a smoke and talking with his “handler”. I didn’t want to walk over and disturb him, but when they had stopped their conversation I spoke up and said, “Love your work in “I Zombie” (where he is now starring as the big bad). David looked over to me smiling and said, “Why, thank you darlin'”. Made my day! 🙂

Cannot wait until the big finale tonight and what surprises are in store.



From Katie

Hi, Jeff and Colleen!

The past few episodes have been interesting. I had no sympathy for Cruella at the end of the episode though I did at the beginning but I enjoyed seeing that time period and hearing her music.
The Lily episode was great! It was nice to see some more interaction between her and Emma when they were younger. Your superpower worked that time Emma when you saw Lily again years later but it failed later when you believed her at the end.
The Mother episode was really good! I liked how Malificent went to Snowing for Advice and it seemed to work. The moments between her and Lily were good. I’m so glad Emma finally forgave her parents.
I am looking forward to see what happens tonight in the season finale. My guess is that Henry will have to fix the story and he probably won’t be able to accomplish it until about a quarter through the next season. He will probably help from the apprentice or Sorcerer. It should be amusing to watch almost everyone flip flop their natures and personalities. I wonder how it will affect Storybrooke. Hopefully, we will see some of the characters who left the show come back for an episode or two.
Any ideas on who will be the “Dark One?”



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