Regal Con OUAT Fan Podcast Panel – Friday May 8th – 281


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Regal Con OUAT Fan Podcast Panel

Friday May 8th

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Episode Number: 281

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Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast panel
Play Rumpel intro
Say hello
Who listens to OUAT Fan Podcast?
Who are we-
How the podcast started
What resonated with us;
1. It was created by 2 of the writers of Lost.
2. It was the storybook characters (Disney movies), but different.
3. It had themes we all can relate to and discuss;
It started as conversations on the couch
Intro to some highlights
Play the Celeb VM mixes
Where we’ve gone; Paley Fest, D23, WonderCon, Disneyland Meetup, Season 4 premiere in Hollywood.
Trip to Steveston
Who has been there?
Library (Nikka Fish and Marine), Granny’s Diner (Cannery Café), Bridge studios recreated part of Moncton street to film “exteriors” at the studio, We were the first podcast to broadcast live during the filming of ‘The Doctor’ we saw the scene where Dr. Whale went into Gold’s shop to get his arm reattached. We saw the Charming punching Dr. Whale and the scene when Regina sees Daniel in the rain.
Connections. Other than Once Upon a Time, what other TV show or movie have these actors been in
1. Jennifer Morrison and Jamie Chung
Knife Fight – film (2012)
2. Raphael Sbarge and Tom Cruise
Risky Business (1983) Glen
3. Lana Parrilla and Jorge Garcia
Lost – TV show
4. Robert Carlyle and Emma Thompson
The Legend of Barney Thompson (2015) Directed by Robert Carlyle
5. Josh Dallas and David Tennant
Doctor Who “Silence in the Library” Season 4 Episode 8 6/20/2008
Interview Skywalking Through Neverland Richard and Sarah Wiloski
Shout outs to Star Wars in Once Upon a Time
Emma’s hero journey (Joseph Campbell);
The Call to Adventure – Henry telling her that it was her destiny to bring back their happy endings. Refusal of the Call – Emma didn’t believe that she was the savior or a hero for most of the first season. Meeting with the Mentor – Emma had lots of mentors and teachers through the series, but the big one was August. He tries to get her to take a leap of faith and believe. She did finally believe in her role of hero/savior
In season 3 we see Regina takes on more of a Yoda role in teaching Emma “Magic” which has elements of “The Force”
We have a “Sith Lord” in OUAT known as the Dark Once because of the power of the Dark One dagger. There is Dark Magic and Light Magic.
There is lots of “Magic” choking, pushing, lifting and manipulating of objects to restrain people. That looks like The Force to me. Anyway, those are my thoughts on what I wanted to bring out.
You can mention that Emma, the Hero/Savior is named Princess Leia in the episode “Snow Drifts”.
6. Lee Arenberg and Kristen Chenoweth
Pushing Daisies – TV show
7. David Anders and Rose McIver
iZombie – TV show
8. Jennifer Morrison and Angelina Jolie
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)
9. Ginnifer Goodwin and Aaron Paul
Big Love – TV show
10. Rebecca Mader and Elizabeth Mitchell
Lost – TV show
Interview Erin Stegeman
Once Upon a Anonymous Rock Opera
11. Eion Bailey and Christopher Gorham (Walsh)
Covert Affairs – TV show
12. Ginnifer Goodwin and Rena Sofer (Queen Eva)
Ed – TV show
13. Jennifer Morrison and Tyler Perry
Star Trek (2009)
14. Jennifer Morrison and James Gandolfini
Surviving Christmas (2004)
15. Josh Dallas and Anthony Hopkins
Thor (2011)
Mother episode topics
More Maleficent backstory
More Maleficent and Lily now
Emma and Snow –
If Lily had been born as a normal human being, would she still have the ability to turn into a dragon.
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c. Visit Storybrooke. I mean, Steveston.

16. Colin O’Donoghue and Sarah Bolger
Tudors – TV show
17. Meghan Ory and Marg Helgenberger
Intelligence – TV show
18. Giancarlo Esposito and Elizabeth Mitchell
Revolution – TV show
19. Jennifer Morrison and Winona Ryder
Star Trek (2009)
20. Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla
Chase – TV show
Big Love
Bye Bye


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