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Operation Mongoose Pts 1 & 2 Analysis

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Who’s in, Who’s out

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Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. PT

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Episode Number: 284

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Premiere Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m.


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Email points:

From Rose

Hi Jeff and Colleen. I loved the Season 4 Finale! I think it was the best Season Finale of the series. I was in the Cincinnati area watching it with Daniel and Jenny Lewis and Jeremy Laughlin at their podcast season finale party. We had a great time and really enjoyed watching the finale together. I did notice the date at the beginning of the episode and the Christmas music playing in the background, so as soon as the Apprentice said that the author had just recently passed away I knew they were referring to Walt Disney. So I told Daniel on the first commercial break. Then this week after rewatching the episode I noticed the date on the letter from Star Publishing was the actual date of Walt Disney’s death. I have included a screen shot of that attached to this email. I think this is the best Disney Easter Egg of the entire series. I loved it. for most watchers this Easter Egg probably passed by un-noticed… But for those of us who know to look for Easter Eggs and are up on our Disney trivea… This one was AWESOME. I also love the Star Wars and Lost Easter Eggs in this episode as well. Thanks for the great podcasts as usual. You guys are great and very appreciated! Thanks for giving your time and making our ONCE experience even better. Big love to you both!



From Rose

jeff and Colleen,

I loved that you guys mentioned how the scene with Henry in Storybook walking down the street alone and everyone in the town have disappeared, reminded you of the Twilight Zone episode of the guy all alone at the end of the world with his broken glassed. That is exactly what I thought of as soon as I saw Henry walking through the ghost town of Storybook! I hadn’t heard anyone else who thought that so I was like “YES!!!!” when you said that in the podcast. By the way… Great podcast as always.

Big Love,


From Marilyn

Hi Jeff & Colleen (and Lady!),

I think that, overall, Eddie & Adam gave us an amazing finale and set-up for next season. I have some thoughts on both the joys and a couple (just a couple!) of disappointments.

• I don’t know why, but the scene of Isaac trying to sell a couple the color TV with the big “COLOR” sign behind them made me think of the TV show “The Wonderful World of Color” that was hosted by Walt Disney and I loved to watch as a kid. So I wondered if the date shown: “Dec. 1966” was a shout-out to that. I looked it up and it turned out that the show ran from 1961-1969.

• The scene where the Apprentice lays out all of the different pens and then asks Isaac to choose reminded me of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy has to choose the which goblet is the holy grail to save his father’s life. I almost expected the Apprentice to say, “Choose wisely.”

• I think we were getting little clues thru out the finale that we were headed for Camelot next season. Among them were the overhead shot of the round table in the castle and when Henry picks up the sword that looks like Excalibur.

• I was really enjoying having the characters flipped from good to evil and visa-versa. In fact, one of my disappointments is that they sped thru that aspect of the story so quickly. I had been hoping their switched personalities would continue into the beginning of next season. How could you not enjoy seeing evil Snow strutting around in that amazing gown and Charming in guy-liner! And I would have so liked more of Bandit Regina paired up with outlaw Robin Hood!

• When Hook and Henry go to rescue Emma, I got a good laugh when Hook said he was bringing a prisoner from the kingdom of “Kashyyk” and Henry saying the Wookie prisoner gag works every time. Great Star Wars shout-outs.

• And, speaking of Hook, a goat’s milk swilling, meek deckhand Hook was something I never expected to see. I must say that the scene with Emma teaching Hook some sword skills was pretty hot. And I was with you, Colleen, when Charming knifed Hook I yelled out a big “No–o-o-o-o-o!” at my TV. That is why I was upset when, after that tearful confession to Regina, Emma did not tell Hook she loved him when they were all back in Storybrooke again. But I must concede that Emma admitting to her love to Hook before sacrificing herself to the darkness had much more impact

• Great scene between Emma & Regina where Emma speaks to her about risking everything for love.

• Loved the scene where Regina becomes the hero by stepping in front of Henry to keep him from Rumple’s blade. When Zelena starts complaining about blood on her dress and you see her hand turning green, was that when the villains’ stories started to unravel? For if Zelena was a true hero, she would not have been turning green with envy.

• A couple of other items of interest tom me were that when the Apprentice removed the darkness from Rumple’s heart, it was glowing with pure white light. Also, that Lilly mentioned the pendant on her necklace was a piece of her egg.

• The biggest disappointment to me in this finale was that there was literally no Will at all. Not even a glimpse and only mentioned in passing by Belle. The only reason I can think of for this is that we have not had his backstory told yet on ONCE and we would have needed that for his character to have been flipped in the alternate storybook. I really hope that they will rectify this situation next season. We need more Will, not less.

• Finally, having Emma become the Dark One was so not an ending to the season that I would have ever anticipated. Good one, Eddie & Adam! Since it seems they will be going to Camelot, do you think Emma might appear as a Morgan La Fay type character? She is a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend.

Sorry for the long email, but there was so much stuffed into that two hour finale!

Take care and thanks again for another season of entertaining your podcast fans. Cannot wait for next season!!



From Kathy

Jeff and Colleen,

I am finally emailing you (first time) to tell you how much I love your podcast. I have tried to follow several others devoted to Once Upon a Time but yours stands out in terms of quality, content and enthusiasm. It’s the highlight of my morning to listen to the latest podcast.

I have been listening for a awhile now and have tweeted a couple of times. Now I want to chime in on the finale.

I absolutely loved it. Alternate Universe Enchanted Forest was (for the most part) just so much fun. I loved how Henry took control of the situation and inserted himself into Isaac’s new story. Henry really stood out as the driving force to bring everyone back to their true selves.

Evil Snow and Boy Toy Charming were so much fun and I can only imagine how much Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin enjoyed the role reversal.

Of course the worst moment came when Hook (my favorite! character) sacrificed himself for Emma and Henry proving that he is always brave regardless of how the Author tried to rewrite him. I liked the Jack Sparrow and goat’s milk lines, too. But even as bad as his “death” was I knew it could only be temporary.

Finally Emma is able to admit that she loves him and at least tells him before missing “the opportune time” once more.

Henry as the new Author is perfect and his strength in breaking the quill was indicative of his believer’s heart and inner strength.

Loved the very end as Emma takes on the Dark One (Dark Swan) and cannot wait for Season 5. It’s going to be a long summer.

I was so envious of your participation in Regal Con and have really enjoyed the segments you recorded. You both seem like such fun people. If I ever get to the West Coast dinner is on me!



From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff,

Thanx for all the interviews and review from Regal Con. I wanted to be there so bad, so it was nice to enjoy the con vicariously through you two!

Thought this episode was so good. I laughed, cried, yelled and scrunched my nose a few times, finally a finale that didn’t end with Regina in crisis! I’ll just get my favorite part out of the way-what a sacrifice, Emma’s words to everyone made me cry! I thought the portrayal of the switched characters was well done. I think they all put a neat twist on the characters that made them unique. Dark Dwarfs were very creepy, and loved Regina and Snow. I also loved the writing. They took dialogue that we remember and cherish from the past and made them relevant to the new story, brilliant. “I will always find you”, I will always find you what?? I will always find you…your majesty.” Josh rocked that guyliner…super hotty hot. And Rumple telling Henry his good deed “has no price”, so funny. Wimpy Hook was my fave. He was so cute fumbling about and drinking goats milk. Him and Emma were so cute. I was glad Henry finally got to the EF, and helped saved the day becoming the author…oncers called this one but it was still great. My theory has been forever that Lilly’s Dad is the sorcerer, I’m sticking with it…for now. Seems a bit obvious but still could be. Glad Lilly is staying. Regina being the one that sacrificed herself for Henry and saved them was so satisfying. Her redemption has been the best arch to watch.

Belle’s speech to Rump was so dead on. He had ALL that already, a wife, family…hope his shiny new heart means he’ll be what Belle finally deserves-but, everyone loves a naughty Rumple, we’ll have to see. The episode was so well done by all. Ugh…this is going to be a loooooooooooong 4 months!

Things that made me go Hmmmm….Will. Just gonna leave that sit there…Will. I think Frozen may have done in his story but hope we still get that next season. And, I really thought they would have brought in the Frozen gang to help tie up the season and make it more cohesive. Imagine evil Elsa and Anna…just something, a nod even so 4a didn’t seem so isolated of a season. And finally, I loved this ending, but not knowing who the dark one was going to be would have been a fun summer hiatus too-just end the show with the darkness going into someone-we just wouldn’t know yet. Question: um…can’t one of them just pick up the dagger and command Emma stay in the loft until they figure this all out?? Just saying. What kind of dark one do you think she will be since she is pure light magic to start with? And…where is she??

Big love to you both and all the Oncers! What a great season 4. Can’t wait for fall. Maybe a Disney Once Again with Merlin???? Huh…huh? J Have a great summer everyone…think I’ll rewatch season one and catch up on my Merlin and Knights of the round table stories. Heads up: Gallavant was renewed. Anyone who didn’t watch because of the music, please give it a try-it was soooo funny and well written. Not so much a kid show but very funny. Talk to you all in September! Trace


From Billy


My name is Billy. I’m a huge fan of the show Once Upon A Time and I wanted to know if this is the email address to contact Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis? Is this the email address or is it another email address to email them?


From Brad

Blown minds and awesome voice tags are included in the price on this podcast. So I encourage new listeners to take it for a test run, you won’t be disappointed. Now unto the Things I Learned in the episodes Operation Mongoose Part 1 & 2.


#1. Profound complications of the
universe can be seen on a
color TV.

#2. Clarette’s family restaurant
has the best breakfast in

#3. Star Publication is a little

#4. The hardships of living
through life without a space
command remote was the
real deal in 1966.

#5. Autographing your own book
can be such a chore.

#6. You have a better chance of
outrunning an ogre than
beating dysentery in the
Enchanted Forest.

#7. Henry’s driving skills seemed
to have improved since the
controversial mail box

#8. Seven Deadly Dwarves mean
seven ways to die.

#9. Grumpy turned to Peppy
when it came to offering his
services to kill Isaac for the

#10. Sadly for Emma, L’Oreal
does not exist in the
Enchanted Forest.


#1. Blackbeard spends more time
on the floor of the Jolly Roger
then he does sailing it.

#2. Lily should not have been
fooled by the Wookie prisoner
gag. Everyone knows he was
way too short to be from

#3. If you’re looking for rum
flavored beverages around
the holidays, you might want
to look elsewhere because
Deck Hand Hook will be
serving goat milk egg nog

#4. Granny has fleas.

#5. Blue and her Gaggle of Uglies
would have been a great 70s
rock band name.

#6. Snow has a love/hate
relationship with doctors.

#7. Always keep your war table
well polished. That way the
heartless bodies will simply
slide right off.

#8. When living in an alternate
universe, avoid your future
father in law at all cost.

#9. Be very cautious when
expecting a letter, the
Darkness tends to use
the mail slot.

#10. What happens in Dragon
form, stays in Dragon form.


If the Dark Savior somehow travels to the Enchanted Forest, will she shimmer with gold?

In the Disney film, Merlin has the ability to shape-shift. This includes many animals as well as a germ. If Lily was conceived while Maleficent was in dragon form, could Merlin perhaps be the father?

Madam Mim is the main protagonist of Merlin. Could she #1. Have created the darkness or
#2. Turned into the darkness?
If not, could she still be a potential upcoming villain?

Is Merlin the famous wolf (fate) that has been leading Emma?

How did Isaac get into the book after Henry used the key?

Have a fantastic summer and enjoy the time off from the podcast.



Voicemail points:

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From Jannell


Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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