OUAT – A little feedback on our live shows, please.

So, we’ve done the mixlr live shows for a few weeks – what do you think? The day and time works for us. We may need a week off here and there, but I think for the most part it will be Saturdays at 7PM Pacific Time.

Apart from that, what do you think? Is the sound okay? I know that some have a slower internet connection, and I don’t know how to remedy that except by uploading it for downloading it later. Do we interact enough with the folks joining via the mixlr chat room and Twitter? Do you like the comment feature (as a chat-like interaction platform) on mixlr?

Is it easy to set and/or listen on mixlr? Can all countries listen easily?

The only thing I would like is a moderator for the comment area. I am thinking that everyone is playing nice with each other, but I would like someone to be my eyes there to keep the experience fun for everyone. I don’t know enough about the comment device to block or ban undesirables that may join us in the future. We may have to move to a chat platform with a moderator level in place. I’m not trying to be big brother, and I’m not on a power trip. I care about all of you, and we have many ages of people and people with different sensibilities and I want to try to make this an inclusive and welcoming as possible. I know, I’m the “half full” guy.

So, let us know what you think. These live shows are another bit of success as we continue to build this OUAT fan community. We welcome your feedback. Thanks.

13 thoughts on “OUAT – A little feedback on our live shows, please.

  1. Gareth Hughes

    Love the live podcast. I rarely get a chance to listen live though living in the UK and being 7 hours ahead, but I always download it the morning after as soon as it’s available. I love the vibe the live show has and you both do a fantastic job.

    As for the forum. I am not sure what your settings are but do you have the option to flag posts for abuse. It’s handy as members can click on a post they find from a troll and it normally sends you an email alert so you can delete it. It’s handy to have and has worked well on our forum.

  2. Greg Mills

    10pm on the east coast is a little late. Since the show can easily run more than an hour that has it ending after 11pm. Moving it up an hour, even half an hour would be better for me.

    Mixlr works fine but I wish the chat was going on in either twitter or mixlr. It’s tough to follow both. Twitter is probably better for the promotion of the show. If you have the option of turning off the mixlr chat, I would suggest doing that and asking everyone to use a hash tag on twitter (#ouatlive).

    Please please please, find a way to kill that “new message” POP sound effect.

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      I’ve checked into it, and I haven’t got an answer. We will find a way. Sorry about that.

    2. obisgirl

      I agree with Greg. I’m not the East Coast too and it’s really late for me. I also agree about the chat. It’s better to focus on one chat area than switching between twitter chat and mixlr chat.

  3. Brenda Woods

    I love it ! You guys always make things fun. You have such a good relationship with each other & it comes through in the podcast .

  4. Maid Maleen

    I love it!!! It is 9pm here when I listen and the perfect time for me, hubby has just gone to work. This was my first week for the live show and I think it is terrific. The ‘pop” sound didn’t bother me, I sort of tuned it out. I thought the chat room was great and no one said anything bad or used any bad language. I am very happy with it and I hope they continue. Although because I was chatting too I didn’t get to hear everything Jeff and Colleen were saying but hey that is what itunes downloads are for, right? Keep up the good work and keep the podcast coming because I can’t seem to get enough of them, or the show

  5. Liz Stein

    I really love the show. I enjoy this website very much. I like it that I can comment and not have to use face book or twitter where as I do in some web sites so I just don’t bother. But I really like this one. I live in VA and the show gets played every Sunday at 8. I try to watch as many episodes as I can. I have just started on this web site and so far everyone has been nice to me from the comments that I have posted. Thank you very much for looking after us. It is very much appreciated !

  6. TorityPrism

    Another eastern timezoner who wishes it was an hour or even a half hour earlier. I didn’t see any problems in the two live chats between chatters. I worry having a mod in there would mean you’d respond to us less but not sure since I’ve yet to see anything happen during a chat a mod would need to take care of.

    I like being able to listen and type into the same page. Mixlr works fine for me and the pop noises don’t bug me. It actually helps me a bit to realize the delay between us sending the responses and you getting them so I know whether or not it’s a comment you’re not responding to or just haven’t seen yet. Though I do wish there was a way for Colleen to see/respond to the mixler chat. I guess if we dual posted to twitter from mxler but really I’m not too picky about it.

    As long as we can hear you loud and clear (which I can), works for me.

  7. Trista

    Basically, I just said that the time doesn’t bother me. I’m usually busy on Saturdays, so I’ve missed some of the live shows recently. Not a big deal though, I can download and listen later, and I’ll be there live when I can.

    The chat room/twitter feed is a bit hard to follow. I prefer the chat room because I think it’s a bit faster.

    The “pop” is a bit distracting. It doesn’t really bother me, but I fear that when the show gets more popular that the popping will get more frequent.

    No real complaints though. I love the live show and I love even more that we all get to interact at once. Plus, 3 podcasts a week to listen to is the real treat. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Manny

    Hey!, Jeff and Colleen!,

    The LIVE shows are great!. I do have a question though, How do the people on twitter hear the LIVE show if they’re not already plugged into “Mixlr”?? Is there another simulcast LIVE from some other type of media?? And if already on Mixlr, why watch & interact off of twitter? Are some having problems w/Mixlr?

    Time wise, I don’t object, at all, to moving the show to a time where more can interact, such as UK and East Coast…. It’s Saturday!…. 2pm Pst = 5pm Est = 9pm UK…. or whaterver!

    Whatever the case….. it should be flexible enough to accomodate any new ideas that are sure to pop up during long down times and “HIATUS”…. such as “LIVE” Reply parties, where we agree to an episode and reply it LIVE! on Mixlr or Twitter or what ever…. and pause & discuss?… you get the idea!….. Ok, I’m Out!


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