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OUAT – A little feedback on our live shows, please.

So, we’ve done the mixlr live shows for a few weeks – what do you think? The day and time works for us. We may need a week off here and there, but I think for the most part it will be Saturdays at 7PM Pacific Time.

Apart from that, what do you think? Is the sound okay? I know that some have a slower internet connection, and I don’t know how to remedy that except by uploading it for downloading it later. Do we interact enough with the folks joining via the mixlr chat room and Twitter? Do you like the comment feature (as a chat-like interaction platform) on mixlr?

Is it easy to set and/or listen on mixlr? Can all countries listen easily?

The only thing I would like is a moderator for the comment area. I am thinking that everyone is playing nice with each other, but I would like someone to be my eyes there to keep the experience fun for everyone. I don’t know enough about the comment device to block or ban undesirables that may join us in the future. We may have to move to a chat platform with a moderator level in place. I’m not trying to be big brother, and I’m not on a power trip. I care about all of you, and we have many ages of people and people with different sensibilities and I want to try to make this an inclusive and welcoming as possible. I know, I’m the “half full” guy.

So, let us know what you think. These live shows are another bit of success as we continue to build this OUAT fan community. We welcome your feedback. Thanks.