OUAT – Another @dailybuzztv Anchor (Who Luvs OUAT) visits our site. :omg:

You already know that I’m a fan of The Daily Buzz Morning news and Mitch English, well we have been visited by another member of the morning Anchor team, Ms. Andrea Jackson.

One of the saddest days was when Andrea left The Daily Buzz in 2009. I still get misty watching the video of her final day:

Then, the best day happened, she returned to The Daily Buzz. The team of Andy Campbell, Kia Malone, Mitch English and Andrea Jackson, to me are like the 1988 Dodgers. They can’t lose, and make all the viewers feel like winners.

When I got the notification of Andrea Jackson (The Andrea Jackson) leaving a comment on my post showing Big Love to Mitch, my Daily Buzz TV fanboy skipped not one, but 2 beats. Andrea, thank you so much for taking time to visit our site and leave a great comment for the post about Mitch.

Here is her comment: Link 🙂 🙂

Andrea, our blog is more classier because you visited. Thanks again. Oh, and guess what kids – she is a huge OUAT fan!

Okay, Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast readers/listeners please follow @AJacksonTV and let her know that the OUAT Fan Podcast sends her Big Love.

You can watch Andrea via the http://dailybuzznation.com site.

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