OUAT – Are Spoilers Ruining ABC’s Once Upon A Time?

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Spoilers are known to people as spilled out information about movies and TV shows. In fact Webster’s dictionary defines a “spoiler” as:

 “information about the plot of a motion picture or TV program that can spoil a viewer’s sense of surprise or suspense; also :a person who discloses such information”

But in the context of news and the internet, what is considered a spoiler? Are interviews with tidbits from the stars of the show considered spoilers? Or casting news? How about filming pictures and sneak peeks? Are they considered spoilers? How about east coast viewers tweeting about a show after its aired? Are they spoiling it for west coast viewers? Or how about people living in the UK, where the first season is still currently airing. If they watched the ComicCon panel a couple of weeks ago where many things were revealed, was that a spoiler for them?

 The term “spoilers” is a very tricky and broad term and unless you live in a bubble and have no communication to the outside world, you are definitely prone to see spoilers the second you open a news website, twitter or any other social networking site. Some people find it thrilling and exciting to read or hear about future events and some don’t. The basic question here is – “Can we avoid leaks or spoilers in this very modern and technologically advanced era?”

 Once Upon a Time is filmed in real place called Moncton Street in Steveston, British Columbia where people live and have ongoing day to day businesses. Steveston locals get the thrill of watching filming and seeing first hand a general view of what an episode may be about. So we can say, technically speaking, the residents of Steveston are spoiled with information. They don’t get the same surprise factor we get when we watch it for the first time. However, the town of Steveston is very protective of the show, in fact the official twitter account of Steveston has tweeted several times pleading with people not to post spoilers and filming pictures.

Also many fans visiting Steveston to watch filming have been allowed to take pictures but have been requested repeatedly by the cast, crew and residents of Steveston to delay posting spoiler pictures until the episode has aired. Some people have honored this request and others have not. During the Comic Con panel, Ginnifer Goodwin even said that she was apprehensive about filming that very revealing finale scene out in the open where Snow and Charming remember each other’s identities.

 “(We were thinking) what were to look like “Snow” and “Charming” that we can yell. And then we can, you know ADR with the proper names later on.”      – Ginnifer Goodwin.

 Another angle to look at is if certain websites/blogs/podcasts decide to implement a “no spoiler tag” or “spoiler tag”, does it really matter? Going back to the fact that we are living in a modern era where technology is very accessible.

 The questions we need to ask ourselves are – Can we really prevent such information from leaking out? How are we to protect ourselves from spoiler information and at the same time still be part of the internet social stream?  

 The bottomline is, with technology quickly taking over the world, these are very hard questions to answer. Or possibly can never be answered.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “OUAT – Are Spoilers Ruining ABC’s Once Upon A Time?

  1. Carla

    I am not sure how much I like seeing live pics from the set. It would be ok, if they were shown with a spoiler alert attached. I DO however, love the sneak peeks from ABC that the put out there before the episode has aired! It makes me want to watch more! Maybe its because it is the actual finished product, not the pics in the raw form….

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  3. Nonnie

    I am an active spoiler reader and follower… frankly I do not know most of the actors/ actresses being casted. To me it is no big deal. I am careful to put spoilers in my titles and use the block features when I post sensitive information. If I enjoy a show I love getting the dvd and seeing it over and over again. I plan to get OUAT DVD as soon as it comes out.

    Frankly I think REALITY TV has ruined TV viewing… bunch of dummies getting 15 min of fame instead of drama, comedy and interesting shows. I like acting, I dissect the performance, that is what is important to me. It is the nuances of the performances that makes the shows good or bad. Even when I know the plots if the acting is good I will watch … usually over and over again.


  4. little girl who lives in granny's basement

    I personally hate it, even though they are asked not to release photos behind the scenes when someone visits the set while filming. I understand how exciting it may be, visiting the set being there in real time and seeing things a lot of people don’t get to see and you may feel the need to want to share.

    But it becomes annoying, a few things here and there of non-specific details of what they see is okay, it’s not really giving anything away. But describing a whole scene you saw in full detail gives away, the excitement that has been building on waiting to watch season 2.

    Some people should remain more respectful to the cast and crew. They are doing their jobs and when the season starts they want you to be excited and want to watch the show and be amazed by everything. It must be frustrating for them to know there are people who just can’t wait.
    We know they can’t prevent people from showing bts pics from the set. The only way they are able to do that is completely cut filming off to the public. That is not what they want, they want to be as hands on with the fans as much as possible because they are making magic to for us to enjoy as fans, as people as a family. They sit down and watch the show Sunday nights with their family and friends as well, they are fans too.

    This day in age where technology spreads at a pace of a wildfire, it’s hard to contain, we cannot stay away from official press releases or the actors themselves saying something. The actors are controlled by confidentiality that they cannot say anything about upcoming episodes, most shows are like that.
    If the actors are allowed to say the things they do in interviews, which it isn’t giving away anything for the future. Then why can’t the fans be as respectful of them, as they are of us. They are bringing us into the place of magic and filling our heads with things most of us haven’t thought about in years.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is. Respect the fans and the actors. You want to share, but think about it yourself next time. Is it something you would want to see if you were on the receiving end? If you say no, then you better not post it. It’s easier on you, mystery poster and it’s easier on all of us in the end.

  5. Debby

    I rather not see/read the spoilers. I do try to avoid them, but I am very tempted by the bts pictures. I can watch an episode over and over because I’m looking for something different each time. But the first-time viewing is always more fun when I have no idea whats coming.

    I’m going to try harder this upcoming season to stay away from sites that give away more info than I should know. I’ll just have to catch up on the bts pictures during the summer.

  6. Phyllis Henderson

    The picture spoilers don’t bother me, there is no dialogue, I love this show, so anything I can see behind the scenes, makes me more anxious to see the new season episodes, I have tivoed all 22 episodes since the pilot, die hard fan, since then. I will be buying the DVD set at the end of this month, cannot wait. Just so you know I Love Snow and Charming, my very favorites of all the characters on Once.

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