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OUAT – Sweets from Steveston

A few steps down Moncton Street away from the “Magic vortex” of Granny’s Cafe, Purbeck Shoes and the mysterious boarded up Free Public Library, you will find a sweet treat, the Candy Dish.

A closer look at the front window offers some fun OUAT and Disney items;

To find out more: http://www.stevestoninsider.com/blog/?p=891

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OUAT – Moncton Street Reference Guide

To make it easier to talk about certain parts of Moncton Street in Steveston, I’ve broken it into parts, and here they are;

All points coming out from intersection of Moncton and Second Street. Businesses are listed as Steveston (Storybrooke). If ( ) is blank, no changes are made for OUAT filming.

Moncton Street 1A;
Nikkia Fishing Marine (Storybrooke Free Public Library)
Moncton Dental (Storybrooke Dental)
Steveston Coffee Co. (Storybrooke Coffee Co.)
alleyway – Lumber Paint and Hardware
Crafts ‘N More (Jolene’s Arts and Crafts)
Rod’s Building Supplies
Third Ave
Steveston Hotel

Moncton Street 1B;
Steveston Marine & Hardware (Storybrooke Hardware)
Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream
Juvelisto Jewelry Boutique
Mr. Gold Pawnbroker
Dave’s Fish and Chips
Kisamos Greek Taverna
Steveston Fish Shoppe
Vacant Store
Gentlemen’s Chair Barber
Steveston Pizza
Third Ave

Moncton Street 2A;
Marine Garage
Moncton Cafe (New store that might be a spoiler at this point)
Vancant Store leased by OUAT Production Crew (Previously Worthington Haberdashery – Storybrooke Animal Shelter – Now 8/14 “Any Given Sundae”)
Cannery Cafe (Granny’s Cafe)
Pacific Net and Twine, Ltd (Atlantic Twine and Net)
Park – that was used as the front yard of Mary Margaret’s Apt. where she hung the birdhouse and David came to help her. Also this is where the Tinkerbell wind sculpture was from the Pilot.
Steveston Museum/Tourism (Storybrooke Post Office)
First Ave
Budget Appliance (Bravura Appliance)

Moncton Street 2B;
Pieces Gifts (Purbeck Shoes)
Splash Toy Store (Neighbor’s Five and Dime)
Nikaido Gifts (Standard Clocks)
Serenity Boutique (Modern Fashions)
Stairway to (Archie Hopper’s Office)
Romania Country Bread Note: Sign is now always –> (Storybrooke Country Bread)
Hats (Harmony Dental Studio (Formally Redden Nets))
Royal Bank of Canada
First Ave
George’s Taverna

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OUAT – Are Spoilers Ruining ABC’s Once Upon A Time?

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Spoilers are known to people as spilled out information about movies and TV shows. In fact Webster’s dictionary defines a “spoiler” as:

 “information about the plot of a motion picture or TV program that can spoil a viewer’s sense of surprise or suspense; also :a person who discloses such information”

But in the context of news and the internet, what is considered a spoiler? Are interviews with tidbits from the stars of the show considered spoilers? Or casting news? How about filming pictures and sneak peeks? Are they considered spoilers? How about east coast viewers tweeting about a show after its aired? Are they spoiling it for west coast viewers? Or how about people living in the UK, where the first season is still currently airing. If they watched the ComicCon panel a couple of weeks ago where many things were revealed, was that a spoiler for them?

 The term “spoilers” is a very tricky and broad term and unless you live in a bubble and have no communication to the outside world, you are definitely prone to see spoilers the second you open a news website, twitter or any other social networking site. Some people find it thrilling and exciting to read or hear about future events and some don’t. The basic question here is – “Can we avoid leaks or spoilers in this very modern and technologically advanced era?”

 Once Upon a Time is filmed in real place called Moncton Street in Steveston, British Columbia where people live and have ongoing day to day businesses. Steveston locals get the thrill of watching filming and seeing first hand a general view of what an episode may be about. So we can say, technically speaking, the residents of Steveston are spoiled with information. They don’t get the same surprise factor we get when we watch it for the first time. However, the town of Steveston is very protective of the show, in fact the official twitter account of Steveston has tweeted several times pleading with people not to post spoilers and filming pictures.

Also many fans visiting Steveston to watch filming have been allowed to take pictures but have been requested repeatedly by the cast, crew and residents of Steveston to delay posting spoiler pictures until the episode has aired. Some people have honored this request and others have not. During the Comic Con panel, Ginnifer Goodwin even said that she was apprehensive about filming that very revealing finale scene out in the open where Snow and Charming remember each other’s identities.

 “(We were thinking) what were to look like “Snow” and “Charming” that we can yell. And then we can, you know ADR with the proper names later on.”      – Ginnifer Goodwin.

 Another angle to look at is if certain websites/blogs/podcasts decide to implement a “no spoiler tag” or “spoiler tag”, does it really matter? Going back to the fact that we are living in a modern era where technology is very accessible.

 The questions we need to ask ourselves are – Can we really prevent such information from leaking out? How are we to protect ourselves from spoiler information and at the same time still be part of the internet social stream?  

 The bottomline is, with technology quickly taking over the world, these are very hard questions to answer. Or possibly can never be answered.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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OUAT – Storybrooke Animal Shelter previous tenant questions

So, we know that the Storybrooke Animal Shelter has been the focus of lots of activity in Season 1, but it was something very different in the show previously:


We chronicled the shop change on our Storybrooke/Steveston shop list: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-moncton-streetstorybrooke-store-list/

I thought the Haberdashery was where we would be introduced to The Mad Hatter there initially, but it seems the story changed (via the shop change) through the filming of the series. I wonder where the story was going before the introduction of the Animal Shelter? Any hints, @janeespenson ? 🙂

OUAT – We know the name of the bar where Sean proposed to Ashley

In a previous blog post, we shared with you the street map of Moncton Street in Vancouver. We knew some of these locations since they are frequently used in scenes, while others remain unknown.

In this most recent episode, another new location is revealed  – The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole served as a bar where Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley had their girls night out.

In the screen cap above, notice the encircled logo, it is the same as one of the pictures that were part of the password protected post (Note: To gain access to the post, the password is announced in this podcast episode) that contained new filming locations in Steveston.

This is an exclusive photo:

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