4 thoughts on “OUAT – Baddie Car Battle Royale. Mr. Gold Car vs. Regina’s Car

  1. Manny

    You know,………? there’s a connection I’ve been unable to find since the pilot aired. Most of the vehicles in the pilot were 1983 or older, which complies with the notion and most of the clues through out the first season that SB was frozen in 1983,….except for Graham’s police car, and Gold’s Caddy….”?” They’re both ’91-’92 model years! Graham’s police cruiser is a ’92 Ford Crown Victoria while Mr.Gold drives a ’91-’92 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham de Elegance, which by the way, comes in a “Gold Edition”…Ha!, How funny is that!?….

    Anyway, there’s been several connections to the passed decade, 10 years seems to be the consistant duration and among others, another new connection came about a few nights back while reviewing episode #5, “That Still Small Voice” At the part where Marco is about to lower someone down into the air shaft which turns out to be an elevator shaft, Regina and Emma argue about who is going down, and in that conversation Emma says to Regina; “I’ll go. You’ve been sitting behind a desk for the last 10 years.”
    What happened 10 years ago, people!? Besides Henry coming to Storybrooke?
    IDK… Maybe it’s just me….. you know meee!

      1. Manny

        Allow me to add a couple more!….

        Regina makes reference to Emma’s 7 addresses in the last 10 years!

        Here’s another you might not be aware of……
        I’ve calculated that the Original launch date of Once Upon A Time was supposed to be September 11, 2011…and Not Oct 23, 2011. How ’bout that? That was 10 years ago…well in reference to season one, anyway…

        You don’t think 9/11 is what they’re referencing here do ya?
        Gotta be something else that’s Storybrooke related. IDK… still chewing on it…


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