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3X04 Nasty Habits – First Thoughts

Neal untied the overhand knot because of what he learned from Hook.

In a strange way to show love to his son, Rumpel stole a small knife to help Bae sharpen his coal. Thus, helping Bae with his talent and at the same time flexing his “Dark One” terrifying muscles at the man that owned the knife.

Will we ever see the knife again, I wonder?

Rumpel wanted to build a palace for Bae. many have built palaces to the ones they love (The Taj Mahal and more. Check this link: http://weburbanist.com/2010/02/10/architectural-love-story-10-castles-built-for-love/), but Rumpel built it to give Bae freedom – in a palatial prison.

Rumpel used war paint. It reminded me of American Indian war paint, and more recently Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.


Rumpel described Belle as a vision, but is it really Belle – or Pan?


Have there been other visions that Rumpel have seen? Will he use it to speak to others in the future?

The Lost Boys fort was drawn in sand. Classic war “breaking people out” or “Escape plan” or “Battle plan” in movies.

Hook shot Charming a look when the group was talking about Dream Shade, and wanting him to tell Snow.

The only time anyone can leave Neverland is when Pan allows it, except for Bae (and Rumpel, too?).

Lana had some great lines “Did you learn that from Bail Bondsperson School?”

Here are some screen shots of Neal’s cave on Neverland.

Stars on the ceiling


Other various wall screenshots




Cindy from our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/ouatpodcast) added these incredible thoughts: “Drawn on Bae’s cave walls was P & S. These were the letters Hook carved on the Jolly Rodger when he was teaching Baelfire to sail. Port & Starboard. Also, we’re the people he drew, the Darlings? What building was that? His home…Also, I liked that Baelfire loved to draw, like his mother. He was drawing a picture when Rumple entered to give him that knife, and how that tied into his cave drawings… I thought it was interesting that when Rumple cast that sleeping curse over all the lost boys, Rumples spell didn’t effect Peter, thus the need for squid ink. Poor Henry, Pan caught him when he was VERY vulnerable, just being woken from the sleeping spell. Remember, Rumple warned Neal it’s dangerous to wake him before the spell has worn off… If, in the beginning, children only came to Peter’s Neverland in their dreams, would that make Peter The Dream Catcher? Reminding me of ( I think, Tallahassee?) Neal once gave Emma a map so they could find a “home”. Now, Neal seems to have given her a new map leading to “home”. But where might that map lead? Enchanted Forest? Storybrook? Wendy? Tallahassee? New York? Tink took a watch from Tamara’s body. Why a watch? Was it Neal’s watch? It didn’t look like a woman’s watch. Maybe it was my imagination, but I saw lots of little tidbits from Neal and Emma’s past together in this episode.”

Here is the scrawling of P and S from “And Straight On ‘Til Morning” that we forgot to mention as a connection.






Pan gave Hook a portal. Is Pan growing beans on the Neverland island?

Colleen noticed a lot of similarities with this episode and the book, Lord of the Flies.

Neal left Neverland without Pan’s permission – how? We know he knew a sneaky way to get to Neverland. I am very interested to see how he got away from Neverland.

Rumpel said that he would sacrifice his life to save Henry, but does he mean it?

Rumpel said “Magic led him to the hamlet (Shown in the episode),” so I would guess that his “magic tracking spell” works similarly to Tink’s Pixie dust trail that led her to Regina’s true love in the tavern.

The Pied Piper is introduced. He used a pan flute to lure children to follow it.

Neal showed that not only can a person use a (Conch) shell hear the ocean, but when sounded, the ocean can hear the shell “call”. Brilliant idea! Neal uses it call a squid (a la 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).


Disney film

As the squid came ashore, Neal asked Rumpel to extract some squid ink that could, according to Neal it has the power to immobilize the most magical creatures.

Hook/Charming exchange. Charming seems to accept the fate of his death and urges Hook (as a final wish) to just save Henry.

Flint and a Hook can light a torch. Hook can be on Survivor!

@ktodd1116 on Twitter reminded us that “Did you know the show Survivor was based on #LordoftheFlies?” Amazing! I had forgotten that. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

Listening to #f


The shot of Rumpel on the roof reminded me of many movies. That’s all I got for that.

To Catch a Thief shot that Colleen mentioned.


Pan Flute. Peter Pan played the Pan Flute to be the Pied Piper. That’s a lot of P’s.

If Pan give Hook a portal, pan must have used them a lot to gather children to go and dance in the forest. Pan also mentioned that he would take some of the children to Neverland.

Pan also mentioned “visit in dreams”. Is it in the fire room, and is it anyone who is sleeping? Cue the creepy similarity to Nightmare on Elm Street.

Certain boys can hear the flute, as only certain people could hear the cries on the island. Only the “Unloved, Unwanted…” could hear.

Henry initially said he was not like Pan or the Lost Boys (Turns out Rumpel gave Pan the idea to call them that. Rumpel is involved with everything!).

Pan’s pipe is enchanted. Who enchanted it and how?

When Henry didn’t hear the pipe at first, I thought that Pan didn’t blow into the pipe.

Another funny Lana line about the Lost Boys using the colander to make Pasta, or should they be happy that Neal made a nightlight. Classic Regina stuff tonight.

Guessing games.

Pan is magical. Who was he and how did he become magical?

Neal not coating the tip of the arrow was one of the brilliant twists tonight.

Self Preservation is a nasty habit. On the flip side, sacrifice is a noble thing.

Pan wasn’t always immortal. Is there any Dark One knife? How did Pan become immortal?

Rumpel mentioned seeing people’s “true nature”. It reminds me of “denying who you really are” scenes.

Neal was worried that if Rumpel did the right thing today, what about tomorrow. Rumpel seemed like he wanted to change, but Neal didn’t trust him.

Rumpel wanted his ‘Redemption’. “Have faith and believe in me”

Neal used the old “Squid ink on the back of a leaf” trick to freeze Rumple.

Emma never stopped loving Neal.

“Never break into a place unless you know how to get out”

It was an interesting exchange between Neal and Pan about Neal winning by leaving the island and Pan asking, “but where are you now?”.

Pan now reset the board and a new game began.

Belle believes in Rumpel, but is it really Belle?

Pan tells Henry “We can be your family,” like Hook did.

Henry could hear the music, but is it a ruse to “play” along and trick Pan to get off the island?

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True Love Through the Eyes of Once Upon a Time

true love potion

“I want kids, marriage, true love – I want it all.” Mary Margaret Blanchard 1×03 – Snow Falls

True love? It doesn’t exist.” Snow White 1×03 – Snow Falls

“And here I thought you and Mary Margaret would be pleased. True love won out. So bask in the moment, dear.” Regina Mills 1×03 – Snow Falls

“I just wanted to make sure you were happy with your end of the bargain. You know – true love, riches, happy endings.” Rumpelstiltskin 1×04 – The Price of Gold

“Just because you don’t know her, doesn’t mean you won’t grow to love her. True love follows this ring wherever it goes, my son.” Ruth 1×06 – The Shepherd

“Smile, son. You’re on the road to true love.” King George 1×06 – The Shepherd

“Find the one thing I’ve always desired, that my prison has kept from me – true love.” Genie 1×11 – Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

“Sounds like a curse to me. And all curses can be broken. A kiss born of true love would do it.” Evil Queen 1×12 – Skin Deep

True love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.” Prince Charming 1×13 – What Happened To Frederick

“Well, of course it changed her. It took away her love, left a big hole in her heart. There is no cure for what she’s got. The person she was… There’s no way to bring her back. No potion can bring back true love.” Rumpelstiltskin 1×16 – Heart Of Darkness

“Who cares about magic? True love is the most powerful magic of all. It can overcome anything.” Daniel 1×18 – The Stable Boy

“Love doesn’t work that way. Love, true love, is magic. And not just any magic – the most powerful magic of all. It creates happiness.” Regina 1×18 – The Stable Boy

“I took you in as my son, and you betrayed me. I would’ve given you everything. The crown, the kingdom. All you had to do was marry King Midas’ daughter. But, you decided to follow ‘true love’.” King George 1×21 – An Apple Red As Blood

“She has no breath. She’s gone. She sacrificed herself… For true love.” Red 1×21 – An Apple Red As Blood

“She died. That’s the thing about true love, dearie. It can slip through your fingers. It’s the most powerful magic in the world. The only magic powerful enough to break any curse. It must be protected at all costs.” Rumpelstiltskin 1×22 – A Land Without Magic

True love, Miss Swan… The only magic powerful enough to transcend realms and break any curse. Luckily for you, I happen to have bottled some.” Mr. Gold 1×22 – A Land Without Magic

“I’m a fan of true love, dearie. And, more importantly, what it creates.” Rumpelstiltskin 1×22 – A Land Without Magic

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OUAT – Mayor Regina Mills character study

Regina Mills Analysis

by Paige (@MsPaigeNoelle)

Regina Mills is the Mayor of Storybrooke, and has been for as long as anyone can remember. She is tough but fair (the fairest, really), and she rules the town with a firm hand. Regina is a woman who is concealing a dark past and a huge secret, and she hides a broken heart, a deep pain, and a tormented soul behind her smile. She is also the mother of Henry, a son whom she adopted ten years ago. Although in his eyes she is the Evil Queen of fairy tale legend, Regina loves Henry very much, and everything she does is for Henry’s own good; she may be strict, but she just wants what’s best for him. Regina inspires quite a bit of fear in her subjects… err, I mean, residents, and she has ruled the town of Storybrooke unchallenged for 28 years. This all changes when Henry brings Emma Swan – his biological mother – to town. As soon as Emma Swan decides to stay in Storybrooke, Regina’s calm reign as Mayor is thrown off balance, and her entire world is set into motion.

Regina immediately perceives Emma as a threat. Not only is she concerned about Emma taking Henry away from her, but Emma also threatens Regina’s relationship with Graham, the town Sheriff. For the past 28 years, Graham has been Regina’s pet; he has done whatever she’s asked him to do without question, and he has fulfilled and satisfied her every wish and desire. However, once Emma Swan settles down in Storybrooke and becomes the town’s Deputy, Graham’s loyalty to Regina starts to weaken, and he even begins to question and challenge her. When Graham decides to end their relationship, Regina descends into her vault hidden underneath her father’s grave, and we as the audience learn that Henry’s theory about the town of Storybrooke being filled with fairy tale characters who have been cursed by the Evil Queen to forget their past lives may not be as ridiculous as everyone else thinks. We learn that Regina is fully aware of her regal identity, and that Graham is the Huntsman that she sent to kill Snow White. In Fairy Tale Land, when the Queen found out that the Huntsman disobeyed her orders, she ripped his heart out and told him, “If you ever disobey me, if you ever try to run away, all I have to do is squeeze.” Now in Storybrooke, not only has Graham disobeyed and run away from Regina, but he has also begun to remember his fairy tale identity. Because of this, Regina crushes Graham’s heart to dust, killing him. While doing so, Regina has tears in her eyes; she didn’t want to kill Graham, but she had to in order to protect her secret.

Graham is not the only one Emma turned against Regina. When he first hears Emma say her name, Mr. Gold is awakened to his true identity as Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin is the one who created the curse for Regina – the curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke and made them forget who they are. As part of the deal to enact the curse, Rumplestiltskin tells Regina, “You must do whatever I say, so long as I say, ‘Please.’” Regina and Rumple have always toyed with each other in their constant power struggle, so when Mr. Gold realizes who he really is, he decides to pay Regina a visit to toy with her emotions by bringing up how close Emma and Henry are becoming. When Regina demands Mr. Gold tell her what he knows about Emma Swan, he refuses, and it is here when he utters his first, “Please.” Regina’s eyes flash in recognition, and the question she’s asking herself in her mind is written all over her face: “Does he know??” This comes to a head when Mr. Gold is arrested for assaulting Moe French, the father of his beloved Belle, whom he believes is dead. Regina confronts Mr. Gold in jail, and commands, “Tell me your name.” Mr. Gold pauses, and then replies, “Rumplestiltskin.” Now that everything is out in the open, Mr. Gold believes that because he owns the town, he still has power over Regina. However, for the time being, Regina is actually the one with the upper hand; unbeknownst to Mr. Gold, she has Belle locked up in the hospital’s insane asylum. In Regina’s mind, Mr. Gold is on her side; after all, he created the curse for her, and she tells him, “You and I, we’ve been in this – together – from the start.” However, Mr. Gold goes up against Regina when he helps Emma get elected Sheriff following Graham’s death, giving Emma more authority and influence in the town. As the season progresses, it becomes clear that Mr. Gold will do whatever it takes to ensure his own best interests – even manipulating Her Majesty.

And then there’s Mary Margaret Blanchard – Henry’s teacher and Emma’s roommate, who just also happens to be Regina’s number one enemy: Snow White. Mary Margaret is the one who gives Henry the book of stories that opens his eyes and mind to the reality of fairy tales, and when Regina learns of this book and sees the effect it is having on her son, she immediately takes it away from him. In the Pilot, there is a shot of Regina looking in her mirror after she takes Henry’s book away; for a second, she appears worried, but then her confidence returns. For the past 28 years, Regina has been able to ignore the woman who ruined her life and rule her town in peace, and she sees no reason why that should change. However, once David Nolan (AKA Prince Charming) awakens from his coma and it appears that Mary Margaret’s happy ending is within reach, Regina does everything in her power to keep them apart, including conveniently finding David’s wife, Kathryn; planting fake memories in David’s head; and threatening and intimidating Mary Margaret. But, no matter what Regina does, Mary Margaret and David just keep finding ways to be together. Against her better judgment, Regina strikes a deal with Mr. Gold: she will dismiss his battery charges if he helps her frame Mary Margaret for Kathryn’s murder. However, Mr. Gold does not actually have Kathryn killed, and when she is found frightened but alive behind Granny’s Diner, it appears that all the evidence that was planted will lead right back to Regina. Thank goodness Regina has the devoted, lovesick Sidney Glass, whom she convinces to admit to kidnapping Kathryn, discounting any apparent blame that could be placed on her. Regina makes one final attempt to keep Mary Margaret and David apparent by seducing David. Out of everyone in Storybrooke (besides Henry), Regina has shown the most care and concern for David. They have built a pretty decent friendship, but when she tries to take their relationship to the next level by leaning in for a kiss, David pulls away. Regina apologizes and says she “got caught up in a moment,” but when David leaves, Regina takes a look at herself in the mirror, and she despises what she sees. Even though her mother’s voice saying, “Love is weakness, Regina” is always in the back of her mind, she still wants love in her life; she wants so desperately to be loved by others, and she hates herself for that, because no one accepts her love, and no one loves her back in return. Regina is so angry and heartbroken that she throws her wine glass at her mirror, shattering it and distorting her image, much like the way people perceive Regina herself.

With each passing episode, Emma becomes more and more determined to get custody of Henry. Not only that, but the longer Emma stays in Storybrooke, the more the curse begins to weaken. After Regina has a nightmare about Emma tying her to her own rotted apple tree and killing her with Prince Charming’s sword, she decides to get rid of Emma once and for all. With the help of her old friend Jefferson and his magical hat, Regina is able to retrieve something from her fairy tale past: the infamous poisoned apple. Regina uses the same apple that she used on Snow – Emma’s mother – to bake an apple turnover that she then gives to Emma. However, Henry realizes Regina’s plan, and he sacrifices himself and eats the turnover before Emma does. After Henry passes out, Emma finally lets herself believe in magic. Emma confronts Regina and forces her to admit that everything Henry said is true: she is the Evil Queen of fairy tale legend, and everyone in Storybrooke really is a fairy tale character. With their son’s life on the line, Regina and Emma team up to save Henry. When Henry appears to be dead and all hope seems lost, Emma gives Henry a kiss on the forehead. This turns out to be True Love’s Kiss, and it not only awakens Henry, but it also breaks the curse. Everyone in Storybrooke now knows who they really are, and they all know Regina is the one to blame for the past 28 years of their cursed lives. When Mother Superior (AKA the Blue Fairy) tells Regina that she should find a place to hide, Regina does not immediately run away. Instead, she goes to Henry’s hospital bed, looks at her son with tear-filled eyes, and tells him, “No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I DO love you.” These are the last words we hear from Regina in Season 1, and it is one of the most significant quotes of the entire season.

There is a brilliant yet heartbreaking parallel between our first and last images of Regina Mills in Season 1. When we first see Madam Mayor in the Pilot, she cries tears of joy with her son in her arms after he is returned to her. One of our last images of Regina in the season finale is of her crying into Henry’s pillow after she’s lost him. Not only has Regina lost her son, but she has also lost her upper hand against Rumplestiltskin: Jefferson has released Belle from the insane asylum, and when the beauty is reunited with the beast, she tells him that Regina had her locked up. Regina started the season as the confident Mayor of Storybrooke; she was the only one who knew the truth, and she had the upper hand on everyone. Now, it appears that Regina has lost everything… that is, until Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin unleashes magic in Storybrooke. The very last image of Regina in Season 1 is of her smirking as the purple clouds of magic consume the town. Even though the whole town is against her, with magic, Regina can regain her power, get her son back, and destroy Mr. Gold. Whether or not she will be successful in these endeavors remains to be seen, but with the return of her magic, Regina now has the most important thing anyone can have: hope.

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