OUAT – Creating Screengrabs for Season 2

Part of the fun of watching and analyzing Once Upon a Time is taking screengrabs or screencaps (Same thing) and pointing out little Easter Eggs some might miss (Mr. Gold’s shop is always filled with fun in the background). Myself and the deputies have done them in the past, but now I’d like to show you the readers of the blog, followers on Twitter and listeners of the podcast how to as well.

I use http://picpick.org to create screengrabs and it also allows you to add red circles and square to point out exactly what you are wanting them to notice.

Here is a picpick tutorial: http://www.letslearnit.org/en/component/content/article/99-w-new-media-web20/694-picpick-getting-started

What nice about picpick is that you can use it on anything on your screen.

Practice on OUAT vids on Hulu, ABC.com and Itunes.

If you have a computer that can record TV shows through it, you can play it on http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html and you a choice called snapshot to create a screengrab.

Here is a list of many other screengrab options:


As good as Season 1 of the OUAT Fan Podcast was, the more we work together, Season 2 will be a million times better.

As you do a rewatch on your computer, and you find some Easter Eggs, try some screenshots with squares, arrows, etc. Try to save them as gifs, then email them to me.

If get good enough, and like to do these, you could be a part of the Screencap peeps.

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