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Once Upon A Time has a stellar cast who portray their roles very well. One thing that can be attributed to that is their strong love of fairy tales and Disney. Because they grew up loving these enchanting and magical stories, it has given them the edge to dig deep and portray their characters so well.

In this special feature by Disney D23, some cast members share their love of fairy tales and Disney.

Disney twenty-three Web Extra: Once Upon A Time Cast Members Share Their Love of Disney

D23 recently chatted with some of the stars of the ABC hit Once Upon A Time about their own personal histories with Disney.

Jennifer Morrison (Emma), Lana Parrilla (Regina/Evil Queen), Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Hopper), and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) share some of their Disney favorites.

Read more here  – http://d23.disney.go.com/news/2012/08/disney-twenty-three-web-extra-once-upon-a-time-cast-members-share-their-love-of-disney/

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