OUAT – Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz’s Weekly Pop Culture Consumption

We know Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz as the very talented, creative and out of the box writers for Once Upon A Time and previously Lost. So how exactly do they fair in the pop culture departement?

Vulture.com has a special feature called Vulture Diaries, where they as prominent creative people how their consumption of pop culture on the daily basis. For this week, they caught up with Kitsis and Horowitz to outline their consumption.

Once Upon a Time’s Adam Horowitz’s and Edward Kitsis’s Weeks in Pop-Culture Consumption

For our recurring feature the Vulture Diaries, we will be asking prominent creative types (authors, directors, actors, musicians, etc.) to keep track of their cultural consumption in a given week. This week, we have Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who went on to create the ABC show Once Upon a Time (which returns September 30) following their writing work on all six seasons of Lost. (The pair also developed the animated series Tron: Uprising, which airs Thursdays on DisneyXD.) The two are Breaking Bad fans, so spoilers followfor that show.

Read more here  – http://www.vulture.com/2012/08/vulture-diaries-once-upon-a-time-adam-horowitz-edward-kitsis.html?mid=twitter_vulture

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