OUAT – I didn’t think Rumpel turned Gaston into the Rose.

So, here are some screencaps of the Rumpel magic when Gaston arrives:

Based on the color of the smoke (Check out the blog post we did about the meaning of the color of smoke in OUAT: Here), Gaston was sent somewhere. If you look at the screencap below, the smoke dissapates above the rose, not directly above or around it, so to me, Gaston was sent somewhere (Storybrooke? Would Rumpel have the same power as the EQ to do that?), and perhaps his sword was transformed to a rose.

Anyway, that’s my oponion, what’s yours? Let us know below.

Update: A source informs me that Jane Espenson did confirm that in fact Rumpelstiltskin did turn Gaston into a rose. While I will still quibble with the placement of the smoke and the rose, I will have to let this go. Jeff.

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5 thoughts on “OUAT – I didn’t think Rumpel turned Gaston into the Rose.

  1. Manny

    Sorry, “Big Daddy”, you know I got big love for you & Colleen….. But, The Big Momma (Jane Espenson) shut you down bro!…. ” Gaston lives out the rest of his days as a rose.”. unquote.
    Besides, by your own rule, didn’t you say the Dark Curse was Purple and Green?…something like that?… And the Dark Curse is the only thing that can send anyone to Storybrooke, and if not, then what would be the purpose of the Dark Curse?…. It fits….. Rumpel’ transported Gaston from that of a man to that of a rose!… with purple smoke!…….. You know something? I bet the EQ told Belle what he did too!…. That’s not going to go over well with Belle,….. not that she gave a spit about Gaston, but, that Rumple’ lied to her about the old lady selling flowers at the door……Heehee!….. Can’t wait till Rump finds out about Belle and where she’s been all this time!

  2. Dave DeAndrea

    I’m thinking he turned Gaston into a Rose… and it was so hilarious and disturbing…. like when he “proofed” the FGM. It reminds me of the Joker’s pencil trick…. totally unexpected.


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