OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin and his interesting Axe and Crossbow.

As we learned from Rumpel himself, he has a large estate, and if you notice in his large sitting/dining/gold spinning room he has a very interesting axe and crossbow on one of his “pedestals”:

We know the amazing Jane Espenson has penned many scripts for many shows I could fanboy faint about, but one show in particular she wrote for included the Scythe/Axe and Crossbow that were used by a famous Vampire Slayer (Confirmed by a number of listeners who emailed the podcast).

I’m thinking the implements of Vampire destruction were included as a tip of the hat to one of Jane’s awesome accomplishments.

2 thoughts on “OUAT – Rumpelstiltskin and his interesting Axe and Crossbow.

  1. Maid Maleen

    I am thinking Robin Hood is a good answer for that too. While your running through some of the things that were in this room. I re watched this ep. again and I saw Aladdin’s lamp in there too. In the cupboard among other things that I have noticed I think I saw a gold rabbit, not sure though. Lots of things in there I would love to see a still photo of it. HInt, hint.


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