13 thoughts on “OUAT – I think I found Doc in Storybrooke!

  1. David

    Could be him.

    The ABC press release for this episode included:

    Guest starring are Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red Riding Hood, Patti Allan as Miss Ginger/blind witch, Beverley Elliott as granny, Giancarlo Esposito as Sidney/mirror, Dylan Schmid as Baelfire, Conner Dwelly as Morraine, Kate Bateman as mother, Mark Gash as father, Ty Olsson as Hordor, Brad Dourif as old beggar, Michael Phenicie as The Duke, C. Ernst Harth as burly man/the ogre, David-Paul Grove as Doc and Gabe Khouth as Sneezy.

    But I don’t recall seeing Miss Ginger, the Duke, Doc, or Sneezy in this episode.
    Maybe all 4 were standing in the background (Storybrooke)– 5 if you count the Giant?

    Is the Giant = burly man = ogre?

  2. Manny

    You hit it out of the park with that press release! Ogre makes more sense than Jack & the Beanstock Giant… More evil, plus Ogres have been mentioned now, “Ogre Wars” and in the first screen cap above the blind witch from “The Thing You Love Most” looks like she’s standing behind and to the left of Doc. I’d like to get a press release like that one for every episode! Thanks!

  3. obisgirl

    It does look like him (the eyes I think give him away) but his nose is different. I mean, it’s thin in the first pic but fairy tale world Doc has a thicker nose. I don’t know, maybe Doctor Whale performs cosmetic surgery as well.

  4. C. Ernst Harth

    Yes, that is David-Paul as Doc in your photo, and Mr. Clark (Sneezy) comes into the diner with him, and yes, that is also the Ogre (Burly Man) and Blind Witch (Miss Ginger) in that pic as well. You can also pick out the same townsfolk in the debate crowd as well as outside the town hall. There was also a scene filmed showing the townsfolk at the polls voting and Granny checking them in. By the way, I voted for Sidney. 🙂

    aka The Ogre

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  6. Brenda Woods

    That is so cool that Ernst aka the Ogre took the time to comment & share with us. That’s what makes this show so special that the cast makes time for us fans. Can’t wait for the next episode!


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