OUAT – Was the Giant from Jack – Update – It was an Ogre/Burly Man.

So, we (David B told me first. Thanks David) saw this Giant in ‘The Thing You Love Most’:

Was his Storybrooke version in the well-wishers of Mayor Mills appointment/photo op of the new Sheriff?

Updated to add these screencaps:

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8 thoughts on “OUAT – Was the Giant from Jack – Update – It was an Ogre/Burly Man.

  1. Hillary

    Ha! I thought it was Humpty Dumpty! Yeah, he looked like he was a janitor or maintenence worker. I wonder why he was at a media event. I also wonder who the other people there are in Fairytale land…

  2. C. Ernst Harth

    Yes, the “Ogre” from ep. 2 is throughout ep. 8 as the city hall’s maintenance man, so far simply known as Burly Man. And next to me in the mayor’s office is Miss Ginger (Blind Witch) with the thick glasses.

    aka The Ogre

    1. Catseye

      dear ernst, Because I want to play the part the Ocre/the blurry man on an RPG ..Coult you suggest me with some tings Is the blurry man kind? Id like you very much in the 13 gohst! you scared the jeebers out of me xD

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