OUAT – Listener Ken and his connections to Storybrooke

This podcast/blog has had many surprises, but this one was very unexpected. I launched out with my crazy idea about creating a Storybrooke/Steveston Main Street map, and I got an email from Ken who not only lived in Steveston, but began helping (still does, btw) me develop the information.

He is a great guy, and I always enjoy getting an email from him. One of the latest ones had some very interesting connections to Storybrooke/Fairy Tales, etc. I asked to share, and he agreed. Thanks, Ken. You rock, sir. 🙂

Listener Ken;

Lives in Steveston/Storybrooke,
Ken’s aunt lived in the building that is Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker shop,
Adam Young, the young actor who played young Jiminy Cricket attends our neighbohood school (Link to a newspaper about it: http://www.richmondreview.com/news/134770463.html),
I went to school with Gabrielle Rose who played Prince Charming’s mother,
A few weeks ago while Ken was walking around in Steveston, a rare waterspout formed in nearby waters … did more fairy tale characters descend into town? …lol! Here is the newspaper article about it: http://www.richmondreview.com/news/137443208.html
Recently Ken found out one of our neighbor’s owns (but leases out) the Marine Garage property,
Ken has a 12 year old golden retriever named ‘Snowy’ … long story on the name.

This is Jeff, I’ll add one more, initially, Ken told me he was walking his dog (I will assume it was Snowy), and I believe turned a corner and almost walked into Jennifer Morrison. Ken, correct my errors in the story, but that’s how I remember what you told me.

Ken is another example of how this amazing “Once Upon a Time” TV Show has a magical way of drawing amazing people to this podcast/blog. Thank you Ken so, so much for everything.

10 thoughts on “OUAT – Listener Ken and his connections to Storybrooke

  1. Manny

    Hey Ken,
    I’ve walked more than a few miles around Steveston, via GoogleMaps, more than a few times now, and there are quite a few people walking their dogs around town…… any of them you!?… There’s a real clear one, up close, of a gentleman and his dog directly in front of the white fence, that we’re to believe is Mary Margret & Emma’s front yard, (where David helped MM hang a birdhouse in the tree)? I do realize those images are from May’09, but I was just wondering?

    1. Ken

      You’re welcome Jeff. You and Colleen have a great website and I’m glad I can help out.
      Yes, we literally almost bumped into Jennifer Morrison as she was getting ready for her scene in front of Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker.
      Hi Manny. I haven’t re-watched the episodes so I’m not sure what specific scene you are referring to.
      But late last spring my wife and I were walking through Steveston with the dog and we were about to cross the street heading east towards the Pieces store when we noticed a line of people along the west side of the building (later we found out they were paid ‘extras’). When we were half way across the street we noticed a woman cueing these actors to round the corner to walk east down past Pieces. At the same time we noticed they were filming at the Cannery Cafe with the Pieces side of the street in the background. We stopped and was about to turn around when the woman waved us through. As we were walking past the Cannery Cafe a car drove down the street westbound on the director’s cue. The woman was interspersing the lined up ‘extras’ with the regular crowd traffic walking down Moncton Street. A billboard sign had this legal sounding disclaimer basically saying one was entering a film shoot area and that the production could freely use shots of you without compensating you.
      I’m pretty sure it’ wasn’t the OUAT shoot because I can’t remember the changed signage on the storefronts but I wasn’t really paying attention and hadn’t even heard of OUAT at that time so I’m not a 100% sure. I’m thinking it might have been a shoot for ‘The Secret Circle’ series.
      One of the advantages living here is that there are many TV and movie productions have shot in this area and it is very interesting to see the process of film making outside on location. On one occasion, our neighbour’s house across the street was used for a ‘made for TV’ movie and we had front row seats from our front window watching them film.
      My kids and wife and my niece have participated as extras in film shoots in the past but not I to date … at least not knowingly.

  2. David

    Hey Ken
    Can you do me a favour, if you can. If you are around when they are filming a scene with Henry wearing his school sweater….take an extreme close-up of the crest on the sweater. I want to know if the top portion of the logo is a lighthouse, a tower with a cross on top, or something else. It is driving me crazy.

    Here’s a photo, but too far away to tell:


    1. Ken

      I’ll keep an eye for it if I see Henry ….. to date I personally have not seen him. It looks like it could be a royal crown to me … a plausible hint of his lineage to the throne considering he is Prince Charming and Snow White’s grandson.

  3. Alana

    Where can you find out current filming locations Ken. I am in the Fraser Valley and would love to see a segment being filmed before they stop for the season! 🙂

    1. Ken

      Hi Alana. I don’t know where you can find out. For me, I usually walk the dog down into that part of Steveston so I can’t help running into them if they are filming on location. They usually spend the morning setting up the story fronts , then spent the afternoon and evenings filming. Sometimes they setup late afternoon and then film the next day. If you reply to this message and click on the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’, I can reply back to your post if I notice them setting up in the future. One of the crew members said they average 1 – 2 shots per month in Steveston. They also shot in Fort Langley but I think not as frequently.

    2. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      You may want to check with Christine K (we interviewed her on a recent podcast episode), she is @OLTV on Twitter, See lives in the Vancouver, conducts tours of filming locations, etc.


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