OUAT – Look, David it’s something called MySpace! Updated 3/2 More found!

So, as we see newer technology saunter up next to rotary phones, cassette players and glass water coolers, we see the introduction of the first laptop (to my knowledge) in Storybrooke:

I hope we bypass the Zune, though. Just sayin’

UPDATED: This just in from the Deputies. Other laptops spotted:

Emma used one in the Mayor’s Office (Fruit of the Poisonous Tree) to get the scoop on Regina’s land deal:

So, Regina has one and Katherine has one, oh yes, one more:

Emma brought one with her. I guess they could all get together have a LAN party and play “Team Fortress Classic”.

3 thoughts on “OUAT – Look, David it’s something called MySpace! Updated 3/2 More found!

  1. Manny

    Yeah!,…You forgot one!…. the most important one!…Henry’s! LapTop, from the pilot!!!
    This also brings me to an idea I’ve had since having gone back to the beginning to review here and there!…. THERE IS SOOO MUCH WE’VE MISSED!! but, wouldn’t have known back then either…. BUT NOW! I catch stuff everywhere!

    So the idea is simple, and is for Hiatus!, or long down times!… LIVE reviews of episodes on Mixlr.. or just our own hashtag – #OUATpodcast and do it LIVE on twitter!….. It keeps the train moving and provides something to look forward every week between Seasons! yeah?

  2. Maid Maleen

    Oh Manny, I love your idea about when the break comes. I will simply shrivel up and blow away if all the “social” parts of Once is cut off too. Also I am catching things too when I review episodes. I was in Target here today and not one DVD of ONCE was on a shelf anywhere. 🙁

    1. Manny

      Yeah!,..Maleen, I blew it too!!…
      I had it ALL covered when they announced that there was going to be OUAT marathon….. and then didn’t tell anybody that they were going to leave out Ep.5 “That Still Small Voice”…. Yeah!, That’s “dirty pool” ABC…… By the time I went back to review, and discovered Ep.5 missing!… it was too late!…. I guess I’ll wait for the season 1 Box Set!… “>_<" !


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