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Once Upon a Time Secret – It almost was more Battlestar Galactica-ish

We are very used to the incredible Jennifer Morrison filling the role of Emma Swan on ABC TV’s ‘Once Upon a Time’.



However, the role almost went to someone who was more used to warring in space, instead of breaking curses. According to Hypeable, Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica) talked about reading for the role of Emma in ‘Once Upon a Time’;

There were two that I loved. One was Once Upon A Time, and one was Longmire. I went in five times on Once Upon A Time. I took one meeting on Longmire, and I met Greer Shephard and I said, “I want this job because of that woman. I love this woman.” So, I walked away from Once Upon A Time and focused on Longmire. It was just those two jobs. Those were the only two pilots I loved that year. From http://www.hypable.com/2012/05/28/battlestar-galactica-katee-sackoff-emma-once-upon-a-time/

What would have thought of Emma being played by Katie Sackhoff?



Visit Katie’s new venture Acting Outlaws (with BSG’s Tricia Helfer, too) raising funds for charitable organizations and offering fun perks, too; http://www.actingoutlaws.tv/

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3X12 New York City Serenade – First Thoughts – Reflections of the Past, and Back to the Future


Episode 207

Show notes can be found at onceuponatimepodcast.com/207

New York City Serenade

Lots of reflections to the Pilot.

Prince Phillip riding – Parallel of the pilot when Charming rode to kiss Snow

I wonder what it would be like to play New York Serenade side by side with the Pilot. Maybe something like Dark Side of the Rainbow?


Aurora said “You’re late”. Doc told Charming, “You’re too late” in the Pilot

Picnic lunch was reminiscent of David and Mary Margaret in Season 1

Phillip knew that the curse cloud was magic, but Aurora thought it was just a storm.

In a way, another parallel – the curse returning the Storybrooke gang and the curse broken in the Pilot.

The irony of coming back from the hiatus to hear Snow say “We’re back” to Aurora who is shocked to see the Storybrooke gang reappear. It also parallels Broken in that Snow appears in FTL with Aurora and Phillip.

Emma Swan leg entrance

Yellow cab – Alluding to her yellow bug?

Emma dressed in a red coat (naturally) and Black leather dress – a very Regina-esque thing to wear

Emma with Walsh – parallel to the Pilot when Emma “went on the blind date” with Ryan

Walsh plays a blind character in Covert Affairs August “Auggie” Anderson

Same music playing in the restaurant they meet in that Emma and Ryan met in the Pilot

Emma says the Regina line, “Sorry I’m late”

Emma seems very happy. A side of the character we have rarely, if every seen.

Walsh seems to be Emma’s boyfriend?

Henry’s science project volcanos. There were volcano science posters on the wall in Mary Margaret’s class in Season 1.

Restaurant called Ostria.

Walsh – “We are happy”

It’s almost the flip side of the blind date in the Pilot. Everything is perfect, or is it?

Hook and Tri Tip. Surf and Turf

Emma grabs knife. Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Everything you belief is wrong. That’s very deep. “Unlearn what you have learned” Yoda

If you want to know who you *really* are, who your parents are.

The address on the paper. Will it be like Emma revisiting her nursery?

Emma – Til a fire destroyed my apartment a year ago in Boston. Jumbled memories. Remember her telling Henry about his father – The fireman.

Dashing rapscallion, Scoundrel

Emma thought Henry was crazy, too. She said so at Archie’s and Henry ran out.

Punch you in the face. Another line that’s been used before.

Super power – again

Just because you believe something is true, doesn’t make it real.

Take a chance – or a leap of faith. Meet me at Central Park, by the entrance to the zoo.

Do it for your family. They need your help. A call to adventure.

Returned united to give the people hope. I know you don’t like it – you’ll learn to. Sassy Snow.


It’s not up to us to save them, cut to Emma.

Emma’s got some worked out arms. Go Emma!

The old ring in the dessert trick, and Emma wasn’t even hungry.

Walsh down on one knee.

Only been together 8 months. A little fast. Left overs in the fridge.

Unsure Emma is back.

Walsh’s furniture shop. End table.

Emma – I’m not good at fast.

Very romantic speech from Walsh.

Emma’s legs part 2.

Is Henry playing Space Paranoids? Level 23 – Alluding to when Walt Disney arrived in Hollywood? Or D23? August’s license plate on his motorcycle had a 23.

Henry’s voice is very low. Wow.

Mrs. Q?

5th level Wizard. Is she still magical?

Saying nothing is worse than No.

You think Walsh is “worthy” (an old school word)?

Not every guy is like my Dad.

Henry knew Emma liked him, because he met Henry. Single Mom dating is tough.

“After level 16 when I became a knight” Henry

The power of games and imagination.

Grumpy speaks Jiminy. Jiminy needed a translator in the War Council room.

Lost tail section – 50 more Storybrooke folk popped in not 50 miles from here (With Jiminy). The reverse probably happened initially.

All new arrivals go to the Queen’s castle.

Hook needs his ship. Pirates don’t change.

Neal wants to stop by Rumpel’s estate. For what?

Return to present day is a complete reset.

Let them be and know that we gave them their best chance. What they said initially about Emma.

Henry encourages Emma to expect the best not the worst.

Hook writes nice

Emma uses her Bounty Hunter lock pick to visit Neal’s apartment.

Dream catcher – Fly paper for nightmares. Neal.

Henry’s camera.

The mystery.

Your parents kingdom has been cursed. Ripped back to Storybrooke. What?

Emma stole Henry’s camera?

Emma the savior again.

Drink the potion to remember everything you’ve lost- and ruin Jeff’s prediction of a slow reveal of who you are. Sorry Jeff.

Take a Leap of faith.

Arrested for Assault and Criminal Harassment, but Emma met him.

Belle – We never saw his knife. “I think we can get him back”

The Queen is missing. Another mystery.

Stalker Snow. Burying your heart, the past, etc.

You won’t feel anything. That’s the point.

It will get better.

Happiness without Henry. Find a way.

Regina’s heart return.

Rustling bush and no swords.

Find cover. Like from a shadow.

Regina’s fireballs make a comeback.

Flying Monkey. Regina scratched.

Robin Hood to the rescue.

Respect or restraint at the buffet. Oz buffet in Vegas.

Henry’s candy bar looked an awful lot like an Apollo bar.

Looking forward.

Trust your gut.

Henry’s photos.


Photoshop? Pirates don’t photoshop.

If I drink that I’d have to give up my life here. Based on lies. That’s pretty good.

Change and facing the truth is hard. Sometimes living a lie is easy – for a while.

Hook – Trust your gut.

The drink of truth. Who made it? Later, Hook said he did, but he didn’t have enough for Henry.

Did you miss me?

Regina mis-trusts Robin.

Smells like forest. Wasn’t there a line like that in Wonderland?

Green dome of protection. Gee, I wonder who would have done that?

Someone hijacked it. Regina will find out eats my porridge. Nobody sits in my chair. Nobody takes OUR castle.

Robin Hood will take them in. He’s a smooth thief, ya know?

Macutcheon Whiskey?

How did Hook get the message about the new curse?

Poking holes.

What is the price of Hook going to New York?

I can get rid of him.

Dear John talk on the roof.

A part of my life I’ve been blocking out.

Emma called Hook A ghost.

If you love this life, then keep it. I wish you could see it the way I see it.

Walsh knew.

Emma – Really?

Walsh is a spy, a Flying Monkey spy. Why didn’t Emma’s super power detect that?

The savior is back.

Mom, you’re hurting the eggs. She was whipping eggs in the last segment of Going Home, too.

Do you believe in magic?

Emma costume seemed like Tallahassee, but not.

So, Emma will take time to reveal the past life to Henry.

This is Killian. Emma used his other, more noble name. Maybe he’s not a pirate anymore. Maybe he said what Charming wanted to hear to get away.

Why are you dressed like that?

Emma – Lend Hook a hand. Classic.

Adventure – yes!

The leather coat – hot damn!

The yellow bug – Storybrooke.

Mystery – What did this new curse do?

Mary Margaret’s loft apartment that was supposed to be next to the Storybrooke post office.

Emma and Hook know everything.

Emma at David and Mary Margaret’s door was like Hook at Emma’s door.

David said they forgot everything from when they said goodbye to Emma til now. Proof – Snow is pregnant.

What happened to them in the last year?

Zelena sitting on Regina’s chair.

Creepy Flying Monkey.

The potion with Regina’s blood? What does it do? Zelena collect things like Rumpel for potions.


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3X04 Nasty Habits – First Thoughts

Neal untied the overhand knot because of what he learned from Hook.

In a strange way to show love to his son, Rumpel stole a small knife to help Bae sharpen his coal. Thus, helping Bae with his talent and at the same time flexing his “Dark One” terrifying muscles at the man that owned the knife.

Will we ever see the knife again, I wonder?

Rumpel wanted to build a palace for Bae. many have built palaces to the ones they love (The Taj Mahal and more. Check this link: http://weburbanist.com/2010/02/10/architectural-love-story-10-castles-built-for-love/), but Rumpel built it to give Bae freedom – in a palatial prison.

Rumpel used war paint. It reminded me of American Indian war paint, and more recently Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.


Rumpel described Belle as a vision, but is it really Belle – or Pan?


Have there been other visions that Rumpel have seen? Will he use it to speak to others in the future?

The Lost Boys fort was drawn in sand. Classic war “breaking people out” or “Escape plan” or “Battle plan” in movies.

Hook shot Charming a look when the group was talking about Dream Shade, and wanting him to tell Snow.

The only time anyone can leave Neverland is when Pan allows it, except for Bae (and Rumpel, too?).

Lana had some great lines “Did you learn that from Bail Bondsperson School?”

Here are some screen shots of Neal’s cave on Neverland.

Stars on the ceiling


Other various wall screenshots




Cindy from our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/ouatpodcast) added these incredible thoughts: “Drawn on Bae’s cave walls was P & S. These were the letters Hook carved on the Jolly Rodger when he was teaching Baelfire to sail. Port & Starboard. Also, we’re the people he drew, the Darlings? What building was that? His home…Also, I liked that Baelfire loved to draw, like his mother. He was drawing a picture when Rumple entered to give him that knife, and how that tied into his cave drawings… I thought it was interesting that when Rumple cast that sleeping curse over all the lost boys, Rumples spell didn’t effect Peter, thus the need for squid ink. Poor Henry, Pan caught him when he was VERY vulnerable, just being woken from the sleeping spell. Remember, Rumple warned Neal it’s dangerous to wake him before the spell has worn off… If, in the beginning, children only came to Peter’s Neverland in their dreams, would that make Peter The Dream Catcher? Reminding me of ( I think, Tallahassee?) Neal once gave Emma a map so they could find a “home”. Now, Neal seems to have given her a new map leading to “home”. But where might that map lead? Enchanted Forest? Storybrook? Wendy? Tallahassee? New York? Tink took a watch from Tamara’s body. Why a watch? Was it Neal’s watch? It didn’t look like a woman’s watch. Maybe it was my imagination, but I saw lots of little tidbits from Neal and Emma’s past together in this episode.”

Here is the scrawling of P and S from “And Straight On ‘Til Morning” that we forgot to mention as a connection.






Pan gave Hook a portal. Is Pan growing beans on the Neverland island?

Colleen noticed a lot of similarities with this episode and the book, Lord of the Flies.

Neal left Neverland without Pan’s permission – how? We know he knew a sneaky way to get to Neverland. I am very interested to see how he got away from Neverland.

Rumpel said that he would sacrifice his life to save Henry, but does he mean it?

Rumpel said “Magic led him to the hamlet (Shown in the episode),” so I would guess that his “magic tracking spell” works similarly to Tink’s Pixie dust trail that led her to Regina’s true love in the tavern.

The Pied Piper is introduced. He used a pan flute to lure children to follow it.

Neal showed that not only can a person use a (Conch) shell hear the ocean, but when sounded, the ocean can hear the shell “call”. Brilliant idea! Neal uses it call a squid (a la 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).


Disney film

As the squid came ashore, Neal asked Rumpel to extract some squid ink that could, according to Neal it has the power to immobilize the most magical creatures.

Hook/Charming exchange. Charming seems to accept the fate of his death and urges Hook (as a final wish) to just save Henry.

Flint and a Hook can light a torch. Hook can be on Survivor!

@ktodd1116 on Twitter reminded us that “Did you know the show Survivor was based on #LordoftheFlies?” Amazing! I had forgotten that. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

Listening to #f


The shot of Rumpel on the roof reminded me of many movies. That’s all I got for that.

To Catch a Thief shot that Colleen mentioned.


Pan Flute. Peter Pan played the Pan Flute to be the Pied Piper. That’s a lot of P’s.

If Pan give Hook a portal, pan must have used them a lot to gather children to go and dance in the forest. Pan also mentioned that he would take some of the children to Neverland.

Pan also mentioned “visit in dreams”. Is it in the fire room, and is it anyone who is sleeping? Cue the creepy similarity to Nightmare on Elm Street.

Certain boys can hear the flute, as only certain people could hear the cries on the island. Only the “Unloved, Unwanted…” could hear.

Henry initially said he was not like Pan or the Lost Boys (Turns out Rumpel gave Pan the idea to call them that. Rumpel is involved with everything!).

Pan’s pipe is enchanted. Who enchanted it and how?

When Henry didn’t hear the pipe at first, I thought that Pan didn’t blow into the pipe.

Another funny Lana line about the Lost Boys using the colander to make Pasta, or should they be happy that Neal made a nightlight. Classic Regina stuff tonight.

Guessing games.

Pan is magical. Who was he and how did he become magical?

Neal not coating the tip of the arrow was one of the brilliant twists tonight.

Self Preservation is a nasty habit. On the flip side, sacrifice is a noble thing.

Pan wasn’t always immortal. Is there any Dark One knife? How did Pan become immortal?

Rumpel mentioned seeing people’s “true nature”. It reminds me of “denying who you really are” scenes.

Neal was worried that if Rumpel did the right thing today, what about tomorrow. Rumpel seemed like he wanted to change, but Neal didn’t trust him.

Rumpel wanted his ‘Redemption’. “Have faith and believe in me”

Neal used the old “Squid ink on the back of a leaf” trick to freeze Rumple.

Emma never stopped loving Neal.

“Never break into a place unless you know how to get out”

It was an interesting exchange between Neal and Pan about Neal winning by leaving the island and Pan asking, “but where are you now?”.

Pan now reset the board and a new game began.

Belle believes in Rumpel, but is it really Belle?

Pan tells Henry “We can be your family,” like Hook did.

Henry could hear the music, but is it a ruse to “play” along and trick Pan to get off the island?

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OUAT – Emma Swan’s Hero Journey Part 2 – The Refusal of the Call

Emma Swan’s Hero Journey
Through the Goggles of Joseph Campbell
by Manny

“The Refusal of the Call”

Campbell: “Refusal of the summons converts the adventure into it’s negative. Walled in boredom, hard work, or culture, the subject loses the power of significant affirmative action and becomes a victim to be saved. His/her flowering world becomes a wasteland of dry stones and their life feels meaningless, even though, like King Minos, he may through titanic effort succeed in building an empire or renown. Whatever house he/she builds, it will be a house of death: a labyrinth of cyclopean walls to hide from them his/her minotaur. All he/she can do is create new problems for themselves and await the gradual approach of his/her disintegration.”

Often when the call is given, the future hero first refuses to heed it. This may be from a sense of duty or obligation, fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, or any range of reasons that work to hold the person in his/her current circumstances.

Prior to Henry’s knock on Emma’s door, we hear Emma described as a friendless orphan and then sympathize with her as she celebrates her 28th birthday alone while making a wish not to be alone for her birthday.

Emma returns Henry to the unknown zone (Storybrooke) and is forced to listen to Henry’s fantastic story of fairytales and Evil Queens and vehemently rejects the idea that not only is she not in Henry’s book but that she is nobody’s savior.

To be continued…