OUAT – Newly Added Cast bios and surprises

Hi all! I have added a new Cast bio section to the website. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive point of information on the actor/actress, but it is meant to have Twitter info and birthday, so you can connect and wish them Happy Birthday, etc. There are links to imdb and causes, if they are involved in any. Just a quick snapshot of the actors in OUAT, but for the actors I’ve put up so far a HUGE surprise. One of the most awesomest listeners to the OUAT Fan Podcast got all the Tweets from the actors Tweet Chats during the OUAT epsiodes and I have put them in the actors bio page. Thanks @_obisgirl!

So, the Cast Bio page is at: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/category/ouatcastbios/

One thought on “OUAT – Newly Added Cast bios and surprises

  1. Sally

    Love the cast bios, and thanks both to you and the generous listener for the tweets from the cast. I’ll print them out and have on hand during the New Year’s re-watch.


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