OUAT – So, about that Library and the Sweeper Woman…

Ok, so there’s this boarded up “Storybrooke Free Public Library,” (That I called a “bookstore”. Sorry gang.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/insteveston/5975941871/in/set-72157627157567647.

Well, it’s been bugging me. Not just that it has newspapers on the windows.

…or boards nailed to the windows. I mean was there a storm around just the Library (or maybe in the Library? Hmmm?).

What bugs me is the Mysterious Sweeper Woman.

Do you see her there? Behind and a bit to the right of Emma. First off, she was rude. She didn’t even say “Hi” to Emma or Henry. I mean, Henry is Regina’s adopted son and all. I mean, just for two seconds, stop your sweeping and say, “Good Morning,” “Operation Cobra Rocks,” or “Nice Jacket, Emma. That’s a good color on you,” I mean, something.

Some may say, “Jeff, let it go. Leave the poor woman that’s sweeping the sidewalk alone. It probably makes Regina happy that there are clean sidewalks in front of a closed down Library… Wait Jeff, I think I see what you’re saying…”. See, I think it bears a closer look. I mean, is this just a concerned citizen, or someone connected to the Library itself? Maybe the mysterious writer of Henry’s (and maybe other) book?

Okay, I may be giving this sweeper person too hard of a time. Maybe she is somehow related to Cinderella (the only other sweeper we’ve seen)? Maybe she is Belle? Belle’s accountant? Maybe she came of the door there (See on the left)? Bottom line, I’m not a sweeper hater. Sweeping rocks! Maybe I have forgotten the thousands of people that carried sticks or walked around in the background of Lost, and want everyone to be important to the story.

I raise a glass to the mysterious Sweeper Woman. Even though you are a bit rude to our friends, we still got love for you! Sweep on, baby! Sweep on!

10 thoughts on “OUAT – So, about that Library and the Sweeper Woman…

  1. Bob

    Whoa…Ok Jeff….slow down….now you know I love you like a brother, but let’s take a breath…..I am reminded of Lost when there was a sign misspelled in a London background scene and all the fans were a buzz at the meaning. Then Da-rlton said on their podcast that it was just an unintentional production mistake….maybe – just maybe – the background sweeper lady is just a background sweeper lady…..just sayin’….

  2. Manny

    A women sweeping in front of a closed library? IDK, but, a closed library?… Yeah, it fits! Just like the “Daily Mirror” not printing a date at all fits. Time is frozen and yes that includes the AGING process because 28 yrs have passed since everyone crossed over and if aging continued normally SW would be in her early 50’s to late 40’s by now, but she, including everyone else are still the same age as they were when they crossed over….. A Library would contain time, dates and true events that DID occur, that would obviously contradict the “ready-made” false back stories courtesy of the Dark Curse, that all are living by in Stroybrooke. The lady sweeping in front?….. I’ll work on that. 😉

    1. Manny

      …. P.S. time was frozen for 28yrs OUR time until Emma arrived and re-started time on the 2nd day she was in Storybrooke (1st nite) was in jail, time didn’t start till she checked into Granny’s BnB on the 2nd nite.

    2. admin Post author

      Manny, dude that rocks. Yes, the library would hold the truth of dates, etc, and the “un-dark cursed” lives of the Storybrooke folks. We saw a bit of the struggle that David Nolan had with choosing which to believe after the amnesia.

      Manny gets a gold star for the day, and I will cut the Mysterious Sweeper lady a break (a little break).

  3. obisgirl

    OMG! I have a theory about the closed library. What if that is the point of entrance from the fairytale world to the real world? The library in Storybrooke could be like the library from that 80’s movie, The Bookmaster. That would mean that the characters were swept up from the nursery to the library.

    BTW, I would like to see an episode now of the day all the characters arrived in Storybrooke. That would be very interesting to see.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, I definitely think you are onto something. Closing off the doorway out (that was probably the doorway in) of Storybrooke is the perfect plan. You rock!

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