3 thoughts on “OUAT – Newspaper screencaps from “Desperate Souls”

  1. David

    And ONCE again, there is no date [day/month/year] on the newspaper, although with “Pumpkin Weekend” announced (top of page), it probably is mid to late October.

  2. Manny

    Thanks Jeff! for putting that up! It’s our first look at any reference to time or season IN Storybrooke…… and they put that there for a reason! The only other reference to time, so far, has only been a reference to our time – coming onto Storybrooke – with Emma and the tags on her lic’ plate reading DEC ’11, from the pilot episode. I’m wondering if it is possible to log the time passed since Emma’s arrival by going back and watching all of the episodes to now?

  3. David

    I encourage Jeff to begin:

    1. Timeline page
    Ep. 1: Storybrooke Elementary School is in session (September?)
    Ep. 7: Graham dies
    Ep. 8 two weeks since Graham died; “Pumpkin Weekends” indicate mid to late October

    2. map of Storybrooke eg. Mr. Gold’s shop, toll bridge, place where Ashley ran off the road, Storybrooke Library, Storybrooke Town Hall, Granny’s Diner, street where mayor/Henry live, etc.

    3. map of Fairytale Land eg. dwarf’s cottage, prince’s castle, King Midas’ castle, where dragon was slain, etc.

    Maybe some of the fans who are artistic/good with graphics (not me!) could start map pages and send them to Jeff. 😎


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