OUAT – Previous Alice in Wonderland Connections

Once Upon A Time is a show that makes you think. Sometimes things are referenced clearly for a future episode and sometimes you have to look closely.

Here are some things we’ve noticed from previous episodes that could have alluded to an Alice in Wonderland episode.

Episode 1 – Pilot Episode

As Emma is about to leave Storybrooke, she crashes her car and we see the book flip to a page with a catterpillar and Alice.

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Episode 11 – Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

While Sydney and Emma are having a conversation at Granny’s, we see a blond waitress pass by.

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Episode 12  – Skin Deep

When Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby have a girls night out, we find out that the bar they were in is called The Rabbit Hole.

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Episode 14 – Dreamy

When Leroy and Mary Margaret were selling candles, one of their potential customers opened his front door munching on a carrot. Could he be the White Rabbit?

All the speculation has now been proven – an episode Hat Trick is going to finally air on March 25, 2012. Here is our previous blog post with a read worthy article with a first look at Hat Trick (caution – spoilers) – http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-first-look-hat-trick/

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