OUAT – Reaching New Heights in Itunes and Lunch with Dopey

This was an incredible day. I woke up to see our Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast in the Top 10 of TV and Film Audio podcasts. I mean that was stellar. I realize that placement in Itunes shifts up and down like the stock market, but it was there. I wished that it would get there and worked very hard every day on it, and it got there.


A little later on that day from the graciousness of Jeffrey Kaiser (Dopey from Once Upon a Time), we got to meet his awesome family and have lunch with them. They were the nicest people ever. We talked about Vancouver, Hydrogen engines, Jeffrey’s part in the TV show Pysch (Nathan), oh and some about Once Upon a Time. I thanked him again for his thoughtful Holiday Wish on Mig Macario’s amazing voicemail to the podcast, and explained how much our podcast listeners love him and the show.

I will never forget that lunch. So, very cool.

We’ll talk more about it on the podcast, but for now here is a very special picture:

Jeffrey (@JeffreyEKaiser) giving his Dopey face with Colleen. So, so cool. I’d like to thank Jeffrey and his family for their kindness to share lunch with us. You all are so great. I hope we get a chance to meet up again soon. 🙂

Then I came home to see our podcast in the #1 position of New and Noteworthy of TV and Film Audio podcasts:

I don’t know what will happen next, but this has been a day I will remember for a long, long time.

8 thoughts on “OUAT – Reaching New Heights in Itunes and Lunch with Dopey

  1. Bob

    Well deserved, Jeff!! Clearly the long hours, professional web site look, and strong podcast content are really paying off. But more fundamentally, your passion to create something positive, new, and real…and to create a community that is engaging and supportive, has resulted in something compelling and fun and we are all the better for it. Thanks for all the hard work!!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Bob, so much. You have caught the essence of what this podcast, site and community is all about. We are glad you are a major part of it. More fun awaits. Thanks again.

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