OUAT – The Evil Queen fire ring characters, who are they all?

So, remember the cast of characters around the Evil Queen’s fire ring in “The Thing You Love Most”

before we get going, here is the cast info from the episode

So, only the Blind Witch, Ogre and The Gnome have been listed as minor characters. The rest are (so far) unnamed. Now, let’s run down who we know and who we don’t.

1. Evil Queen
2. Faceless EQ guard 1
3. Viking-ish male warrior
4. Blind Witch
5. Gnome
6. Female baddie (?)
7. Horned red warrior (?)
8. Faceless EQ guard 2
9. Henry Sr.
10. Ogre

#2 and #8 we may never know exactly, but what characters do #3

#6 and #7 represent?

Was #7 one of the Red Queen’s guards that defected?

What do you think?

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