OUAT – Those Magical Plants in Once Upon a Time

Now, whether these are magical plants, or that Evil Queen’s and Guardians of Lake Gnostos just have power over them is still debatable. Here is a list of plants that have been controlled by some kind of power:

In Episode 2 (The Thing You Love Most), the Evil Queen threatens “those with the darkest souls” with this creepy vine (thorny vine ala Sleeping Beauty?)

In Episode 9 (True North), the Evil Queen uses a smaller version (possibly) of these vines to grab Hansel and Gretal

In Episode 13 (What Happened to Frederick), the Guardian of Lake Gnostos commands an underwater vine to grab onto Prince Charming and pull him farther underwater. It is interesting to note that once PC killed the Guardian, the vine let him go

I wonder what other magical plants we will see as the awesome Once Upon a Time story continues to unfolds. What do you think?

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