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How often have was seen Emma’s blanket in Once Upon a Time?

One of the amazing character storylines unfolding on ABC’s amazing drama, Once Upon a Time is that of Emma, the reluctant savior/hero. One element is a beautiful baby blanket that we find showing up like a thread throughout Season 1. It’s almost like a silent reminder trying to get Emma to believe in her Fairy Tale origin.
This blanket, was initially knitted by Granny at the War Council table as Prince Charming discusses how they can strike back at the Evil Queen’s threat of a Dark Curse that will destroy all their happiness.
We also see the blanket in the background of Emma’s Boston apartment when Henry comes to visit to ask her to come back with him to Storybrooke.
We see it again in Emma’s things as she moves in with Mary Margaret.
One of the most incredible moments is when she brings it out to see if Ava and Nicholas (“True North” episode) had something from their father to help Emma bring the family together. Later in that episode, we see Mary Margaret magically drawn to the blanket. Will holding it up to her face cause memories of her Fairy Tale past unlock? You’ll have to watch this video to find out.

No Copyright Infringement Intended. I do not own this footage, this fan video is for entertainment and information purposes only.

All rights go to CTV and ABC Studios, respectively.

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OUAT – Those Magical Plants in Once Upon a Time

Now, whether these are magical plants, or that Evil Queen’s and Guardians of Lake Gnostos just have power over them is still debatable. Here is a list of plants that have been controlled by some kind of power:

In Episode 2 (The Thing You Love Most), the Evil Queen threatens “those with the darkest souls” with this creepy vine (thorny vine ala Sleeping Beauty?)

In Episode 9 (True North), the Evil Queen uses a smaller version (possibly) of these vines to grab Hansel and Gretal

In Episode 13 (What Happened to Frederick), the Guardian of Lake Gnostos commands an underwater vine to grab onto Prince Charming and pull him farther underwater. It is interesting to note that once PC killed the Guardian, the vine let him go

I wonder what other magical plants we will see as the awesome Once Upon a Time story continues to unfolds. What do you think?

OUAT – Red Skies over Fairy Tale Land

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Red skies seen hovering over Fairy Tale Land!

In recent episodes, we’ve seen red skies on the horizon in FTL, check out the screen caps below:

Episode 8 – Desperate Souls

Episode 9 – True North

and most recently

Episode 12 – Skin Deep

Why is the sky red? Is it because certain cities (that will still haven’t seen) are being burned? Why is it that only a portion of the sky is red? Why have we only seen these skies from a distance? Are we ever going to get a close look and see where the sky looks fiery?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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OUAT – The Mythology and DNA of the story of Star Wars

I know this is an interview with George Lucas, about the Star Wars saga, and not specifically about Once Upon a Time. It discusses the use of color, how and why a characters looks a certain way, the mythology and story points, etc. There are parts that you can use to see Once Upon a Time in a whole, new way:

OUAT – The DNA of Stories (The Hero’s Journey)

I’ve mentioned Joseph Campbell, and his influence on George Lucas and Star Wars, but I also want you to consider the Once Upon a Time in this mix. Here is a very cool video showing the sections of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey in three major motion picture stories;

Can’t you see Emma progressing through these sections? What do you think?

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