OUAT – Frederick is what in Storybrooke?

When Katherine storms into the school to confront Mary Margaret (very Housewives of Storybrooke, btw) and on the way to slap Mary Margaret, she bumps into a very inter looking gym teacher:

So, Frederick did take the magical smoke portal to Storybrooke. I wonder if this Gym Teacher and Katherine will ever meet?

Well, we may have an answer to that.

We know that Katherine was accepted to law school in Boston (One wonders if she had “ears” on the acceptance board (Like Abigail?)) and on her way out of town, she met a very interesting accident (more about that in another post). Ironically or coincidentally, the Gym Teacher was driving out of town:

Why was he heading out of town? Was he heading out of town? Was he following Katherine? Does he know more about her that we have lead to believe?

He drives up on Katherine’s car that looks like she drove (or was pushed mysteriously) off the side of the road, and get out to help.

When he comes up to her car, we see the airbag has been deployed, her car door is open, and she is not there. Where is she? Does her “disappearance” (If she is in fact, gone) have anything to do with Regina burning Katherine’s “Dear Jane” letter? Sort of like a ‘Voodoo’ letter, of sorts.

Wait! This car off the side of the road reminds me of another Storybrooke accident. See you in the next blogpost about the comparison.

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6 thoughts on “OUAT – Frederick is what in Storybrooke?

  1. Maid Maleen

    I was thinking last night as I watched the episode that when Regina burned the letter and put it in the fireplace that she was sending Kathryn someplace else.

    1. Manny

      I like how Regina lit the letter and held it to make sure it was well lit……………Then walks it over to a fully engulfed, roaring fire in the fire place, 3ft away and throws it in! ROFL! My God ! this woman and her DRAMA!! LOL!

  2. Liz Stein

    Regina.EVIL ! I say . She always has to do things her way. Then again good always beats evil. I must say Fredrick is a good looking guy. There is always something about that end of the road. Something always stops you from getting out of that town.


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